Do you sometimes feel less than impressed by your new day of life? Like you’re just going through the motions, showing up to do the work, but feeling no joy in the process?

You know what really sucks … knowing you have every reason to be happy, but still not feeling happiness. That just wears on a soul. That makes us question what the heck is wrong with us. No, everything’s not perfect, but there’s a whole heck of a lot that is right, but still nothing feels right.

What’s happened here is what happens to a whole lot of us in the middle of living … we’ve lost our passion. We’re alive, but we’re not REALLY ALIVE. We’re here, but not fully here. We’re blessed but our thoughts are blahhh and our emotions are burdened. How can a blessed life possibly result in blahhh and burden? Real easy sister, we simply lose our passion.

Is that where you are? Have you lost your passion? Are you here going through the motions and putting on a good face, but lacking the excitement for your life that you once had?

Do you want it back? Seriously … do you want your passion to be restored? Do you want to come alive again?

Yes? Great. Have you prayed about it?

Oh snap. Yip, back to the basics. This is where we start sister. Why is it we are willing to read a book, take a class, or phone a friend, but we forget our first and most powerful stop should be to talk to God about it.

David talked to God about this very thing in Psalm 51:12 (TPT): “Let my passion for life be restored, tasting joy in every breakthrough you bring to me. Hold me close to you with a willing spirit that obeys whatever you say.”

Why had David lost his passion for life? Could it be because he had screwed up? He had made a mistake in a moment of weakness with Bathsheba, now his own guilt and shame had stolen the passion he once had for life.

Absolutely, our own failures dampen our excitement for living. And maybe that’s where you’re at. You’re disappointed in yourself. You know you’re better than the choices you’ve been making, and it eats at you. Let me tell you something right now Sis, God can restore you. God can take your failures and use them for good. All you need to do is confess and repent and God will start the restoration process.

What … you think that can’t be true for you? You think your failures are too big or too deep for restoration? You think you’re forever sentenced to this place of defeat where living will never be a joy again? You’re wrong. David had wrongfully slept with a married woman named Bathsheba, and when she became pregnant, David had her husband killed to cover up his own sin. Whew, multiple wrongs and none of them could be put together to make it right.

But the moment David stopped trying to cover up what he had done and finally confessed his sin, God went about restoring him. 2 Samuel 12:13 ““I have sinned against the LORD.” Then the reply, “The LORD also has put away your sin; you shall not die.”

God has put this away sister. Whatever you’re struggling with; whatever you’ve been carrying around in shame and regret, God has already put it away. Confess, repent, and receive your restoration. Yes, restoration of passion! Your joy for living shall return.

But also, David may have been feeling a lack of excitement for living because everything he could have ever imagined for his life had already happened. He had gone from a little shepherd boy no one believed in, to the one who slayed the giant Goliath. He had gone from the least likely, to the King highly favored by God, and everything he touched turned to victory.

And this doesn’t sound right unless you’ve truly been there, but eventually everything always turning to victory gets a little boring. You look around at your reality and see how everything has worked out so darn good for you, how you are at a place in life greater than anything you could have ever imagined, and you kindof begin to wonder if there could possibly be anything more for you.

Does that make sense? Does that speak to you? You wake up to a reality today that is so good it’s almost boring. It all worked out. You have it, you did it … but now what?

It’s kinda lonely at the top. You reach your goals, you walk in the reality of what you once prayed for, you overcome so many hardships and obstacles and rise to these new levels of living … but then what? What the heck are you supposed to do from here?

Nobody talks about that. Nobody talks about being so ridiculously blessed and being kindof bored with your blessings. Maybe that’s where David was with his passion that had been dampened. He had won so many battles, overcome so many obstacles, climbed to levels beyond his wildest dreams as King, and then he looked around and said “I don’t see what could possibly be next. What could be better than where I am? What do I have to be excited about next?”

David said “Let my passion for life be restored, tasTing joy in every breakthrough you bring me.” Yes, it’s possible to have so many breakthroughs, that breakthrough grows old and the joy is lost in all the winning.

For some, you’re hearing that and thinking “wow, must be nice because that makes absolutely no sense to me. You’re tired of winning? Bored because everything is so good for you?” For others you hear that and think “holy balls, that’s exactly how I feel and I carry a whole lot of guilt and shame over it.”

Girl, pray about it!

Whether your failures have dampened your passion for living, or your successes have been the source of your less than thrilling existence, bring it to God. He wants to restore your joy for every breakthrough. He wants to hold you close and strengthen your willing spirit to obey every single thing he tells you to do. He wants to renew your zest for simply waking up and being alive. He wants to breathe hope into your soul and show you how much MORE he has available to you.

Yes,more if you’ve been failing. He still has more for you. You haven’t been dismissed just because you’ve been screwing this up.

And more if you’ve already had wild success. This isn’t it. God’s not done with you. This is only the beginning. You can get excited for what God has for you next.

May your passion for life be restored. May you be genuinely excited over the promise and the potential of all God wants to do with your life. There’s more. Soooooo much more. Now bring your willing spirit and let him know you’re ready for whatever he has for you next.

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