daily devotional

There is a powerful request we can ask of God that may just change the trajectory of our lives. This prayer could change how you see your entire existence and how you live your days. A prayer that gives perspective on the brevity and preciousness of life, and the eternity we were created for.

Here’s the request: Show me who I am.

Who am I really? Who am I created to be? What is at the core of my existence? Show me that. Peel back all the layers and show me who I really am.

What we find is we are not who we thought we were. We often think we are human beings here living on this Earth trying to just make it through another day without ruining everything. We think our days are numbered, our experiences are limited, and this is all we get. But the truth is, that’s not who we are and this isn’t all we get.

When God set out to create our world, he was intentional with every detail of its existence. The hanging of the sun and the moon and the stars. The spinning of the earth. The forming of the majestic mountains and the deep blue waters. The uniqueness of every species of animal from my favorite fish, the anglerfish which has a light dangling in front of it’s mouth to attract it’s prey, to the cheetah which can run 58 miles per hour (note to self, don’t be trompsing through cheetah territory, you can’t outrun that). God made all of this by his great design, then he decided his greatest masterpiece would be saved for last.

Genesis 1:27 “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

He didn’t just create us like he created the anglerfish and the cheetah out of his imagination. We are inherently different from all other creation. We are set apart because of this single fact … He created us in his own image. Meaning, he made us like him.

To understand who we really are, we must understand who God is because he is not only the one who created us, but he created us to be like him. But God is mysterious. And you know what I’ve figured out in my 45 years of life thus far … so are we! We’re all a freaking mystery. I don’t even get myself, let alone get you!

Could all this mystery be because God is something we cannot understand? Jesus tells us in John 4:24 “God is spirit …” There it is! God is spirit, and we are spirit as well. We look at life through our lens of limited human knowledge and forget we are first and foremost a spirit designed for eternity.

We believe we are just human. Humans live and humans die. We are here, then we are gone. But we’re not. We are spirit. We remain forever. We’re here to have our human experience before journeying on to more.

2 years ago today, I saw my Daddy’s bright blue eyes for the final time. I heard him speak his final words and they were so powerful I will never forget them. 4 sentences that confirmed what I had before believed without proof. My Dad, free of all medication and naturally transitioning out of human form from a failing heart said these words:

Run to the light.
We’ve earned it.
Set the table.

And finally later in the afternoon he said, “I’ll meet you at 6.” I looked at the clock and thought perhaps he had an appointment with his Maker and 6:00 would be the time.

6 pm that evening came and went, so I assumed his appointment time at the Pearly Gates must have been 6 am. But at 3 am, Daddy took his final breath and his heart stopped. And then it hit me … duhhhh, heaven is in a different time zone silly!

Although I had lost my father, I was filled with such immense peace. The previous day he had told me about the veil between heaven and earth growing so thin that he could peak into eternity. He told us how funny Jesus was and how everyone was so happy. What a gift this was for all of us.

Daddy wasn’t a human being having some sort of spiritual experience, he was a spiritual being completing his human experience.

We cling to this temporary life here as if it’s all we have, but that’s simply because we have failed to consider who we truly are.

Who am I? When you seek, you will find who you really are is a spirit like God. A spirit that never ends. You are not a human being having a spiritual experience, you are a spiritual being having your human experience.

I do hope it’s a beautiful experience. I do hope you enjoy all the beauty offered here and all that being human can mean. But I hope you never forget you are so much more than this. This body will fail you. Days will be long and seasons will be hard. This experience will come to an end, but your spirit will not.

Lord, show me who I am. And he shows me that I’m a spirit, connected with his spirit, designed for eternity, but destined for good works during my earthly experience.

That’s who you are my sister. You are a spirit, connected with the Spirit of God, designed for eternity, but destined for good works during your earthly experience.

Life here is precious and it is to be handled with such care. It is to be lived with great intention. It is to be savored and appreciated every day. But girl, run to the light, you’ve earned this, set the table, and be ready for your appointment at the Pearly Gates to meet your maker! What a glorious experience it will be!

My spirit says to your spirit, I’m so excited to share eternity with you! I’ll introduce you to my Daddy when we get there!