daily devotional

Well this week has taught me a few things. It’s once again taught me to get out of God’s way and let him talk, and it’s also taught me you are desperately trying to hear what God is saying.

Wednesday’s episode #895 “God Is Talking Now” had me so far out of my comfort zone showing up to talk about something I couldn’t explain, and in the end I found the ways God speaks to us is simply indescribable. You can’t put words to how God speaks sometimes. You can’t explain it, so trying to explain it through this microphone is a task I felt I had failed miserably at. However, I have received more messages about that particular episode than the other 896 I have recorded. The messages are still coming in as people listen and it’s answered the specific prayer they have been praying “God, please speak to me.” Now we see, God is! In the wildest, weirdest, most coincidental ways, the Almighty is speaking to us. It’s just not quite what we expected and not what we’ve been taught because it’s nearly impossible to explain.

Our human words strain to describe a Heavenly Spiritual movement within us. But God doesn’t speak to our head, he speaks to our Spirit. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to our head, and often doesn’t go through our ears. God’s promptings and guidance goes to our Spirit, and we just know.

So now, we know how to listen for God. We know it’s rarely an audible voice. That still small voice is actually a whisper to our soul, not a whisper to our ears. What seems like odd coincidences is God’s flashing arrow pointing to what he is doing for you and how he is guiding you to the next step. Those strange little promptings that feel like gas, but more in your spirit than in your gut, yip, that’s God and he’s talking. It wasn’t what you ate, it’s who you’ve been seeking. You’ve been seeking God, now here he is moving inside of you with his holy promptings and divine movements.

How freaking cool is that?!!!!! What a bizarre honor it is to have the Almighty moving within us. What an insane blessing it is to receive direct and personal guidance from the Creator of the Universe! Girl, get on your feet and get ready to do something with this new found awareness! Nothing should stand in your way now. You should back down for nothing now. All this time God has been personally and directly speaking to you, now you know how to hear him!

So, today’s episode is the next step in this journey. You now know he speaks in those nudges and weird promptings. He drops his hints in the alignment of details that seem like odd coincidences. He deposits words and ideas, inspiration and strength directly to your spirit and leaves your head out of it.

Now you need to know what he says to you and where he guides you will often times straight up NOT MAKE SENSE!!!!!

Nope, it doesn’t make sense. God’s math doesn’t add up. God’s steps don’t seem to be leading to a great destination. If you’re waiting for his directions to make sense, you’ve been missing the opportunity to live in his movement.

God straight up tells us the truth about this in Isaiah 55: 8-9

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord.
9 As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

Let me read to you from the PDC (you know the Pamela Dee Crim translation of the Bible). Isaiah 55:8-9 “Girl, this ain’t gonna make sense to you! You’re not going to understand why I prompt you to do the things I prompt you to do. Your mind is never going to wrap around the way I work. So let’s just agree now, I’m God and you are not. I know things you don’t know. I have a heavenly perspective on your earthly position and my plans are going to work better than yours. So go ahead and get out of the way and follow me.”

You got it? Cool. Scripture tells us “without faith it is impossible to please God” (Hebrews 11:6), and this is your opportunity to please him. Faith is following God’s promptings when they don’t make sense. When you can’t hear it with your ears and understand it with your head. When you don’t understand and you can’t see the entire path ahead, but you take the next step as he guides you … ahhhhhhh, that pleases God, because faith is required here.

If it made sense, if you could see how this all fits together and adds up perfectly, then faith would not be required. And guess what, God wouldn’t be overly pleased. It’s your faith that pleases him. It’s your faith in action when your head is saying “this don’t make no sense attttallllll” that makes God smile upon his girl and cheer you on. Imagine God leaning over the rails in heaven, peeking down at you today saying “there she goes, she’s doing it …. yes, she’s learning to hear me and she’s responding in action! Go girl, go!!!!! Take that step, make that move, you’re not going to believe what I have planned for you next!!!! Ahhhhh, this is going to be sooooo good!”

But again, it’s not going to make sense because God’s ways are infinitely higher than yours and his plans are wayyyyyyyyyy bigger than your biggest plans.

Now, let me show you the scripture God prompted me to share with you today. It comes right after him warning us his ways won’t make sense to us. Right after his disclosure that he knows exactly what he is doing but we won’t understand what he is doing. Then he says in Isaiah 55: 10-11:

10 “As the rain and the snow
come down from heaven,
and do not return to it
without watering the earth
and making it bud and flourish…
11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”

Let me put it in the PDC translation again. “When I speak a word to you, I expect it to do what I intended it to do. My word that you receive as a prompting, a moving in your spirit, an unspoken word that resonates with your soul, a coincidence you see delivered by my hand … yes, this is me speaking to you, and I have sent it for a purpose. Be good soil for this seed. Let my word accomplish what I desire.”

When God says his word will not return to him empty or void, he’s not just talking about the Bible. He’s talking about all the ways he speaks to you. He expects your response. Your action. Your next step of obedience taken in faith that pleases him.

When God talks to you in his spiritual, indescribable ways, it’s for a purpose. His word has a trajectory for your life. A destination in which he is leading you. Don’t waste it!

Don’t fiddle-fart around until you feel like you fully understand God’s guidance … you will wait your entire life. Make friends with the fact that this isn’t going to make sense! Just when you think you have the 5 year plan for this, the tables will turn and your hand will change. You’re not supposed to have this figured out, you’re simply supposed to have faith in the God who loves you wildly and sees what you don’t see.

If you realize God has been talking to you, don’t just sit there. He expects a return on every prompting. He expects faith in action during every conversation with your Spirit. When you see the coincidences line up and understand his finger prints are all over them, he expects you to move on it!

If you want to hear from God, then maybe you need to make a commitment that you won’t allow that word to return empty to him. His guidance and direction will not be wasted on you. You won’t sit there on it trying to make sense of it, you’ll move forward in faith when he plants a seed in you.

Will you give God a good return on the word he gives you? Can you be trusted to respond now?

God deposits where he can get a return. He will not waste his guidance on the one who refuses to be guided. He will not speak to the one who won’t listen. For his word to accomplish what he desires and achieve it’s purpose, he has to know you are seeking, you are available, and you are ready to move on what he tells you.

Oh my goodness, in those silent times when we feel like we’re not hearing from God, could it because we have shown we wouldn’t listen anyway? We’re hell-bent on doing things our way and God knows his word to us would not be received and acted on in faith, so he doesn’t even send it out because his word is not to be returned empty and void.

Oh Lord, we are available now. We’re listening. Sorry we screwed that up before. Talk to us. We are listening and we’re ready to go! We are good soil and won’t waste your words to us!