Have you become so destination minded that you’ve missed the purpose of the journey? Are you so focused on where you think you’re going that you’ve lost where you are now?

Working to make Christmas perfect, but forgot December 8th is a beautiful gift along the way. Working to get those kids raised, but missing the joy of them still being little. On your way to building a business, but so stressed in the process that you can’t see how far you’ve come. Trying desperately to lose weight and miserable every day until the scale says you’ve arrived. Oh dang girl, haven’t you been trying to lose weight for like 20 years? 20 years of misery is a really high price to pay. There has to be a better way.

Every single day of your life contains a mission; a purpose to your existence, a destiny in the unfolding, a divine detail God has designed for right here, right now. However, when life becomes a series of tasks to complete to arrive at a desired destination, we miss all God has for us along the way.

You haven’t “arrived” yet, but girl you’re here today on assignment! What is your assignment? Could it be to live? Could it be to love? Could it be to enjoy this? Could it be to just be here for it?

Jesus always knew his destiny was the cross. He knew his purpose was to be crucified for the saving of you and I. That’s a pretty big destination. That’s a moment when the GPS says “you’ve arrived to your destination” you know, this is it. This is what my entire life has been about. Everything has brought me here.

But, even with knowing his destination, he never missed the purpose of his journey. He was fully available for the opportunities along the way in the unfolding.

Jesus is walking along by a pool and sees a man who had been paralyzed for 38 years, waiting to be healed in the water. Jesus stopped. This wasn’t his end destination, his GPS had not told him he had arrived, yet, he willingly made the detour to be with this man and heal him. He made the healing at the pool part of his journey.

Jesus is teaching a crowd of people that had hung around all day to hear him, until they grew hungry. Then, he decided to take what little there was to feed the crowd and not only meet their needs, but be extravagant in his provision and turn the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish into enough to feed 5,000 and have a ridiculous amount of leftovers. This wasn’t his destination. This simply happened along his journey. He was available where he was to do what he could.

After this extravagant feeding, Jesus sent his disciples away on a boat and he sat on the shore. In the middle of the night, the disciples came upon a storm in their boat so Jesus went out to them, walking on the water. Then he invited Peter to join him on the water. Such a powerful and memorable moment of the journey, but not the destination.

One day Jesus was walking through Jericho and he looks up in a tree and sees a little man named Zacchaeus who had climbed up to be able to see him above the crowds. That’s when Jesus decided, dude, I want to go to your house! Was it on Jesus’ schedule? Was it pre-destined that he had to see him, had to stop, and had to go to his house? No, it simply became part of his journey.

What is here for you as part of your journey? What opportunity is here, but you’ve been missing it because it doesn’t look like your destination? Honey, the truth is, this life is going fast and if you’re just racing to the end you’re going to regret all you sped by along the way. Yes, it’s great to have goals. I’ve dedicated a good portion of my life to teaching others how to set and achieve their goals, but dang lets not miss all God has available for us on the way to where we’re going.

My guess is you haven’t “arrived” to your end goal as of yet. You aren’t walking in full fruition of all you’ve been working for. There are things left undone. More work to be done. More miles to travel. Great, girl you keep working. Keep moving forward. Que the music “Don’t stop believing …” oh but sis, don’t miss what is here for you today.

Look around, there are opportunities on your journey. Opportunities that may have nothing to do with your end destination, but dang they’re not to be missed. Did a sleepover at Zacchaeus’ house have anything to do with Jesus’ end destination on the cross? No, it was just along the journey. Or wait … did it have EVERYTHING to do with Jesus’ end destination? Did it show exactly what Jesus was here to do? He was here to notice the unlikely, to include the sinner, and make time for a personal connection? YES, I think so!

Everything Jesus did on his journey became part of his end destination. Every opportunity seized, every miracle performed, every word spoken, it became part of his purpose.

And here’s what God told me this morning … THE SAME IS TRUE FOR US! Nothing is by accident. All of this is by divine design. While you may not see today’s opportunities being connected with your greater purpose and end destination, they’re all intertwined. You just don’t completely stop here. What God has brought to you today, be here for it, but be ready to move forward when he calls you on.

No, this isn’t your destination, but there’s destiny here. Be here for it. Know God’s fingerprints are on the details of everything here. Don’t waste your journey. There’s purpose on the way.

So, you haven’t arrived yet … but you have. You’ve arrived to today. Every single day of your life has brought you here, and you’re supposed to be here. Now actually BE HERE. Be here for it. Be all about it. Be available. Be present. Be open. See what God has for you on this journey to where you’re going.

Jesus’ journey was filled with seemingly random encounters and unlikely stops. But God knew exactly what he was doing with every stop and every encounter. I know, I know, I know, that was Jesus and you’re not Jesus. But sister, never forget you are a daughter of the King sent here for a purpose, designed with a destiny in mind. He’s that personally invested in the details of your journey too!

Psalm 37:23 “The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.”

All this time he has been directing your steps. You may be a little stubborn and take the roundabout way, but God still has your destination in complete sight and the way there has been made possible. And never forget, he delights in every detail of your life along the way. Details, details, details, they are designed with his delight over you. Don’t miss them. Be available for them today as you journey on to your destination. This is all a beautiful part of your life and you get to be here for it. No, you haven’t arrived to your end destination, but you’ve arrived to today and there’s something for you here!