My sister, there are good plans for your life. Ahead of you are good things just waiting to come together. Goodness awaits your faithful next step. When you start tasting this goodness and seeing for yourself, that darn devil will no longer be able to trick you into settling for anything less. He won’t be able to hold you back. He won’t be able to stir up fear and doubt within you. That procrastination that has plagued you your entire life will be defeated. That doubt that has tossed you around causing chaos in your spirit will be hushed. But first, you have to taste and see that indeed, God is good. Yasssss girl, get you a bite of what God is offering you and you’re going to want the whole darn plate!

He has an abundance for you. He has overflowing portions for you. Personally for you. If you’re hungry wondering if there’s more to life, the answer is YES. My sister, there’s so much more for you that is literally overflowing from the storehouses of heaven. You’re hungry because God gave you an appetite for more and you have yet to step fully into it.

Will you trust that God’s plan for your life is greater than your biggest, wildest dreams? Will you trust that he is using all things together for your good? Will you trust that he sees what you do not see, knows what you do not know, and is doing for you what you could never do on your own? Will you surrender control and step into the divine unknown? Will you believe that you are equipped with the giftings of the Almighty and finally start living in the freedom and purpose God intended for you? Now’s the time for you to hold nothing back and courageously move in the right direction. TRUST THIS!

It’s so easy to trust God when things are all aligning as you imagined, but how do you trust him when the door is shut, the answer is no, the way gets hard, and the next step is unclear? How do you trust him when what you thought was good turns bad? Answer: YOU LEAN IN EVEN HARDER.

This is where you take your thoughts captive. This is where you make your heart and mind obedient to Christ as 2 Corinthians 10:5 tells us to do. This is where you stare down your struggle and say “I KNOW GOD IS FOR ME! Even in the middle of this mess, I know God’s plans for me are still greater than my biggest, wildest dreams. So darn it, I WILL TRUST THIS!”

Trust God when the doors are opened and you have the invitation to proceed. Yes girl, go! Move forward. Accept the invitation and step into what he has for you next.

And just as much, you have to trust God when nothing is working and you have to turn back. There are no mistakes in the divine workings of the Lord. He is sovereign. He is mighty. He is all-knowing, and you are not. You don’t know everything.

You know how you look at your child and think “they don’t know really know anything about yet” … yeah, that’s the way God looks at you. You don’t know anything yet, but he’s showing you. He’s showing you how these disappointments were actually a blessing to guide you to the better plans that you would have never chosen on your own.

Will you trust God even when you’re disappointed? Will you trust God even when this doesn’t work the way you imagined? Will you trust God when your good plans get cancelled?

Yesterday, I had plans to take my retreat girls to the adventures of Daufuskie Island. I had chartered a boat to take them on a 45 minute ride to the wild and largely untouched island where there are no cars and only dirt roads to explore on golf carts. I had it all planned out for them to see the old lighthouse, walk the beach, stand under the 450 year old massive live oak trees, and experience God’s raw and natural beauty there. But a short distance into our boat ride, the winds created such wild waters, the boat could go no further. The captain tried another route with the same fate … impossible. Turn around.

The cold winds had become so wild, any outdoor plans were completely impossible. Darn it, we would have to go back to the house. It wasn’t what I had planned and it wasn’t what I would have chosen, but let me tell you as if you don’t already know for yourself, GOD KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING. He knows what you need before you need it, and he’s not afraid to turn your boat around to get you in the middle of what you really need over what you thought you wanted.

You thought you wanted one thing, but God knows you need something else. So girl, your boat got turned. Your plans got cancelled. You ended up in a place you didn’t expect. Look around, what does he have for you here? What is he trying to show you? THIS IS FOR YOU, NOT AGAINST YOU. Be open to receive it.

Back at the house yesterday escaping the wild weather, we stepped into breakthroughs we would have otherwise missed. We made commitments we would have otherwise let slip for another year. We gained clarity and resolve to move forward into the wild unknown of God’s good plans for our lives, and we’re doing it with the people God perfectly placed together against all odds.

But that was our choice to make. Our choice to see what God had for us in the changing of our plans, or the choice to sulk over what didn’t go our way. Darn it, we had good plans. But now we understand, God had better plans. The only way we were able to step into those better plans was to TRUST THIS.

Trust when the winds start blowing. Trust when the waves get wild. Trust when the boat has to turn around. Trust when everything goes to crap.

Will you trust this? Yes, I mean trust what’s going right and trust what is falling apart. Trust every yes and every no just as much. Trust what you see, and what you don’t see even more, while remaining available to all God is doing on your behalf.

The next step of your journey and the next level of your life will require your complete trust. I mean all of it.

Proverbs 3: 5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

When you don’t understand, don’t lean on your own plans and own understanding, lean into God. Lean into all he is doing on your behalf. Lean into what he is trying to show you, where he is trying to lead you, and all he is trying to do for you. Lean in.

Girl, don’t fall out.

That’s what has happened in the past … your disappointment and frustration have caused you to fall out. You’ve fallen out of your good routines. You’ve fallen out of your commitments. You’ve fallen out of love with the life you’ve been given to live. You’ve fallen out of believing you’re truly worthy, perfectly equipped, and divinely called.

But not this time! This time you lean in. You lean in to God’s good plans for you life and trust even when you don’t understand what is happening here, God is making your paths straight. He is leading you on to something greater than your biggest and wildest dreams.

Trust this. Surrender your illusion of control and trying to understand this, and lean into God. He knows exactly what he is doing, and what he is doing is good.

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