Yesterday I had a zoom call with a new group of women I get to mentor. They are all podcast listeners who have decided they are ready for more of what God has for them in their lives. One by one, they shared how they had been listening to this podcast, seeking what God had for them that day, ready to follow the promptings of the Almighty.

They would say “Pamela, remember when you taught on this scripture” or “remember when you gave that challenge for the day.” No, no honestly I don’t. I’m just here trying to get out of God’s way and let him use my mouth to speak, so half the time I really don’t remember putting these words together to form sentences.

But this is how God works. Wow, doesn’t he work in mysterious ways?

During these conversations I realized just how many people come here and press play, anticipating a word just for them. Praying God would show up in the middle of their personal situation and help them. Seeking God’s guidance for their next step and clarity for their confusion.

So, late last night I went to bed and I prayed. I prayed for YOU. Yes, you. The one who came here once again today seeking God’s voice. The one listening right now asking for God’s movement on their behalf. The one looking to God for their next step. Yes, I prayed for you, and I prayed that God would tell me exactly what you need to hear today. I prayed specifically for you, as you listen, to hear precisely the words you need, to know God has heard your prayers and is moving now.

Here’s the scripture he gave me. Psalm 66:5 “Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles he performs for people.”

God has prompted me to tell you just a few stories of what he has done for his people. He wants you to know how he works so you can see him working now.

I recently had a conversation with a woman who had gone through financial hardships as a single mom. When I say hardships, I mean days when she didn’t eat so that her kids could. Days when she did without so her children would have something, anything.

She told me the story of her little boy once asking her what they would have for dinner that night. She told him they would have tacos. Taking an inventory of what little food they had, he said “but Mama, we don’t have any cheese.” So she humbly said, “well buddy, we can have tacos without cheese tonight, and maybe next time we can have cheese.”

That day, this single mama went to work, thinking it was going to be a tacos with no cheese kinda day. But God had different plans. God had plans to show up and he had already been working behind the scenes to provide. A co-worker says “ya’ll have you seen the sale the local grocery store is having? I bought 1 package of cheese and I got 6 free. I don’t know what I’m going to do with all this cheese. Will somebody take some of this extra?”

That night, this little single mom and her son had tacos, and they had their tacos with cheese because God cared about every little detail of their life. And my sister, I’m here to tell YOU today, yes YOU, the one listening just hoping God has a word specifically for you, he cares about every little detail of your life.

Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles he performs for people. Does this cheese really qualify as a miracle? ABSOLUTELY, you bet it does because now 10 years later, that little single mama and her boy know without a doubt God is in the details of their life. If he can provide cheese for taco night, what else can he do?

Oh, that’s not the end of the story. Let me tell you more. 10 years after the miraculous cheese, God has been busy providing for more than just their tacos. God has brought 2 families together, restored broken hearts and forgotten dreams, and blessed these lives in ridiculous ways. I’m talking filled to overflowing, running over blessings. She doesn’t have to worry about the ability to buy cheese for taco night anymore, but she still remembers the God who cared enough to provide in such a sweet way.

Now, with her overflowing blessings, she has a soft spot in her heart towards other single moms struggling. And she didn’t get to share cheese she bought on sale, she got to share a car with a complete stranger, hundreds of miles away in a different state. She had no idea another single mom had been praying and asking God for a car to get to work. She didn’t know this woman had been talking to God, seeking his provision, yet feeling so unworthy.

In a way that only God could orchestrate, our once cheese-less little gal who is now ridiculously blessed, felt the promptings of the Almighty to buy this woman a car and find a way to get it to her completely anonymously.

Cheese became a car!

Why would God care enough about a single mom 10 years ago who needed cheese? Because she would never forget how God cared for her and her son. She would never forget the miraculous ways he showed up for her. And when she had it to give, she would be the most cheerful dang giver there could be.

You know what’s crazy to think about … God had created that cheese sale before the need for cheese was even known. He aligned the co-worker to buy the abundance of cheese, then offer it at work on the precise day of tacos lacking cheese.

As one woman was praying for a way to get to work, God was working in the overflow of the woman who remembered the blessing of the cheese.

She received cheese. 10 years later, she gave a car.

That’s God.

That’s what you need to hear today. You need to hear what God has done so you can look around and see what he is doing for you. And sister, know this, even when you can’t see it, God is already at work on your behalf. He is moving Heaven and Earth all for you, just to show his ridiculous love for you.

Maybe God has already done some crazy things for you, and maybe you just dismissed it as a random sale on cheese. Nope, it wasn’t random at all. God is in every detail of your life. He has been doing miraculous things for you. And he wants you to know he is doing more for you right now.

He is aligning the sweetest of things for you. I pray you open your eyes to see them, and I pray when you see them you never ever forget them. Because maybe, just maybe he wants to show up for you in some little sweet details and then 10 years later use you for some crazy big blessings!

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