Do you hold back your best, fearing if you give your best there will be nothing left to give? If you reach the peak, what will you do afterwards, so unknowingly you stop your climb. You don’t even realize you’re holding yourself back, but you do. We all do.

I often feel like I’m going to run out. Run out of energy. Run out of ideas. Run out of goodness to share. So, I operate from a place of fear and lack. Anytime God uses me to share something powerful, I immediately fear never being able to do it again. I’m continually afraid of being tapped out, used up, and having nothing left to give.

All good things must come to an end, right? So how can you possibly keep doing good? How can you keep giving like you’ve been giving? How can you climb to the level you seek and then have anywhere left to climb?

This deeply rooted fear causes us to withhold our best efforts, our deepest joy, and our fullest potential because we operate from that place of lack. We think, eventually, this will run out. Eventually, this will come to an end. Because I can’t always do this, I won’t show up and do it today. I will hold back little pieces for future demands of me and not fully honor what I could do today.

You don’t use all the energy you have today. It makes sense, you need some of that energy for tomorrow, right? So, you hold back.
You don’t really pour out your love extravagantly, because you want some love leftover to give later. So, you hold back.
You don’t do all the good you have in your heart to do, because eventually you would run out of good if you went all in like that. So, you hold back.
You don’t use all your talents and unleash your full potential today, because if you did, there may be nothing left for tomorrow. So, you hold back.
You don’t allow yourself to be ridiculously happy today with an unrestrained joy. No, you save a little of that. You hold it back.

Oh how the enemy just loves to see us holding back. Every time we operate from this place of lack and fear of running out, we live less than we could live. We do less than we could do. We fall short of how far we could really go.

But girl, let me tell you something about our God. Our God is abundant. He gives to OVERFLOWING! He is unrestrained and he has no limits on that which he will give to you. Yes you, his most precious creation, his treasured girl, there’s no limit on what he will give you.

There is no lack here Sis. There’s no bottom to the source of your joy, the source of your strength, the source of your provision, the source of your guidance, the source of your energy.

Here’s the problem … you think you’re tapping into a well. A well of water that may run dry. So, you measure what you use and what you give. And when you give, you almost regret because you know it comes from a limited source.

When I give the deepest, most powerful devotional and know it is really making a difference for someone, I almost regret it. I regret giving too much because what if I can’t do it again tomorrow. What if I’m a disappointment every day after? What if I was giving from a well that will eventually dry up, then I will have nothing left to give? So, I subconsciously want to hold back. I will give a little less than my best so I know I have a bit more to give again.

You’re doing it too. You’re holding back. You’re saving up energy. You’re tucking away your best. You’re not giving your all. And it’s for the same reasons … you think you’re tapping into a well. A well that may run dry. But honey, this isn’t a well, this is a spring!

Jesus met a woman at a well where she was drawing water. This was a divine encounter for her, but it was written for our divine encounter here today. There’s something for you here today my sister. Come see.

Jesus asked the woman for a drink of water. She hesitates because she has been shunned from society and labeled as an outcast. Surely if this man knew her, he wouldn’t be talking to her. But he did know her. In fact, he knew everything about her. And he asked her for a drink from this well so he could tell her about something so much greater. About something that would never run out.

John 4: 13-14 Jesus says to the woman at the well “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

Jesus does not give you a well that will run dry. He gives you a spring of water that will never run out. It will always be there. And it will be IN you. “The water I give them will become IN THEM a SPRING of water welling up the ETERNAL life.” It will keep giving and giving, so you never have to hold back. What you have within you is eternal sister, it is unlimited.

You don’t receive from a limited source, so you don’t have to give from a limited source. This is eternal. It is unending. It is bottomless. So you don’t have to hold anything back!

Now I understand I can tap into what God has put inside of me and give you my absolute best, with no fear of running out. I don’t have to worry about a day coming when I have nothing left to give you here, I’m tapping into an eternal spring. It will ALWAYS be there, and it will always be good. Now I can show up and give everything I have today without fear of running out. This is an eternal spring!

Whatever you’ve been holding back, whatever you’ve been giving less than you could out of a fear of lack in the future, recognize if it comes from God, then it comes from an eternal spring, and that eternal spring is already in you through Jesus.

Your energy comes from God. Your patience comes from God. Your talent comes from God. Your wisdom comes from God. Your love comes from God. Your creativity comes from God.

Don’t try to dam it up and save up for your day of lack. Girl, this spring is eternal. It will always flow, so let it flow through you. Give all of your energy today, pour out your love and hold nothing back. Use all your talents and give your absolute best. You’re not giving from a limited place. This is unlimited. There will be more to give!

Oh how the enemy hates to hear God’s girls are understanding this truth. How he hates to know we see the spring within us from Jesus and we’re tapping into it’s abundance. Now he knows we won’t be holding back any more.

I’m here to give. Give it all. Give my best. Hold nothing back, because this isn’t limited. And honey, you’re not limited either. Unleash the best within you. The best within you is Jesus!

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