Something is being held over your head. Something you’ve done in the past now threatens to darken your future. You have been held back from your God-given potential because of your past mistakes.

Now, understand, it is not God’s will for you to be held back, he’s not the one doing the punishing. It is not his desire for you to be reliving the mistakes and shortcomings.

It is God’s plan for you to live in absolute freedom and walk in full redemption. It is by his divine direction that every bad thing would be turned around and used for good. Has that bad thing been turned yet, or is it still creating bad feelings within you? Is it still telling bad stories stirring up guilt and shame in you head and in your spirit? Is it still poking at you, taunting you with threats of uncovering, revealing and exposing?

You’ve been blackmailed. Blackmailed by the devil. He is the one threatening to reveal this compromising or damaging information about you. He is the one demanding payment for what has already happened, holding you hostage in a past you can’t go back and change now. So your future is sacrificed because you’re busy making payment for the past.

How much longer will you pay for this?

Girl, are you ready to be set free of that? Are you ready to stare down the one who holds these threats against you and declare they are now powerless? It is time!

I remember as a little girl blackmailing my older brother. I heard him cuss on the school bus. That day as we got off the bus I told him of my plans to tattle on him. Because I had incriminating evidence against him, he agreed to make a deal with me. I wouldn’t tell mom and dad about him cussing in exchange for his obedience to my every demand. I had him cleaning my room, doing my chores, and giving me his toys so that I would hide his secret.

And it worked. It worked for a long time. One day he didn’t comply with my demands and I reminded him of his offense and the ammunition I had against him. He was tired of me ruling him, so he finally said, “go ahead and tell mom and dad. So, that’s exactly what I did. I marched my happy little bossy butt right in to my parents and I proceeded to tell them about the time my big brother said a cuss word on the buss.

Oh I felt so powerful. I was sure he would most definitely regret not continuing to hide behind my blackmail. Instead, mom and dad scolded me. I was punished for being a brat and he was dismissed from his wrong doing because it no longer mattered. What’s done had been done and he had punished himself enough over it!

Oh girl, don’t you know the devil has been a brat to you. Just how long has he been threatening to reveal your mistakes? How long has he had you cowered down and missing out? For real, missing out on the fullness of life offered to you because of something you can’t go back and change?

So the payment continues as you are blackmailed by the devil. Reminded of your past. Haunted by that decision. Tricked by your shortcoming. Tormented by your failure. You pay with your shame that causes you to hide. You pay with your guilt that causes you to settle. You pay with your sacrifice of the abundant goodness available to you here and now. And you end up living a little life when you were created for a BIG Life!

Hey, let him tell! I want you to imagine the devil running up to Jesus and tattling on you. “Jesus, this girl isn’t who you think she is. She has a dark spot in her past. She really screwed some things up. She isn’t deserving of your love and good plans. She should have absolutely no breakthroughs. She is unworthy! Punish her!”

And Jesus says “Boy, sit down! I knew every single thing she would ever do before I even chose her. I was fully aware of this very thing you’ve been holding over her head when I decided to hang on the cross for her. This is no surprise to me. It’s exactly why I did what I did, so that she wouldn’t have to pay the price for it. Devil get out of here and shame on you for thinking you could hold her captive and make her obedient to your nasty plans.”

The jig is up. The news is out. Jesus knows. And it changes absolutely nothing! His love for you is not cancelled. His good plans for your life are still available. His freedom is greater than any transgression you could possibly be dragging around. The enemy has no place in your life. His blackmail is powerless the moment you decide he can run and tell Jesus on you and it will have absolutely no effect.

1 John 3:8 “The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work.”

Hey sis, receive your forgiveness. Be healed now. This is over. Satan doesn’t get to hold this over your head for one more moment. It’s done, Jesus knows about it, he paid the price for it, and you are now free to step into every good plan God ever imagined for your life.

You know after all that time of blackmailing my brother and him being my slave in exchange for me not tattling on him, I’m the one who got in trouble. My brother was completely pardoned and I was punished. That nasty old devil will pay for the years he has blackmailed you! He will be punished for the bondage he created in your life. But you … you get to walk in freedom knowing what you’ve been hiding has already been forgiven.

Romans 8:1 “So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.”

This no longer has power over you. No more blackmailing devil! You don’t get to hold this over me any longer. Jesus already knows and still says I’m worthy! So now, I’m going to show up and start living like I’m worthy and nothing can hold me back! This is where the tables are turned, what the enemy intended for harm is used for good, and God’s destiny for me is realized!

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