daily devotional

God can blow your mind … but first your mind must be available for him to blow. God wants to show up and do the impossible on your behalf, but dang girl you’ve been so distracted and busy that’s he’s having a hard time getting your attention! He’s been over here doing miraculous works for you, but you’re not seeing it because you’re over there wallowing in what you should have moved on from a long time ago.

God says it’s POSSIBLE, so why does it still seem IMPOSSIBLE for you?

Really, why are you still stuck here? Why is a girl like you with a God like him still struggling with this same old crap? It’s so frustrating to know our potential but be held back by our problems. It’s so discouraging to know his promises but dwell in our poverty. Oh yes, poverty. I’m not just talking about money, I’m talking about the poverty of our thoughts. The poverty of our relationships. The poverty of our decisions. The poverty of our follow-through. It’s so poor when we were created for so much more.

How do we overcome our own poverty? How do we dwell in the richness for which we were created? Rich in joy, rich in progress, rich in impact, rich in fulfillment, rich in relationships. How do we live our lives in what God says is POSSIBLE over what our poverty stricken mind says is probable.

Yes, we have a poverty stricken mind. We continually tell ourselves it can’t happen for us. We can’t overcome this struggle. We can’t breakthrough this bondage. It can’t change for us because it’s just the way it’s always been for our people. It’s how I’ve always been, so it’s how I’ll always be. We settle in to the story we tell, and it’s a sad, sad story. I’m not a morning person, so I’ll never wake up on time and happy. I’m hot headed, so I’ll always blow up. I’m impulsive and my impulses will always get the best of me. I’m a snacker, so snacks will keep me chubby. I’m lazy, so I’m never going to fulfill a physical commitment. I’m a good starter but a sucky finisher, so I know I won’t finish this either. I lack self-control, so I’ll always spin out of control.

THAT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE YOUR STORY. That’s not the story God wrote for you. God wrote a story of a girl he created for good works and perfectly equipped to do it. God wrote a story of a girl he set apart, hand selected, and started a good thing within her, then plans to use all the days of her life to complete that good thing. God wrote a story of a girl who can overcome the impossible because of his spirit living within her. And that’s exactly what he intended for his girl to be doing!

I’m continually drawn back to the stories in the bible that tell us of ordinary people stepping into the impossible made possible by God. The story of Noah saving his family and every species of animal by building the ark in the middle of a drought. The story of Moses standing on the shore of the Red Sea, putting his staff in the water and witnessing the water part to create a dry path through. The story of Joshua following the most ridiculous marching orders around a city for 7 days knowing the walls would fall and victory would be theirs. Peter sitting in his boat frustrated after a night of fishing and catching nothing, throwing out his net one more time just because Jesus told him to, then hauling in a catch so big it nearly sank his boat.

How did they get to experience these miraculous works of God? How did they get to be the recipients of the impossible works being made possible by God?

Listen closely because it’s the same thing that will allow you to experience the richness of God in your own life. It’s the same thing that will break you from any form of poverty that has been holding you back. It’s the same thing that will bring you face to face with the mind blowing things God wants to make possible for you.

Listen for the key word … God can blow your mind, but your mind must be AVAILABLE for him to blow. God can change your life, but your life must be AVAILABLE for him to change. God can work in your marriage, in your business, in your health, in your finances, in your goals … nothing is off limits to him except for what you hold back from him. Anything you hold back from him, God is not working in. Anything you make available to him, oh girl … hold on to your butt because this is where the crazy awesome stuff happens.

Joshua led his army to do the impossible marching around the walls of Jericho because he made his battle plan AVAILABLE to God. “God, I’m pretty sure marching around walls and blowing horns doesn’t make anything happen, but if that’s your plan, I’m available to follow it.” AND THE WALLS FELL.

Noah built the ark for 120 years and it never rained once during that time. People thought he was crazy. But he finished what he started and the world was forever impacted because of one thing … he made his days AVAILABLE to God. “God, what are we going to do today? Oh, we’re going to work on that big butt boat again. Okay. I’m available.” AND THE FLOOD CAME AND NOAH’S FAMILY WAS SAVED.

Moses led his people to the edge of the Red Sea, carrying nothing but a staff. When God told him to use the only thing he had to do the impossible of parting the sea, Moses didn’t argue with God. He didn’t panic and complain there should have been boats. He simply said “God this stick in my hand sure seems like nothing, but if you tell me to touch the water with it as our enemies close in and plan to destroy us, okay, this stick is available to you and in the water it goes.” WHOOOSHHHH, the sea parts and stands on its ends and a way is made where there had been no way.

It’s not about what you have, it’s about making what you have available to God. It’s not about having the perfect plan, it’s about making your plans available to God. It’s not about knowing what to do, it’s about knowing God will do what needs to be done and being available for whatever he is doing.

My word for this year is POSSIBLE. More than anything in this year I wanted to see what God says is possible in my life and hold nothing back. But possible has been brought to me by the word available. Remember how Sesame Street was always brought to you by a letter for the day. “Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter P.” Well, what God says is possible today is brought to you by what you’ve made available!

Philippians 2:13 “For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.”

God is working in you. His spirit changes your desires. His spirit strengthens you to do what you once couldn’t do. All you have to do is be available for it. Make time in your day to be available to God. Bring your goals to God and tell him they’re all available to him. Bring your schedule to God and make it available to him. Open your relationships to him … God, it’s all available to you. Everything I am, everything I do, every thought I think, every plan I make, every dream I dream, it’s all available to you.

And God responds with “alrighty then, let’s do something impossible!”