We will never know the awesome power of God until we go all-in. We will never know what was truly possible in our lives as long as we’re tip-toeing in the waters. We will never, ever reach our full God-given potential standing on the shore second guessing everything. You will never know every single goal you have dared to dream for 2022 is wildly possible until you unleash the best of you in your every day life.

God is calling YOU, yes you, to an all-in life. He’s calling you to dive. No more splish-splashing around in this life you have been given. It’s time to dive all-in to the life you were created for, BIG TIME!

Could everything you’ve gone through have been for the purpose of bringing you right here to the edge where you’re faced with a decision to either stand there or dive in? This is where life has brought you. To the edge. Now, you can stand here at the edge for all the rest of your days, peering over and wondering. Wondering what it would look like to be caught in the rush of God’s love, to be tossed in the flow of his power, to be in over your head in his grace, where your days are deep and wide and truly alive. You could stand here and question. You could stand here and dream about it, or you could jump in and do it.

This year, do you want to wonder, or do you want to experience?

Are you ready to experience what it’s like to be fully alive? Yes? Then it’s time to dive all-in!

In John 10:10 Jesus says “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” Jesus came for you so that you could have life to the full. An abundant life. A life overflowing. And what should your response be? Should it be, “okay, I’ll take just a little bit of life Jesus, thank you” or “maybe later Jesus, I’m doing pretty okay on my own”? That’s absurd! No! Jesus says girl I came so that you could have this big, beautiful, abundant overflowing life and our response MUST be, “AWESOME, I’M ALL IN!”

Literally, Jesus is asking you today if you want the BIG Life he came to give you. He’s asking you now. What is your response?

God I want it all. I want every good thing you have available to me. I want every beautiful experience you’re offering. I want every day of life. I want every sunrise. I want every adventure. I want every opportunity. I want it all.

And God says, “awesome, I want your all too.”

This is a holy exchange. Your all for his all.

Your all. Everything. Holding nothing back. That’s what God asks of you in exchange for his all. Imagine his all unleashed in your life and nothing held back from you.

I can promise you every single step you take towards God, he will take a thousand towards you. Every thing you give to him, he will give back to you in abundant supply. Every ounce of you offer to him in surrrender will be filled to overflowing and you won’t be albe to contain his goodness.

If you want EVERYTHING he has for your life, he wants your everything. Make that holy exchange holding nothing back.

Matthew 22: 37 says “You shall love the Lord your God with ALL your heart and with ALL your soul and with ALL your mind.”

Not a little bit. Not just a piece of you. All of you. This is what God wants and this is how he has been using every single good thing and every single bad thing in your life to bring you to this place of full surrender where you will go all-in with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind. Where you decide to hold nothing back.

Will you sell out for God? Will you believe with every ounce of you that he is for you and not against you? Will you believe without wavering that no weapon formed against you shall prosper so you have no reason to fear? Will you trust fully that God’s plans for you are good and you can dive in knowing if you can’t already swim, he will teach you to swim. You will not sink.

These waters are for you girlfriend. Get on in. When you give up the safety of your shore, God will show you a depth of living you have never known before. But this requires you to leave your shallow living and dive in where life takes your breath away. Where you hold nothing back, go all-in and crash into the waves of God’s mighty power in your life. This is where you’re being called.

Will you leave the shore now and live deeper?

How many once in a life-time opportunities has God worked up for you and you missed it because you were too darn worried about how you looked in a swimsuit. Dang it woman, if you don’t like the way you look in a swimsuit either do something about it or get over it.

How many priceless moments has God tried to gift you and you missed out because you chose to sit it out?

When I was a little girl there was a running joke in our family that my grandparents would never show up for anything because there was always a cow to take care of on the farm. A cow that needed to be milked or a cow that needed to be moved or a cow giving birth. And so my grandparents were never in my life because of a dang cow. Literally cows kept my grandparents from being part of my life.

You may not have any literal cows, but I bet somehow or another you’ve been sitting around waiting for the cows to come home. There’s always an excuse for why you can’t and so you don’t. You will regret that.

James 4:14 says “You do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.”

This life is short and fleeting and it’s passing you by. There’s no time to waste. I don’t know how many more years you will get. One year is finished and now we’re 10 days into a new one. If you didn’t do all you wanted to do with the days of last year, dang it are you showing up and doing it this year?

What if this is your last chance to take those vacation days and create memories with your family? What if this is your last chance to watch a sunrise or sunset over the water? What if this is your last opportunity to take those photos with every single one of you present, because next time not everyone will be there?

I’m not saying to live in fear here, I’m saying live with this truth, life is passing you by. You only get so many chances at this thing and so many trips around the sun. You have no time to waste. You can’t afford to tip toe around in the waters of life now. You’ve gotta go all-in.

Will you make that commitment right now? Will you promise yourself that there will be no more holding back? Remember, when you hold back in your life, you miss more and more of the life God is offering you.

Will you commit to taking every opportunity that comes your way and run with it?
Will you say yes to life so life can say yes to you?
Will you intentionally show up for every new day of life ready and willing to live it to the fullest?

It starts right here. This is your chance. This morning you woke up to a new day and a new week of life. Here’s your opportunity for January 10, 2022, will you live it all-in?

God says, girl let’s make that holy exchange, your all for my all. This is the deal of a lifetime!

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