You are turning a corner. Things are changing for you. It’s finally unfolding sister. But here’s the thing about turning corners, you can’t see what’s around that corner until you turn it.

You have no idea just how good everything really is all coming together for you. You don’t even realize how the very thing that has been so wrong is about to be so right.

It’s there, it has always been there, but until you turn that corner, you can’t see it.

The problem is, from a distance, the corner looks like a drop off. It looks like the end. You can’t see an opportunity to move forward. So maybe in the past, you’ve stopped here. You’ve given up thinking it was all you could do and as far as you could go. But every single time you stopped short, you missed seeing it was never the end, it was always a corner. A corner you would have to turn in faith to see what was possible next.

Isaiah 40:31 “those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

When you forfeit your hope in the Lord, your strength runs out. You grow weary and oh so tired, and this is where you stop. It’s where you’ve stopped so many times. Where your hope ran out and you stopped moving forward.

But what if this time you keep your hope in the Lord? What if this time you truly believe your race isn’t over and this isn’t a dead end, it’s just a corner. And dang it, how about this time, you turn the corner?!!!

You have not seen what God has planned for you. You haven’t seen how he has made a way around this corner. And you’re not supposed to see it yet. You don’t see it until you get to the end of where you are, then you start turning. As you turn, you see what has always been available to you.

But maybe you’re still on that stretch of road you’ve been traveling for so long that seems to be running out. Maybe the view ahead looks like a total drop off without further options. It’s not. Trust if you keep going, once you get to the end of this, you will see a corner.

Maybe you’ve been here for so long with your blinker on, the light’s gone out. You’ve been thinking about turning, talking about changing, dreaming of a different direction, but you haven’t done a dang thing to get yourself around the corner. A blinker doesn’t make you turn. Thinking about it and talking about it doesn’t create a new direction in your life. You gotta move my sister.

2022 is the year of turning corners. But in order for you to turn these corners, girl you gotta keep going to the end of what you currently see. You can’t stop here. You can’t declare this is never going to work. You can’t give up hope. Without hope you will have no strength to continue. Without hope you will grow weary. Without hope you will be faint.

But sister, with hope, you will be able to run all the way to the end of this and see your corner. With hope you will rise above these obstacles and soar like an eagle. With hope you will arrive to what appeared as a dead end and see your corner, then you will turn it.

This is where things change. This is where you see what was always available for you. The corner.


This is a new direction. It’s different than where you were and what you were doing. It’s uncharted territory. But this is what you’ve always been moving toward. Now girl, PROCEED!

Can’t you imagine God motioning with his hand to keep going? To come with him. To take the next step. To round the corner. To proceed.

God did not bring you this far to leave you here. His intentions aren’t to just let you drop off and never see beyond this point. No, he has MORE for you. So much more. More than you can even handle right now. More than you mind can comprehend.

But you gotta get yourself to this corner, then turn it. You gotta hold tight to your hope where your strength comes from. You gotta decide once and for all that you’re not dare giving up on this journey God has called you to. You gotta be so dang curious about what God is up to, that nothing could keep you from proceeding now. Nothing could make you give up here. Nothing could hold you back from getting to that corner then getting yourself around it.

I’m so curious about what God is doing, I can’t make myself sit it out. It’s what gets me up every morning. I’m amazed by him. I’m blown away be his ways and his works. And honestly, I just want to know what in the world he’s doing next. Don’t you? Aren’t you curious about what good plans God has for your life? Don’t you want to know how in the world God is going to be using this crapfest for something ridiculously good?

You can’t see what’s around this corner, and maybe that really frustrates you. Maybe you just really want to know how all of this is going to work out and where it’s all leading, and you want to know it before you walk in it. But that’s not what your journey is about Sis. God didn’t make this a straight shot. He didn’t make it possible for you to see the 10 year plan unfolding on year 1. You know why … because you couldn’t handle it. You couldn’t handle the enormity of God’s works on your behalf. If he showed you exactly where he is leading you, you would become so focused on the destination that you missed the journey. And sis, your entire life is this journey. What … are you saving your joy for when you finish this and miss it while you live it?

God has you here for a purpose. Be here. But don’t stay here. Look ahead. And when you can’t see how the journey will continue, know that what appears as a drop-off is actually a corner. A divine corner. A destined change in direction taking you where God has planned for you.

And when you get to that corner, TURN IT. Go in your new direction. Make the changes, and dare to see what God has planned for you next.

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