I know you’re staring down some really big, overwhelming stuff right now. I know you’re already thinking this really isn’t likely for you. I know there’s a part of you that really wants to dream and imagine it being possible, but there’s an even bigger part of you that discounts the possibility and brings you back to a place of reality. The reality that big things don’t typically happen for you.

Let me tell you about another reality my sister. A reality that is just as real as anything you have ever encountered in your entire life. The reality is, these big things have never looked so small in the hands of God.

Sitting here, in his mighty, capable and caring hands, it’s all possible. It’s all workable. It’s all feasible. Everything you’ve ever hoped and imagined is made so incredibly possible in the hands of God, it’s almost ridiculous. It’s almost ridiculous how close you really are. It’s almost ridiculous how this could all happen. And it’s totally ridiculous how you keep taking it out of his hands!

Why are you doing that? If you trust God with this, then why are you still allowing those dark worst case scenarios to run through your mind? If you trust God with this, then why are you still worrying about it? If you trust God with this, why are you letting it ruin your mood, stall your next steps, and halt your progress? You don’t have to feel guilty over it, but girl you can surrender it again. Today, right here, you can put it back in his hands.

These are really BIG things to you. So big you can’t see around them. But trust me, to God it all makes perfect sense.

Standing in the middle of a large city, it all seems so confusing with tall buildings, crazy drivers and one way streets. How the heck are you supposed to navigate this when you can’t see where the road is going? But fly over that same large city in an airplane and you see how the buildings are flattened into perfectly stamped squares in a pattern, and all the roads connect by great design. Oh it’s the same city. Same crazy drivers and one way streets. However now, you’re above it. Your higher perspective reveals how possible it is to navigate when you can look down on what was previously in your way.

God sits high above these problems in your way and he sees how it’s totally possible to get where you want to go. He sees the grid. He knows the connections. He has every step all within his view, and holds every detail within the palm of his hand. And today he says “MY GIRL, THIS IS POSSIBLE.”

It’s more possible than you ever imagined. It’s more feasible than you ever stopped to think. This isn’t nearly as big as it feels to you right now staring up at all the things standing in your way. This can be navigated. There is a way through this.

1 Peter 5:6 “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.”

You know what humbles us … screwing it up on our own. Failing miserably a few times. Cruising along, claiming we’ve got this thing, then crashing head on into the curb. That’s humbling. And God’s word tells us to humble ourselves. This is admitting we can’t do this on our own. Confessing that without God, I’m a hot mess on the express train to funky town. Knowing if I can do anything good at all, it’s a result of God’s Spirit dwelling within me.

And girl, when we don’t humble ourselves, life has a way of humbling us. Either way, God says I just want you to be humble. There’s an easy way and there’s a hard way, we choose the way.

When we are humble, God says the timing is right, then he will lift us up to give us that higher perspective. That perspective that flattens the things that have been standing in our way. That perspective that shows how everything is on a grid and connects to the way through this.

And this is when we see just how small these really big things have always been in the hands of God. And know his intent is to give you every good thing he has for you.

Psalm 84:11 “The LORD will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.”

You’ve likely already been allowed to have this perspective on some past things in your life. God has lifted you up and shown you how he made it happen for you. How he brought you to where you are today. How he made all things work together for good. How he equipped you and prepared you for what you didn’t even know would be coming next.

Now, he’s doing it again. He’s preparing you again. He’s placing dreams and desires within your heart that are bigger than your current reality. He’s outgrowing you for your current surroundings and showing you an increase in territory. An increase that scares you. But remember, it’s big to you, but that’s just your perspective.

So know this my sister, these big things you dream of, these big things you’re trying to overcome, these big things that seem so impossible right now, they’re all so small in the hands of your God. He knows the way to your desires. He knows the intersections to get you where you want to go. He knows the detours ahead and the traffic jams in your way. He knows the bad directions you’ve been given, and your GPS that always seems to take you through the ghetto. He knows every threat you will come upon and every wrong turn you could ever make. AND HE STILL SEES THE WAY IN PERFECT CLARITY. It’s all flattened with his higher perspective.

There’s a way through this. There’s a way to it. Now, let God lead you sis. Don’t give up on this. Don’t dismiss yourself as not good enough again. No, you are good enough. You are chosen. You are here for a purpose. One day God is going to lift you up and show you his perspective to see just how possible it has always been, and I hope when he does you’re not disappointed in your progress of moving along in faith. I hope you’re filled with joy to see how it all connected to lead you to good things you could have never done on your own.

What is BIG to you now is so small in the hands of God, and he has ginormous things coming for you. And just when the time is right, he will lift you up and show you!