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Within you are dreams and desires, and if you haven’t settled along the way quite yet, those dreams and desires currently seem unattainable. Oh girl, did you know that … it’s actually a really great thing that what you want seems out of reach. That doesn’t mean you’re not good enough or that you’re not doing it right or that it’s too late for you, it simply means you haven’t settled for less. When we settle, the dream fades. When we settle, the desire is dampened. So the very fact that you still want something that seems out of reach is an indication that you’re actually still moving toward it!

When God designed you, he not only chose your eye color and your height, but he gave you a personality type with quirky dominate features. He hard wired you a very specific way, put talents and passions within you, and planted a seed down deep in your soul for what would one day become your dreams and desires. Why do you want what you want … because of a seed planted within you by your creator.

Psalm 139:13 “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

Your inmost being. That’s what’s deepest within you. The things others don’t see. Yes, God created that. What, you think God created your kidneys, your galbladder, and your thyroid, but he didn’t think to create desires down deep in your soul? He went to all this work of creating you with over 60,000 miles of blood vessels delicately connected within your body, but he didn’t give you dreams connected to potential? That’s absurd to even think about! Every millimeter of those 60,000 miles of blood vessels within your body is connected by design for a purpose, and every dream in your soul is connected to potential for a purpose. Potential to actually step into it and make that dream a reality. It’s there. It’s connected.

Of course when God was forming you, he formed you for a purpose, and that purpose manifests itself in the things that interest you and make your spirit come alive. And if there’s a spark of passion still inside of you, that means you haven’t settled for a life void of the passion you were created for yet.

So how about you don’t settle now? Don’t stop here. Don’t let this just die within you.

Let me ask, have you still been talking about this desire of yours? Have you been giving this dream breath through your breath? Have you done anything at all to further the pursuit of that which you used to dream about all the time? Have you talked to God about it lately? If not, then sis you’re settling now. Settling assuming for some odd reason you were given a dream without the potential to make it happen. Settling assuming a connection wasn’t made, and it can’t be made now.

But remember my girl, you have an enemy who prowls around like a lion who is only here to kill, steal and destroy. All that is good within you is under attack. All that you could do with your life is his target. Know the devil is real and he is after the potential you carry.

The enemy would be perfectly content if you would just let this die. He would be happy to see you give up on this. Why does he care? Because you fully alive, living out the deepest and most meaningful purposes of your life would be like a magnet to everyone you come in contact with. The devil wants NO MAGNETS for good. He wants no reflection of God’s power displayed. He wants darkness. He wants disappointment. He wants despair. He wants perfectly positioned people on their way to realizing their God given desires, to just give up along the way and sit along side the path rusting. You rusting out creates rust in others. It’s contagious, it spreads. When I give up, it encourages you to give up. When you give up, it shows someone else how to give up too.

The enemy wants fully equipped people like you who actually have everything it takes to live an extraordinary life, to stop short of the extra and settle for ordinary. There’s nothing wrong with ordinary … except for the fact that you were created for more. Don’t you want to know the more that you were designed for? Don’t you want to fully realize all God envisioned when he was at work putting you together?

God created every part of you, and that includes the part that holds that dream of yours. That includes that desire that makes your heart beat faster and sparks a million ideas in your mind. Don’t push that aside, honor it! Honor what God put within you. It’s there for a purpose.

I have been mentoring a fabulous woman named Theresa for several years. Theresa is one of those life-givers. She loves with her whole being, listens with intent, and works so dang hard. She exudes the beauty of Christ. While she’s been busy making a living the past 50 years, there’s a life calling her beyond where she is. A desire that sounds ridiculous to many, but it ignites her fire. She dreams of owning a fried chicken and yoga RV park. Things that maybe don’t go together, but to her they are perfect together.

For years she has tried to buy an RV park and nothing has ever worked. She’s searched for the perfect location to build her own, and never found what she could afford. Is it simply not meant to be? Is she supposed to give up and move on?

Maybe you feel the same way. What you’ve been trying hasn’t been working. Your search has left you without solution. You’re questioning if this is even meant to be. Are you supposed to give up and move on now?

Well sis, is the dream still within you? Is there a desire that still has a spark in your soul? It was placed there for a reason. It’s a guide to the more you desire. Don’t give up on it.

God says in Isaiah 55:8 “My ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.”

If you’re ever going to experience his ways, you’re going to have to take the limits off how this could happen. You can’t give up and settle here. You can’t assume it will never happen for you. You must assume God has already made the way, and your life journey is the unfolding of the way. Continue the journey. Heck girl, enjoy the journey.

Along this journey, you may find the original dream was only to lead you to something greater. You may find what started as one desire grew into something you never saw coming. Remember, God is not stagnant. He is moving and flowing and creating and all of this is continually changing around you. Changing to guide you to places you have not yet even imagined. Flowing to lead you to even greater things than you have had the capacity to dream.

Will there ever be a fried chicken and yoga RV park? Why the heck wouldn’t there be? But what if it’s actually so much more? What if this is Theresa’s vision right now because she can’t possibly imagine what God has beyond that available for her? What if she doesn’t let the enemy discourage her and talk her into settling? What if she protects her dream and one day steps into her desire and realizes it was different than she imagined and so much better?

And what if it’s the same for you? What if you don’t give up? What if you don’t assume you’re just not good enough? What if you don’t accept defeat here? What if you remember when God created you, he created ALL OF YOU, and that includes your dreams and desires. And if God created a dream within you, then he has a way far beyond anything you could imagine to bring it to reality!

Continue the journey and find out how all of this is connected.