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We all struggle, we all fall short, we all fail to live up to the potential placed within us. We’ve all been called to greater things and settled for something less along the way. Every single one of us have that in common. We’re not getting everything right and nothing seems quite perfect enough. We all hear that little voice inside that says “you’re not good enough.”

But sister, there’s grace for that!

John 1:16 “Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given.”

Where you have been given grace before and continued to fail, grace will be given again. Grace upon grace, upon grace, upon even more grace after that. Grace is the love of God shown when we are unlovely. The peace of God given when we are restless. The favor of God lavished when we are unworthy. Grace is the spontaneous gift of God. It is his nature that is instantly in action without qualifying. He doesn’t have to first look at your track record and see if you’ve wasted his grace before, he spontaneously says ‘yes, grace for that.’ Grace for you. Grace to cover you completely and overcome all your incompleteness. Grace that makes you more than enough, and gives you an abundance in return for your shortcoming. This grace is free and could never be earned. It is a gift of divine favor, and limitless mercy from your Creator.

Have you received this grace? Seriously, have you allowed this grace to cover your life and robe you in righteousness? Or are you dwelling in your failures, replaying your shortcomings, and consumed by your continual lack of perfection? Honey, if you were perfect there wouldn’t be a need for God’s grace. How could he give from his fullness if you didn’t first have a lack? Yes, your lack of perfection is his space for grace.

How many times will he offer this grace to you? Maybe you feel like a repeat offender and a continual failure and question if his grace is running out here. Oh girl, He will give you grace in place of grace already given, meaning it won’t run out. When you need more grace, it’s coming in truckloads sis!

This week I received a message from a podcast listener who feels her choice to live with her boyfriend before marriage dismisses her ability to serve God with her gifts and talents. The guilt she feels from her situation has caused a space between her and God. She’s no longer sharing God because she feels disqualified. Do you think that is God’s plan? Is that a result of him pulling away from her? Never.

This is how the enemy works. He looks for an open door, and often times that open door is our own guilt. We naturally feel guilt over our choices or actions, and instead of taking that guilt to God, we hide in shame. Here in this hiding is a separation, and in that separation the enemy comes creeping through the crack in our door. Now he whispers his lies. He tells us we are unworthy of a relationship with God because of our choices. He tells us we can’t be used by the Almighty because of our lack of perfection. He tells us what we’ve done separates us from Jesus.

And he couldn’t be more wrong.

Girl, you think Jesus didn’t already know every single choice you would ever make before he chose to die for you? He hung on the cross for every sin you would ever walk in and every transgression you would ever commit. He chose you while fully knowing you would screw this thing up. Your choices have not blocked his sacrifice. You are covered here my sister.

Does God still want to use you for his glory even when you’re not getting this all right? ABSOLUTELY! He doesn’t say ‘clean yourself up before you come to me.’ He says come to me and I’ll help you take care of this. Come to me as you are and we will work through the rest together.

If God could only work through perfect people with all their crap in order, not a single one of us would be qualified to share his love. This is why he offers grace where grace has already been given. Grace is necessary here because we’re going to get it wrong again and again, but we’re still not going to be disqualified.

Listen to me, you are not disqualified. Nor are you dismissed from the calling on your life. God has given you something to share with this world, and you don’t have to wait until you get every area of your life cleaned up before you start sharing. My guess is all that cleaning up will be taking place in Heaven, what’s taking place here on Earth is you showing up in your imperfections reflecting the never-ending grace of God.

Who better to be a reflection of the grace of God than someone who has needed a whole lot of it themselves? If you’ve been given grace, talk about it. I have screwed this thing up more times than I’ve ever gotten it right, and each time I just come back for more grace. As I’m returning for grace the enemy likes to poke at me and tell me I’m unworthy, but why would I listen to him? Why would you listen to him?

Yes there is grace for everything you’ve done. Yes there is grace for all that you continue to struggle with. Yes there is grace for the same thing you used grace for last time. Keep coming back and receiving your grace. Don’t allow this to separate you from God. Don’t assume you are unworthy of his calling on your life. Don’t let the enemy steal that from you.

Show up as the grace covered, grace filled, grace dependent girl who can now be a beautiful reflection of grace to others. If there are things that need to change, God will guide you in changing them. If your relationship needs to change, God will make that clear to you as you come and receive your grace, not as you hide in shame. If your choices have been wrong, God will work through conviction NOT condemnation, and he will cover you in grace along the way.

Romans 8:38 “Nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.”

Insert your own failures and transgressions here. My bad habit cannot separate me from God’s love. My bad choice cannot separate me from God’s love. My wrong doing cannot separate me from God’s love. My continual screw ups cannot separate me from God’s love. Nothing. No thing. Nothing at all can ever take me away from God’s love. His love offers grace upon grace, and when that grace is all used up, there will be grace in place of grace already given.

Whatever you’re dealing with, wherever you are, whatever you’ve done, THIS DOES NOT SEPARATE YOU FROM GOD’S LOVE. THIS DOES NOT DISQUALIFY YOU FROM HIS GOOD PLANS FOR YOUR LIFE. THIS DOES NOT SIDELINE YOU FROM HIS CALLING. THERE IS GRACE FOR THAT. Come in close and receive it and know you have been declared worthy.