God will do what he intends to do. Nothing can stand in his way. Nothing can stop him. The question is, will you accept his open invitation to be part of what he’s doing, or will you miss out?

This is your opportunity to be in partnership with the Almighty. To to be divinely led by the Spirit, and walk in purpose,. To step into the good plans God has always had for you and be part of something greater than you ever imagined.

With this invitation is your option of choice. Will you say yes … or will you keep believing you’re not good enough? Will you dismiss the potential God has placed within you … or will you dare to believe God wants to use you for more? Will you dwell on your long list of shortcomings and failures … or will you dare to accept what your Creator has spoken over you?

Just how much of God’s plan for your life do you need to see in advance before you’re willing to trust it? How certain do you have to be of the future before you leave the shores of today? Understand, your tight grip on certainty and comfort potentially forfeits you ever holding what was truly meant for you. Those hands have to be open sister. Open to the unknown with the All-Knowing.

Isaiah 6:8, God is looking for one who will partner with him in a mission. One who is courageous enough to believe maybe they could be used by the Creator of the Universe for something more. The Lord said, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”

Isaiah immediately responds in the same verse “Here am I. Send me!”

Send me where? Oh, well I don’t know exactly. To do what? Yeahhhhh about that, I’m not sure. For what purpose? Uhhhh, well that’s unclear, but I’m all in. I’m here, I’m available, send me.

Isaiah was signing a blank check to the Lord, declaring a universal YES to God’s plan for his life. He didn’t know where God wanted him to go, but he agreed to go anyway. He didn’t know how God would use him, but he believed God could do anything he wanted to do and he simply wanted to be part of that. So, he did the only thing that needs to be done, he declared himself AVAILABLE.

Although Isaiah sounds confident with his bold response to God of “Here am I. Send me!”, the truth is, he felt extremely inadequate. Just 3 verses earlier Isaiah says ““Woe to me! I am ruined! ”

He felt unworthy. He saw himself as inadequate. But he was called. All Isaiah had to do was answer. “Yeah, hello God? Here I am. Sure, I’m available.”

Unworthy and inadequate do not seem to go together to create called, but they do. This is God’s math, and in God’s math that’s the perfect combination of purpose. Unworthy + Inadequate = Called. It doesn’t matter how unworthy you believe you are. It doesn’t matter how inadequate you have felt before. All that matters is answering the call. The phone is ringing!

I understand that feeling of smallness. I struggle daily with the voices that tell me I can’t possibly do great things. That old Imposter Syndrome kicks in and tells me this is all a facade and soon it will come crashing down. And when you know something will come crashing down, you prepare. How do you prepare? You hold back. You stop the investment. You withdraw. You search for signs that it was all too good to be true and you find the cracks. The cracks in you. The weaknesses and faults you tried to hide, but they’re there. Staring at these cracks, you see the potential for the crumble and you run. You run from what you could be doing because ultimately you feel too inadequate to keep doing it.

Trust me, God sees those cracks. He knows every weakness and fault within you. He knows your potential to royally screw this thing up, and he still believes in your potential to get it right. And he calls that potential out. He’s calling. My sister, you are called! Your struggle with feeling unworthy and inadequate do not trump this calling. You’re not dismissed from God’s power. The call is here and it’s here for you.

Girl, it’s time to answer the dang call. I’m here. I’m right here. I’m ready.

Ready for what? Well, that’s not for you to know right now. Right now, you sign the blank check to God and speak a universal yes to God’s good plans for you. All he needs to know is you’re available.

What can God do with a life like yours fully surrendered in availability? Oh girl, what could he not do?!!!!

In response to Isaiah’s availability, God spoke through him and gave him words we still read today, nearly 3,000 years later. As if that’s not enough, know that the words God gave Isaiah were later quoted by Jesus himself 700 years later. Yes, Jesus quoted Isaiah! Think about that!

Isaiah felt inadequate and saw himself as unworthy, but this is who God would use to speak words Jesus would later quote. And God did it all because of Isaiah’s willingness to be available. That’s it. He was simply available. His blank check to God bought him a life of purpose he couldn’t have possibly imagined as it was unfolding.

What life could your blank check to God bring? Well, I can’t even imagine. I have no idea how God may use you. My mind can’t even dream of all he could do with a life like yours fully surrendered and sold out. But, don’t you want to know?!!!!!

Here am I. Right here, this is where I am, and I’m available here and wherever you want to take me next. I want to step into the purposes you have for me Lord. Wherever those steps may lead, I’m all in. I sign the check. Here is my universal yes for your plans for me. Send me.

Isaiah couldn’t have possibly have known the words he would speak through the power of God would reach the year 2022. He couldn’t have possibly known the direction his words would give future generations in our fancy cars and crazy smart phones. He couldn’t have known how many people have fought through the hardest struggles of their lives clinging to his words in chapter 40, verse 31: “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Or chapter 41, verse 10: “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

He couldn’t have known hundreds of years later, the one he wrote about would then read his words and fulfill the prophesy, but indeed that’s exactly what happened in Luke 4: 17-21.

All because he was available. That’s all. Just available.

Could God have spoken these words to any other living soul during Isaiah’s time? Absolutely. But he spoke the words to the one who made himself available and said “Here am I, send me.”

What does God want to do with you? Well I have absolutely no clue. But I just bet it’s bigger than you will even known in your lifetime.

Girl, you’re called. Are you available to answer the call?

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