daily devotional

What you have today may seem to be some good and some bad, but understand the seemingly bad you have right now is simply unfinished. Where is the bad in your life? Where is the mess? Where is the hurt? Where is the struggle? This is all just unfinished. You haven’t yet seen what is to come, you only see what is right now, but it’s still in process.

There’s a lot more work to be done, but while that process unfolds, can you still see what is good?

God has the divine ability to see what is good in the midst of unfinished work. Look at the process of creation. In Genesis chapter 1 we read the full account of God creating the entire universe from absolutely nothing. First he created light. He separated the darkness and made day and night. Now, what did this light shine on? Nothing. There was nothing else created yet. So much work to still be done, but there was this one thing, light, and God said it was good.

Maybe you’re standing in what feels like a whole lot of nothingness right now. Nothing seems to be going right. Nothing seems to make sense. Nothing seems to ever change. But is there one thing that is good? ONE THING? Will you focus on that goodness? Will acknowledge and celebrate it?

I know there’s so much more to be done. I know you still have a really long way to go, but dang girl, can’t you agree there’s at least one good thing here?

God created the first day and the first night and took the time to acknowledge it was good. As the light showed the emptiness of the earth and the nothingness represented all the work there was still to do, God still said THIS IS GOOD.

And God continued his work. With each step of each day, he acknowledged it’s goodness. He created the vault in the waters which we call the sky, and he said it was good. There was nothing in the sky, but that was work for another day. He didn’t allow future work to spoil that day’s progress. He didn’t allow the overwhelm of all there was still to be done, to steal the beauty of what there already was.

Have you been allowing all there is to be done to steal the beauty of what has already been done in your life? Have you been allowing all the work you know is still required to spoil the progress you’ve already made? Have you become so focused on all that is unfinished, unknown, and undone that you miss what is good right here, right now?

God created the land and the sea, and said it was good. He created plants and trees and fruits and vegetables of all kinds and he said it was good. He created the sun, the moon and the stars, and he said it was good. He created all the creatures of the sky and the sea, and he said it was good. He created all the animals and beasts of the land, and he said it was good. But he still wasn’t finished.

If God can tackle the overwhelming task of creating EVERYTHING, and piece by piece declare it is good, can’t we continue our journey here and find the goodness while it’s still unfinished?

You’re somewhere in the process, and maybe you’re focused on the wrong things sis. You’re focusing on all you still don’t have, and forgetting all you’ve been given. You’re dwelling on how far you have to go, forgetting just how darn far you’ve already come. You’re talking about all that is wrong, failing to mention all that is so right. You’re piling up your burdens into a daunting mountain, and forsaking your blessings scattered everywhere you go.

Stop. Stop right here. Right here exactly where you are. Today, this day. This exact moment. Isn’t there goodness here? THEN SAY SO! Stop being overwhelmed by all there is still left undone. The time will come for these things to be done, but let today’s work be completed and celebrated. This is good. See that it’s good and say that it’s good.

Don’t you think the account of God creating the universe is given to us as an example to follow as we create our life? Step by step, day by day, stop and see IT IS GOOD. Not everything will be good, but remember, that’s just the unfinished. Not everything will be done in a day, but it was never supposed to be.

God created the seas and while they were still empty, he called them good. He knew there was more to come, but he acknowledged the goodness there was in the process. Can we do the same?

We can’t even enjoy getting a new house without being consumed by the process of furnishing it. Yes, I have this house, but now I need all the things to fill it. We get married, then we immediately begin obsessing about the 2.4 kids the average family has. When do I get mine? We get a promotion and we probably need a new wardrobe to go with it. It’s more, more, more, and we never stop to say THIS IS ACTUALLY GOOD.

Is it perfect? No, probably not. Is it finished? No. But dang it, there’s something good here right now. Recognize it!

After God had created heaven and Earth, he made the night and day, he made the sun and the moon and the stars. He made the sky, the land and the sea. He made the trees and the plants, and every living creature to fill the sky, the seas and the land. Then, he made us! He created human beings in his own image. It was his grand finale work, saving the best for last.

Then after all of this, in Genesis 1:31 “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”

Every other step of the process he said it was good. Now, he looks back and says this is VERY GOOD.

You may not be able to say everything in your life is VERY good right now, and maybe it’s not supposed to be. Maybe it’s just unfinished. Maybe it’s still in the process of unfolding. And maybe there will come a day when you look back and you’re able to say “ahhhh, now it’s VERY GOOD.”

That day will come. That day is likely when you finally see how God has worked all things together for good, and you’re looking down on your life with the new, higher perspective of eternity. Until then, can you stop and see it is still good, it’s just unfinished.

God is still in the process of creating in your life. You’re still on the journey of a lifetime here and you haven’t arrived yet. Your life is still growing and forming, and you can’t see how this is all going to fit together. But, can you see that you have good things here?

God has the divine ability to see what is good in the midst of unfinished work. His spirit now lives within you, and he has given you this same divine ability. Yes, you have the ability to see what is good in the midst of this unfinished work. You have the strength to not get overwhelmed here. You have the willpower to keep going even when you know you have so far to go. You have the faith to know while this doesn’t look good or feel good right now, there is goodness at work and one day it will all be VERY GOOD!

You can’t do everything today, but you can do something. You don’t have everything today, but didn’t you just wake up to the very things you once prayed for? It’s not all good today, but there is some good, isn’t there? Take time to acknowledge this goodness.

IT IS GOOD. And everything that isn’t good is simply unfinished.