Job 37: 14: says “Listen to this, Job; stop and consider God’s wonders.”

I always find it most powerful to personalize a scripture by inserting your own name. For me it’s “listen to this, Pamela; stop and consider God’s wonders.” Now it’s your turn – “listen to this, (insert your name); stop and consider God’s wonders.”

Stop. Just stop. Right here, stop everything.

In this moment, will you stop? Breathe. Do you feel that air filling your lungs? Don’t you know the very air you breathe is the breath of God. He is the one who breathes life into you. You’ve been breathing your entire life, but how many of those breaths do you actually receive as the breath of God going into you, filling you, reviving you, strengthening you, sustaining you, giving you LIFE?

This is God’s breath. Breathe it in. This is life. God didn’t just breathe life into you one time and say ‘there, now you’re on your own’. He continues to breathe life into you, intentionally, purposefully, and you’ve just become so accustomed to breathing you don’t even recognize the wonder of it all.

“Stop and consider God’s wonders.” God’s wonders. A wonder is something beautiful and unexpected and inexplicable that causes admiration. God wants us to admire his wonders. He wants us to look at what he has done and be speechless. All around you he’s trying to show you his wonderful works.

Last night I stood on the beach here in Hilton Head Island with a few of my retreat girls who joined me for a quick walk before dinner. The sky began to turn orange with the sunset, as it does on most nights. We paused to enjoy it and take a few photos. Then, the wonder show began. And when I say “wonder”, I mean literal wonder. What we saw in the sky we had never seen before and we were wondering what in the world was going on.

The glow of the sun intisified to 10 times it’s normal size, then a broad rainbow appeared completely around the sun. I mean a full rainbow with all it’s colors. It lasted for several minutes, and we all stood speechless and in complete awe.

I’m gonna be honest with you, it was so bizarre and unlike anything any of us had ever seen before, we were looking around for Jesus. Is this the rapture? Is this the moment? We stood and held hands, cried, and watched in wonder. It was a moment I will never forget.

What we were witnessing is a rare occurance called a sun halo. Like a rainbow, it is light forming through water, but this is frozen water. Ice crystals at a perfect 22 degree angle from the sun is required for this wonder. And there it was for us!

It has to be a 22 degree angle, and it has to be cold enough for ice instead of water. Amazing. The detail God goes to just to show us his wonders. Sis, stop and consider them!

I don’t know how he paints the sky in such magnificent colors. I don’t understand gravity that makes the ocean disappear in a perfect line on the horizon. But I sure can enjoy the wonder. I believe that’s exactly what God wants us to do.

Today, you are surrounded by his wonders. The unexpected and inexplicable are all around you. You can’t explain why or how your world is held perfectly in space and time, but it is. And you’re right here right now to experience it all. Stop and consider it all. Live in awe of the sheer, unexplainable awesomeness of life.

I have no words. No words can aptly describe God’s wonders all around us today. There are no words.

A friend of mine posted a video of her 9 month pregnant belly as her baby was rolling around. You could see this tiny miracle’s shoulder and elbow pushing from within, then it’s feet … you could see it’s feet kicking up again her belly. I can’t explain that. I don’t understand how that’s even possible. And yet every single one of us were once that baby miraculously growing within our mother’s womb. That was us.

Have you ever stopped to consider that you were once the baby with itty bitty tiny feet pressing up against your mother’s belly? There was a day when your heart beat for the very first time. A time when your fingerprints began to form. You were a miracle in the works … and you’re still a miracle in the works.

Jeremiah 1:5 says “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.”

God knew you before he made you. He chose you. He looked at you and said “Her. I want her. I choose her.”

You are chosen by the almighty. You are good enough. He has equipped you with every single thing you need to live your life and live it well. He is filling your lungs at this very moment with his breath, strengthening you, renewing you, giving your purpose and direction.

Won’t you stop and consider that today? If you’re going to admire God’s wonders, start in the mirror Sis. How about you stop hating those things about you long enough to honor what God created in you. It’s absolutely wonderful.

I have no words. No words to describe God’s amazing works within each of us, for each of us.

Oh, the wonder of it all. May we all stop, just stop right here and consider the wonder of our very life. It is beautiful and unexpected and inexplicable. We can’t explain it or understand it all, so let’s stop trying. Let’s stop trying to figure it all out. Let’s stop worrying about how it’s all going to work out. Let’s lean into our creator who formed us in our mother’s wombs and knew us even before then, and trust the wonder of it all.

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