daily devotional

I once heard we were each created with a God-sized hole only he can fill. We’re all searching. Searching for meaning and purpose. Searching for that thing that will confirm we’re on the right path or making progress towards a greater calling. And actually, that’s what has brought you here today. Whether you could articulate it or not, that God size hole within you is why you’re listening right now. Something within you seeks to be connected to your source of life.

Each time I hear from a podcast listener who has found that connection with God through absolutely anything I may say, I’m fantastically blown away. If you only knew how completely unimpressive I really am. If you could only see how basic this is without any magic. If you could watch me sit down to research and write, you would see, it’s really nothing special at all. The process isn’t special, but the result is. Why is that? Because we’re tapping into something so much greater.

If you’ve ever found yourself listening to this devotional, or a church sermon, or reading a scripture centered book and being almost weirded out by how absolutely perfect it is for your current situation, you’ve tapped into something greater. If you’ve ever felt like “woah, they were talking directly to me”, then wondered how it happened, you’ve been knocking and the door opened sister!

If you’ve been asking how the exact episode you listen to perfectly aligns with the season of life you’re going through, I’m about to tell you how. If you’ve been secretly wondering if I’ve been listening to your conversations then hand crafted a devotional specifically for you, getting a little creeped out by how darn personal this all gets, you’re not the only one experiencing this phenomenon.

God’s ability to speak to me and you and someone totally different than us half-way around the world, using the same exact words that somehow so perfectly fit our individual experiences, is the result of God’s living word. His words are alive. They grow, they move, they flow, and they reach us whether we’re on the mountain top or deep in the darkest valley.

Hebrews 4:12 “For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.”

These words that I share with you are alive and they are powerful. That’s why they reach down deep in your soul and speak to you so personally. That’s why you find exactly what you need for the precise place you are today. That’s why it feels so personal, because honey it is personal. God’s word cuts through the layers we hide behind and gets right to our innermost thoughts and desires.

Someone has been praying, ‘God, speak to me’, and now you see, HE IS. Someone has been praying, ‘Lord, guide me and show me the way’, and now you know, HE IS. Someone has been wondering if God hears you, sees you, and plans to do a darn thing about this all, and now you know, HE IS!

Your innermost thoughts and desires are exposed in God’s word. His timing is impeccable. His delivery is unmatched. His knowing is unfathomable. And his living word that moves and flows and grows and reaches just comes and sits right beside you and says ‘I’m here. I know. And I’m responding.’

What is your role in this filling of the God-sized hole within you? What do you have to do to tap into his word that is alive and powerful? One thing – it is the tapping. The knocking on the door. The seeking. When you seek God, you will find him. When you seek his guidance, it will be there. When you seek his word for you, suddenly his word is everywhere.

This is why you hear exactly what you need to hear right when you need to hear it. That’s why it’s almost freakishly perfect for exactly where you are and what you’re going through. Because this is the divine movement of a living word. A word that cuts through all the layers and goes straight to that God-sized hole within you and fills it so perfectly.

And all you have to do is seek it.

Jesus said in Matthew 7:7 ““Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

If you don’t ask, you’re missing what could be given. If you don’t look for it, you’ll never know what was available to you. If you don’t knock on the door, you will never know it was ready to be opened for you. And this isn’t nearly as complicated as we try to make it. Look, you’re doing it right now. You’re seeking, therefore you’re hearing this right now. And because this is the alive and powerful word of God, it is flowing and filling all the spaces that you’re seeking to be filled at this very moment!

But, you wouldn’t be hearing these words and receiving this confirmation if you weren’t seeking. It was you seeking, and you deciding to listen that allowed you to find. God is always available. He is always guiding. He is always bringing peace and clarity. He is always offering grace and mercy. His power is always flowing. You find it when you seek it!

On our roadtrip for the past 6 weeks as I met listeners all across the US, time and time again I would hear “I don’t know how you do it, but it’s like every devotional is just what I need to hear.” Well let me tell you exactly how I do it, I simply tap into the living word of God. That’s it. Plain and simple.

That’s how the same devotional will feel so personal to the single mom in Kansas trying her best to hold it all together, the woman in Texas battling cancer and waiting for her healing, the couple in Arizona who want to be used by God, the wife in Wyoming questioning if this will ever get better, the sweet soul in South Dakota seeking God’s next step in her journey, the young mom in Washington trying to grow her family, and the broken heart in California who is seeking wholeness after such a tremendous loss. All while a teenage girl in the Philippines, questioning her will to survive, will listen and hear exactly what she needs to hear.

How does it happen? God’s word is ALIVE. It cuts through your layers of hurt and seeps through the cracks in your protective walls, and fills the space only God can fill. It moves and it flows and it goes where it is invited.

Your role is the invitation. You ask, you seek, you knock. You hear God here because you seek God here. And yes it’s personal, because he is your personal God.

The more you seek him, the more you will find him. The more you ask him, the more he will answer. The more doors you knock on, the more you realize they’re opening and are totally possible pathways for you to walk as you have an abundance of God-ordained options for your choosing.

He is everywhere and he’s speaking always. His word is alive and his word is powerful, and that word is FOR YOU. For you exactly where you are, with what you’re facing, and what is coming next.

How is it so perfect for you? How does it align with everything else you read and heard? How is this so freakishly the answer to your question? Because God’s word is unlike any other word. It’s alive and moving and flowing and filling you. It’s powerful enough to break through any barriers, move any obstacles, and overcome any circumstance. And that word is for you. Personally for you. Just when you need it, right where you need it.

All when you seek. Just for you.