A new year of life has been offered to you. This is a year you’ve never seen before. You haven’t been this way. You don’t know this journey. It is new and different, and unlike any other year before. To fully receive this offering, you will be required to use all you have learned before to rise to a new level. Staying the same will only bring you more of the same, and 2022 isn’t intended to be the same for you my sister.

This is your opportunity to grow. This is your opportunity to flourish. This is your opportunity to go deeper. This is your opportunity for redemption. To shine, transform, emerge, prosper, reignite, launch! Are you ready? Well, ready or not, here it comes!

Here comes the first Monday of this year. The day when all your bright ideas and inspired aspirations are put to the test. This is where the rubber meets the road, and you’re either going to sit there with the brakes on holding back, or you’re going to let ‘er rip and get going. Oh how I hope you get going. Oh how I hope you dare to do things you’ve never done before and treat this year as the precious and priceless opportunity it really is.

There are open doors here for you Sis. Open doors that will take you from where you have been to what could be. The question is, will you go through these open doors?

Understand, open doors of opportunity are not free. A high price was paid for these doors to be opened for you.

Jesus said in Revelation 1:18 “I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.”

It was Jesus’ death that took back the keys. The keys to what … the keys to your life. The keys to your eternity. The keys to every open door God ever intended for you.

Satan’s attempt was to lock you up in a prison you could never escape. A prison of your own mind that would continually make you feel inferior, unworthy, and unlovable. A prison of your own habits that would render you incapable of change and growth and leave you stuck and hopeless.

The enemy was always after the keys. The keys that would lock the doors and hold you back. But he lost those keys. Jesus died for you. He went to hell and took back those keys for you. He opened the doors and set you free. Now girl, walk in your freedom.

Every open door of opportunity you have before you was paid for with the blood of Jesus. He died so that you could do this. He died so you could move forward. He died so that you could overcome. He died so that you would never, ever have to be stuck. Oh, please don’t waste that!

In this new year, won’t you see the open doors as the offering of Jesus for a life beyond your previous limitations? Won’t you see these open doors as invitations to live more and become more. Yes, become more like who you were created to be, and live more of the life you were created to live.

Today is filled with open doors the enemy tried to shut on you. He tried to hold you down. He tried to hold you back. He tried to keep you from ever seeing what was truly possible. He tried to get you to give up on every step of this journey, but by the grace of God, here you are on the first Monday of 2022 standing in hallway of open doors. Opportunities abound here.

So sister, what in the world will you do?

Will you only go through doors that are familiar to you? Will you only attempt the open doors that are comfortable? Will you only enter the open doors the masses are flowing through? Or will you dare to boldly show up at every darn open door and know that Jesus did this specifically for you? Yes, the ones you don’t understand. Yes, the ones that come with a lot of work. Yes, the ones that are totally uncertain. Yes, the ones no one else is going through. And yes, the ones that seem to really lead no where.

Today’s open doors are little doors. They are doors that seem insignificant and unimpressive. But ohhhhhhh my friend, these little doors are the beginning of great things for you.

You were offered the opportunity to wake up and spend your morning with intention, did you?
You were offered the opportunity to take care of your body and treat it as a vessel for God’s spirit, are you?
You were offered the opportunity to chat with the Almighty, will you?
You were offered the opportunity to stand in awe over everything you once prayed for that is now your every day reality, are you?
You were offered the opportunity to walk in grace and love and mercy with life-changing kindness, will you?

Maybe you have been missing all these opportunities because you were looking for something greater. You were looking for that phone call that would change everything. You were looking for a massive breakthrough that would blow every previous obstacle out of the way. You were looking for that winning ticket, that magic pill, that grand offer.

And while you were looking for these big things, you missed all the open doors of today. If we’re not careful, we will spend our entire lives waiting for big doors and never go through the open doors of opportunity that have always been here for us. Doors opened by the keys the enemy tried to take because these little doors were actually of tremendous value.

The devil doesn’t want you to live your morning with intention. Heck, you start doing that and you might just be a freaking powerhouse. That’s a key he tried to take and a door he wanted to stay locked. But Jesus opened it for you and said, “here’s your morning back, I hope you live it.”

The devil doesn’t want you to take care of your body because you feeling good will really throw a wrench into his plans of keeping you on the sidelines of your life. He tried to take that key and lock that door, but he lost that battle to Jesus. Jesus’ blood took back that key and the door is open to you now. The opportunity for you to take care of the vessel which houses the Spirit of God is here for you today. The door is open.

Open doors everywhere … they’re all around you. Opportunities to show up and live your life today. Opportunities to savor the time you have been given in God’s creation of Earth. Opportunities to do what only you can do.

Will you be faithful with today’s doors? Or will you wait for bigger doors and tell yourself the lie that you will somehow do big things when it’s time. No you won’t. You won’t ever do big things if you won’t start doing little things.

Jesus said in Luke 16:10 “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.”

So here’s today. The first Monday of 2022. All around you are open doors of opportunity. They appear as little doors. Walk through them anyway. Be available, be willing, be obedient, be all-in! Show up for this life of yours and savor the opportunities given to you. These are opportunities the enemy tried desperately to take from you. Jesus sacrificed his life so that he could give these very opportunities back to you.

Be faithful with these little opportunities and go through these little doors. You don’t see where they are leading, but God knows they lead to much bigger things.

Jesus, I see this open door. I see this opportunity. I receive it! Thank you!

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