daily devotional

You trust God, right? You trust that somehow, someway he’s going to work this out. You trust that ultimately he will show his good plans and they will unfold, no matter how unlikely it seems. Now, will you trust his timing in that?

Will you trust just because it’s not happening right now doesn’t mean it will never happen? Will you trust if it’s not happening right now, there’s a greater purpose for the delay? Will you trust if now isn’t the time for that which you seek, there’s a different work God is doing right now, and his order of work is better than yours?

So much of our stress and anxiety today is our rush. We want it all. We want it easy. We want it certain. And dang it, we want it now. Instantly. Immediately. If I close my eyes and pray for it, I want to open my eyes and see it unfolding … and if it’s not, then something is broken here. What’s broken is your patience.

God can work in an instant, but girl he’s not into your microwave dinners. He’s crock-potting this thing! He’s in no rush because he holds all time in his hand and he’s not stressing over when it’s going to be ready. It will be ready when it’s best to be ready. It will happen when he declares it will happen. There are 20 pivotal steps between here and there, and he’s not willing to skip any of those!

Be glad God doesn’t skip steps. If he did, your entire lifetime could have been skipped right over. But you’re here because God said it’s important for you to be here. You’re a step in the staircase he is building, and it’s all leading somewhere. The next step will come, but right now God is focused on exactly where you are and what he is doing in you in preparation for what is next.

Proverbs 16:9 “We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.”

God knows exactly how to get you to the life you desire. Yes, the one you desire. Wait … does God actually care about what YOU want? Is that where he is leading you? Yes … and here’s why. The true desires within you have been put there by your creator. God is guiding you toward those desires with every step because this is his destiny for you. The temporary, fleshly, surface level things you think you want change when you get in alignment with who God created you to be. That alignment puts you on the path towards your true desires, the ones that reveal the plans for your life. God determines the steps to get you there.

You’re in a hurry, but God is not. He says “slow down sweet girl, you’re going to rush your way through your entire life.” And don’t you know, life doesn’t slow down later, it only goes by faster. You know that, right? With every year you live, it goes by faster. You feel it, but you don’t understand why that is. Let me tell you why. When you’re 5 years old, waiting for your next birthday seems to take forever. A whole year just drags by while you watch everyone else have their birthday and you wait for yours. When you’re 5, 1 year is a 1/5 of the life you have lived. In comparison, it’s a big chunk of your life. When you’re 45, 1 year is now 1/45th of the life you have lived and it’s a much smaller piece of what you know. When you’re 60, even smaller. When you’re 70, 1 year is only 1.4% of your life. Comparatively speaking, the years go by faster because what you’ve already lived is so much greater than the year you’re in.

Check this out, Christmas is 113 days away. 113 days! Start decorating the house, it’s almost here! I feel like we just celebrated Christmas. Didn’t we just finally get all that put away, now it’s almost time to drag it out again? I’m gonna gag a little if I hear a Christmas song already. But, this will be my 46th Christmas, so they start coming faster and faster. How fast are they coming for you? Guess what, every year it will only go faster.

Your life is not slowing down, so girl, don’t rush it! Don’t wish this away. I know there are things you are waiting for, I know there are things you desperately want to change, I know you want answers and clear direction, I know you want the next season to just get here already, but God is doing something right here that is so important he’s chosen to hold what is next.

What is God doing right now? How is he working right here? He declares it is important enough to hold everything he has planned next to allow this to unfold. STOP RUSHING IT. I know you feel like your whole life is on hold as you wait, but this wait is where God wants to do a work within you. This pause in knowing is where he whispers his truths in your spirit. This pause in momentum is where his greatest movement happens in you.

If you are tired, it is because you have been pushing to get to what is next instead of living here in the moment? If you are anxious, is it because you are trying to plan for what you do not yet know? If you are stressed, is it because you are picking up and carrying that which was never yours to carry? If you are disappointed, is it because you have assumed your story before God allowed it to unfold as he has written?

My sister, will you surrender your timeline for His peace? Will you slow your roll, sit in the moment, savor the season, and trust that it will happen when it’s supposed to happen? And when it doesn’t happen today, will you remember that it simply wasn’t the best day for it to happen? Today has another purpose and to find it, you must stay in today.

Here’s what I know … If God says it is yours, it will be yours. If he says it will happen, it will happen. Your destiny will be realized. Your purpose will unfold. There’s nothing stopping that. And if nothing is stopping it, then why are you rushing it?

Be at peace here my sister. God is not willing to skip today to rush to tomorrow. He has provision here for you today. He has blessings here for you today. He has wisdom here for you today. Today, receive what is best for today and that will prepare you for God’s plans for tomorrow.

No rush. No stress. No anxiety. One day at a time your life will unfold. How about you stop rushing the unfolding? It will happen when God says it will happen. Nothing will stop that.