Dwelling within us is the Spirit of God. Y’all, we often walk around with all the power in the world inside of us, feeling helpless. Feeling stuck. Feeling lost. All while already having everything we need. YOU ARE LACKING NOTHING.

A purpose greater than you ever imagined is calling you on. The next step is possible. The next level is yours to climb. And God’s spirit dwelling within you will provide everything you need along the way.

Jesus explained that when he left this earth, we would be given something even greater. We would not be left here alone, but we would always have the Holy Spirit inside of us. I’m still on my journey to fully understanding what that means. Honestly as a little girl I was freaked out because I heard someone referring to the Holy Ghost in a scary kinda way, and I didn’t want no ghost-us-es up in here! I’ve spent the past 30 years trying to untangle that confusion and understand exactly what God gave me when he gave me his Spirit.

Here’s what I know so far … God’s spirit is real, it is powerful, and it is accessible.

Jesus said in John 16:7 But in fact, it is best for you that I go away, because if I don’t, the Advocate won’t come. If I do go away, then I will send him to you.”

Advocate. Each translation will use a slightly different word, but the Greek word used was Parakeltos (pair-ah-kle-toss). Parakeltos means ‘one who is called to your side to help.’ Quite simply, the Holy Spirit is your Helper, he is your Comforter, he is your Counselor, he is your Advocate, Strengthener and Intercessor.

So girl, think about it … how will you ever know the power of the Holy Spirit to help you if you never need help? It is your need for help that enables you to see God’s power at work within you.

In this new year, you will come to a pivotal point in your journey where you do not know what to do next. This pivotal point is by divine design for your encounter with the Holy Spirit which will guide you. When you get there, and you will, seek God’s help. This is why you are here. You are here at this cross roads to discover the help that has always been available to you. The Helper (capital H because it’s his official title, it’s what he does better than anyone or anything else) is here to help you. If you never need help, you will never know the power of the Helper dwelling within you.

In this new year, you will be called to step out of the confines of your current comfort zone. You will be stretched to do things you’ve never done before. You will feel the tingle of anxiety as you don’t know exactly where this is leading. Ahhhh yes, when this happens, it will not be by accident. You are being led beyond your comfort to the place where you will be uncomfortable.

Why would you need a Comforter (again, capital C because it’s his official title, it’s what he does better than anyone or anything else) if you were created to live a life of continual comfort. Girl, you are destined for a life that reaches far beyond the boundaries of comfort. Your potential is far too great to be dwelling in the confines of the same familiar things you’ve always done where you’ve always been. You’re being called beyond what is comfortable in this new year, and the Comforter is there to provide the comfort.

He will calm you. He will reassure you. He will give you confidence when you’re shaking in your boots and staring down the possibility of real failure, and he calls you on.

My sister, you do understand God is calling you on in 2022, right? He’s not just leaving you here. He’s not letting you sit in your comfy chair and rust out. He’s flipping your dang chair over and saying ‘Girl, get up! This comfort you seek is robbing you of the great big life I created you for. Come with me into the great unknown and I will give you comfort while you are uncomfortable.”

Would you be willing to position yourself where you need the Helper? Where you need the Comforter? Where you need the Advocate, the Strengthener, the Intercessor. This is where God is calling you now. A life beyond your ability to do on your own. A life so far out of your comfort zone you can never find your way back again. A life where God goes before you, speaks for you, strengthens you, and makes things happen as you are his available vessel to work through.

Psalm 118:15 “When hard pressed, I called to the Lord; he brought me into a spacious place.”

We avoid the hard pressing. We don’t like the pressure. We are guilty of settling for so much less than we were created for just to escape the hardship of the journey to more.

But what if in this new year we decided we’re not settling for less anymore. What if we remembered the Parakeltos (pair-ah-kle-toss) which we have been given. Yes, the Holy Spirit. He is your Helper, he is your Comforter, he is your Counselor, he is your Advocate, Strengthener and Intercessor. And with our Helper we will arrive at that pivotal point where we don’t know what to do, and we will receive our help. With our Comforter, we will boldly proceed to the next level of living, holding nothing back, stepping into the uncomfortable knowing our comfort was never supposed to come from our circumstances; we have the Comforter living within us.

In this new year, we will not avoid the hard pressing. We will not seek comfortable circumstances. We will not stress when we do not know the way. We will trust when we call to the Lord from these hard pressed places, he will bring us into a spacious place.

What is this spacious place … well my sister, it’s your BIG Life. It’s what God always had in mind for you. This is where he always wanted to bring you. To the BIG Life he created you for, beyond the confines of your comfort zone. Beyond the limits of what you know and what you think you can do.

Out here … in the great unknown where God has placed everything you need already inside of you. This is your destiny in 2022. This is where God is leading you. Get ready and remember, you already have it all inside of you.

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