daily devotional

Has the repetitiveness of life lulled you to sleep? Are you pretty much bored with all of this? You wake up, you do some crap you don’t want to do, you have a little joy here and there on occasion, you go to sleep, then you wake up and to do some more crap. Our whole life can pass us by in this rhythm of trying to get through this thing as we wait for the next thing.

But sister, aren’t you waking up today to some of the things you once prayed for? Maybe you’ve “arrived” more than you realize. Now you’re here, but you’re so focused on what’s coming next that you can’t even enjoy where you are. Dang girls, we’re wasting our lives in a chase where we never seem to catch whatever it is we’re running after. And some of us aren’t chasing, we’ve just given up never realizing it’s all ours anyway.

Are we missing the point? Are we sacrificing precious days? Will we one day look back and realize THIS, this here today, these were the good ol’ days. This was goodness. This was blessing upon blessing and we somehow turned it into burden upon burden. Will we look back and wish we could remember more of it? Will we wish we had shown up with our best and been fully in instead of halfway present with our glazed over eyes.

We have got to wake up. We’ve been sleeping on ourselves for entirely too long. Asleep to our blessings. Asleep to our potential. Asleep to our power. It’s time to get up now sis!

No more sleeping on you! No more sitting it out on these once in a lifetime opportunities you’re just allowing to pass by. The things you can do today will not always be possible for you. You won’t always have this time. You won’t always have this strength. You won’t always have this offering. Wake up. This is your one and only precious life. Why aren’t you wide-eyed in wonder over it all? Why aren’t you trying to soak up every single thing you have today, knowing you won’t always have it? Why aren’t you showing up with all you have here? WHY ARE YOU ASLEEP?

Our eyes are glazed over. We’re bored. We’re stuck in routine and repetition. We’re dying for something to change, but then when things do change we fight to keep them the same. All while this one and only precious life is passing us by and we’re not fully awake for it.

1 Thessalonians 5: 5-6 MSG “You’re sons of Light, daughters of Day. We live under wide open skies and know where we stand. So let’s not sleepwalk through life like those others.”

No more sleepwalking through life. You’ve been sleeping on you. Sleeping on God’s offerings for you. Sleeping on what will soon be over.

I remember in high school I had the most boring history teacher ever. Mrs. Hunt. I’m sure she was a good lady, but her class was a real snooze fest. Her classroom was on the top floor of the old school building with no air conditioner, but a heater that could cook a chicken. It was always a hot stuffy room, making for the perfect sleep environment. Every day I would fight to stay awake in her class. My eyes would slowly close, my head would nod and I would jolt back to being awake again. Over and over, my eyes would close, my head would nod, and then the jolt. It was pure misery. I was hearing only part of her teachings, walking out of the class without a clue what had just happened or what I was supposed to be doing next. It was all a struggle.

Dang, isn’t that us today? Isn’t that us in our real life? We’re dozing off. Our head is nodding. We’re only catching part of this so of course we’re walking around confused about what just happened and unsure of what we’re supposed to do next. GIRL IT’S BECAUSE WE’VE BEEN SLEEPING ON OUR OWN LIVES. Whether your realize it or not, that’s what creates your misery. That’s a source of your struggle.

God is everywhere. He is giving you signs all around you. He is showing up with divine directions and holy instructions, but your glazed over eyes and mind-numbingly boring routine has you zoned out. You’re here, but you’re not really here. You’re catching 1/4 of this life, then wondering why you feel so darn unfulfilled.

You don’t know what you’re really capable of because you haven’t given your best effort in a really long time. You give up and sit it out before it’s done. You play little when your life was created to be so BIG. You’re just living to get to sleep again. Sleep can’t be what we crave. Night time can’t be your favorite time sis. Not when life has been offered to you, and not to others. Do you know what others would have given for just one more day? They didn’t get it … you did. This is some priceless stuff you’re dealing with today, you just can’t waste it.

Proverbs 20:13 “If you love sleep, you will end in poverty. Keep your eyes open, and there will be plenty to eat!”

God has given you an abundant portion from his never ending supply. But if you are not faithful with what you have been given, you prove you cannot be trusted with more. When you are faithful to wake up and live with your eyes wide open, you are given more to live for. The more you count your blessings, the more blessings there are to count. The more grateful you are, the more gratitude blankets your entire life.

But when we start craving sleep more than we crave life, then we begin to lose all we have been given. Then we lose sight of the potential we have and the power we carry. We no longer see our blessings because our eyes are closed and we dwell in darkness. Keep your eyes open sis. You can’t snooze through this.

You’ve slept on yourself for a long time. It’s time to get up now.

What does waking up to life look like for you today? What does it mean to not sleep on yourself in this day? Where have you been sleepwalking and are you ready to wake up now?

No more going through the motions.
No more wishing this away, this is all you’ve got.
No more waiting for things to change.
No more missing what is here now in anticipation of what will be next.
No more being here, but not fully here.
No more craving sleep over craving life.
No more sleeping on yourself. It’s time to get up.

Today, we live our lives awake!