daily devotional

It is God who commands the morning. No one else does that. He directs this new day of life, causes the sun to rise, gives the day its light, and you your breath. You and I are here because God has commanded this day we are ALIVE. This day, we are here. This day, we are present in our lives and get to experience the miraculous unfolding of it all.

And you thought you just woke up to another day. Another day sandwiched between a normal Tuesday and an ordinary Thursday. Another day that will come and go like all the others. But it’s not! God made today, crafted it with his imagination and filled it with his wishes, and he decided he wanted you smack dab in the middle of this day. He wants YOU here. He wants your life lived today!

Isn’t it amazing to think when God created the wonders of this world, he thought specifically of you and decided right here, in this time and place in history, you were what he wanted. In the beginning of it all, he chose you to be here now.

Psalm 139:16 “You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.”

And today, this Wednesday you woke up to, is right there recorded in God’s book. The moments of this day were laid out before a single day was ever lived. Woah … you know what this tells me? This tells me God knows everything happening in your life. He sees it all and is over it all. He knew it before it even happened. And here’s what you need to know my sister, God sees how it will perfectly connect to his divine plan. He knows exactly how he will be using this for ultimate good. He has already connected the pieces and perfected the alignment of details. GOD KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING.

He knew what he was doing when he created you, and he knows exactly what he is doing today to guide you toward the life he created you for. The circumstances of today are not an accident. None of this is a surprise to the Almighty. He knew about this very moment from the very beginning, and it has already been covered.

Yes, where you are at this exact moment has already been covered by God. Rest in that. Find peace in that. He is here, and he was here way before you arrived here. He went way before you to meet you here, knowing you would arrive at this place of uncertainty. While you are uncertain, know that God is absolutely CERTAIN. He is certain of your place. He is certain of your potential. He is certain of your purpose. He is certain of your power. And he is certain it is possible.

God saw all of this before you were even born. Today is already in his book. Want to know what you don’t need to do today … you don’t need to freak out. You don’t need to worry. You don’t need to stress. You don’t need to run through every worst case scenario in your mind. You don’t need to wallow. You don’t need to grow weary here.

That’s what the enemy plans for us. He plans for us to wake up today, take a look at the reality, be overwhelmed by it and grow weary. He tries to wear you down. He tries to keep your mind busy with the burdens so you miss your blessings. He tries to consume you with worry over all you don’t control, so you miss your call to worship the one who does.

Don’t be fooled by his nonsense today. Don’t be tricked by his offerings of darkness and despair. You just woke up to a day God has made! A day where God commanded the sun to rise, and it did. A day where God commanded you to breath, so you are! A day where God has gone before you and made a way, now calls you forward, so you go! A day where God has already accounted for all the moments and given you sufficient grace, mercy and power for each one.

Oh yes sister, grace, mercy and power are here for you today!

Grace, it’s the favor you don’t deserve, offered freely to you. Come get you some of that grace today!

Mercy, it’s the kindness that withholds the punishment you do deserve. Come on to the table and get your mercy by the plateful!

Power, it’s the Holy Spirit living within you, strengthening you to do that which you could never do on your own. Yes girl, double helpings of power today!

The enemy’s offerings of weary from worry, and despair from darkness … well, those are over there in the corner and I highly recommend you don’t even make a stop. Keep on going, he’s got nothing you want on your plate today!

God is FOR YOU. God is WITH YOU. And his fingerprints are all over today as he commands it to be given to you.

This isn’t just another day of life. This is another chance at life, the one and only precious life you will ever get. You get another chance at it today! How absolutely remarkable!

This is another opportunity to become more of who God created you to be. To step off the sidelines, break away from the fear, and boldly show up for the life God say’s you’re capable of living. Be encouraged by that. But more than encouraged, be called by that! You are called by the opportunities of your life today. Answer the darn call sister. Say yes!

The Lord commanded this day to begin, and he commanded you to be here for it. His divine will is for you to be right here, right now, living your life, fulfilling your purpose. Now, do it girl. LIVE TODAY! This day has already been covered.