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Because You Said You Would

Within you is strength to do every single thing you need to do, and do it well. Honey, you are lacking nothing. You’ve got what it takes because God has equipped you. You are so much stronger than you think, but you discount your strength. Not only do you discount your strength, but you sacrifice your strength. You sacrifice the power to do some mind-blowing things with your life. You sacrifice the power to be exactly who you were created to be in this world.

Today, we will talk about how you sacrifice that power, and how to reclaim it.

Have you ever heard of the biblical story of Samson? Ya’ll it’s the real life account of a Marvel superhero and the beautiful girl who tricked him. Let me tell you the crazy story found in Judges 13-16. The story begins with a barren woman unable to have children being visited by an angel. This angel told her she would have a son, and this son would lead the Israelites out of the hands of the Philistines. A covenant was made for the mother to not drink any wine or alcohol while she was pregnant, and the son’s hair must never be touched by a razor. So, indeed, the woman becomes pregnant, she fulfills her duty of not drinking, she gives birth to a boy and names him Samson. She never cuts Samson’s hair and he grows strong. Like ridiculously strong. Freakishly strong. Like the Incredible Hulk without the green. He can do things no one else can do.

Samson becomes a leader of the Israelites just as the angel says. He killed a lion with his bare hands and tore it apart. He broke free of ropes and chains and could be held back by nothing. He took down 1,000 men using only the jawbone of a donkey. He was unstoppable. But, in a moment of weakness, he was tricked by a beautiful woman to reveal his source of strength was in his uncut hair. As he was sleeping, his hair was cut and his strength left him.

So, what’s the lesson in this story? Don’t cut your hair? God cares about your hairstyle? Nahhhh, I think it is so much deeper than that, and I think it apples to me and you both, exactly where we are. Are you ready for this?

Samson’s uncut hair was a covenant between him and God. It was a commitment. His faithfulness to this commitment brought him strength. If you read the story for yourself, you will see that every time Samson fights a lion, breaks free of ropes or chains, or is victorious in a grossly outmatched battle, it is because “the Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon him.”

Samson’s commitment was to never cut his hair. That commitment to God made him an available vessel for the powerful Spirit of God. When the commitment was broken, the power of God’s Spirit left him and he was weak. Why was the commitment broken? Because he was tricked. He was tricked into telling the woman about his hair and that night it was all cut off.

And sis, let me tell you, we are continually tricked into breaking our commitments to God. We are tricked into exchanging sacred time for scrolling time. You know scrolling time. Time you spend scrolling through news stories, posts and photos while you declare at the end of the day you really don’t have time to spend with God. We are tricked into believing worrying about it is more valuable than praying about it. We are tricked into waking up with dread instead of waking up with gratitude. We are tricked into treating the precious and priceless gift of today like it’s just another ordinary day that doesn’t really matter. We are tricked into not doing the very things we said we would do.

So our commitments are broken. Our holy exchange is sacrificed. As a result we walk around lacking the power intended for us.

Did you know God has power designated for you, my sister? He has power allocated precisely in your direction. But when you break your commitments and don’t follow through on the things you said you would do, you cut the line to the power source.

It wasn’t Samson’s long hair that gave him strength. It was his continued commitment to God that allowed the powerful Spirit to work in him. When he was tricked into sacrificing his commitment, the strength was gone.

Your commitment is continually under attack. Darn right it is!

That’s why when the alarm rings a battle ensues. That’s why the day after you make a commitment, temptation comes in with an irresistible offer. That’s why you feel an internal struggle to follow through on even the simple things you know make such a difference.

Your commitments are a threat to the enemy, because if you’re a girl who always follows through on your commitments, then your commitments to God will not be broken and you will be a powerhouse! Satan wants absolutely NO POWERHOUSES up in here. So of course he attacks your commitments to basic things to break your confidence. Now that broken confidence will affect all your commitments and you will be convinced you simply can’t make yourself do anything. You can’t make yourself get up on time. You can’t make yourself spend time in talking to God. You can’t make yourself put down your phone. You can’t make yourself drink water. You can’t make yourself stop digging your own grave with your fork.

You are convinced you can’t follow through on any of your commitments, so eventually you stop making commitments. Really, do you have a commitment to God? Does he have a designated time and space in your day? Or have you sacrificed that?

Recognize you’ve been tricked into sacrificing it because that commitment is a source of power. Every time you hold true to your commitment to God, you are aligned with the powerful Spirit of God that strengthens you to do extraordinary things. And every time you break your commitment, the power is restricted. With each commitment broken, big and small, your confidence is damaged, and you’re left convinced you can’t make yourself follow through on anything.

That’s why this all feels like such a struggle. Because Sis, it really is. Your access to the power of God is a battlegrounds. The battlegrounds is your commitments.

It won’t be easy. You won’t always feel like it. And you won’t always see the benefit in it. I’m sure eventually Samson must have been convinced his muscles were sufficient for his battles, with or without hair. Ahhhh, what difference does a little haircut make? Just like we are tricked into believing, ahhhh what difference does 5 minutes really make? Let me tell you, that 5 minutes declares you as an available vessel for the powerful Spirit of God!

What are your commitments? Are you being faithful to them? Is it time to recommit? When you are an available vessel for the powerful Spirit of God, impossible things happen in you, through you and for you.