There are a whole lot of places to turn for answers today. The google knows practically everything. Heck, you can google your symptoms for an earache and walk away with a list of possible diagnoses that will make you get your life right in a hurry. You can post a question on Facebook and within an hour several of your friends will have poured out all their best advice on you, but Sis, their best advice isn’t always your best plan of action.

Answers are everywhere. There’s no shortage of answers, but when you’re looking for the right answer, you have direct access to the source of all things for your life. God is that source. Have you tapped into him for the answers you need? Seriously, have you asked God for guidance in this?

Here’s the cool thing about God’s ability to answer you specifically … He has placed his Spirit inside of you, and that Spirit will prompt you as you seek Him. You will see things you had previously passed by. You will be in the right place at the right time. You will feel a sense of peace when it’s right, and a sense of chaos when it’s not. This is how God guides you. This is God’s spirit within you, prompting you in the way you should go.

Psalm 32:8 “The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.”

Don’t you see, that is exactly what God has been doing for you? He has been guiding you down the best path for your life. Girl, you would have never gotten through that on your own. God was advising you and maybe you didn’t even know it. Your best decisions were a result of the promptings of his Spirit. He’s always been watching over you and guiding you to the destiny he has planned for you.

And now, God has brought you here. Here to this crossroads where you have choices. Choices of what to do next. Do you stay here, or do you go there? Do you continue with this, or do you try that? Do you say yes, or do you say no? How do you for sure know what God’s best path is for your life?

The google will tell you so much. Your Facebook friends have a whole lot to say. There are countless books with detailed suggestions. You could make a pros and cons list. You could spend days vividly imagining each scenario as it plays out. Oh, you could get answers. There’s no shortage of answers. But if you want the BEST answer and the BEST path for YOUR LIFE, there’s one thing to do:

Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God.”

Dang it, I hate being still. I personally really like rushing into things. I like jumping before I think. I like pulling triggers before I aim. This being still business is hard for me. Is it hard for you too? Would you rather just get moving already?

Well, moving is great, but only if you’re moving in the right direction.

Have you ever got busy doing the wrong thing? I sure have. I’ve spent weeks, months, heck years of my life doing the wrong thing. Wrong relationships, wrong job, wrong place, wrong choices. I was the dog barking and barking, but barking up the wrong tree. But let me tell you something awesome about God, he doesn’t allow anything to be wasted. Even when it was wrong, God uses it for good. Even when we screwed it up, God in all his power uses it to lift us up to the life he created us for.

So Sis, no pondering over past mistakes and bad choices. What’s done is done and God is in the business of using your messes for a great message, but here’s your opportunity for less messes and misteps and more moving in the right direction without the detours … BE STILL, AND KNOW THAT HE IS GOD.

There are 3 parts to this statement from the Almighty.

First, BE STILL. What does that mean? That means stop. Stop googling this. Stop talking. Stop asking your friends. Stop making your lists. Stop the vivid stories in your head. Stop worrying. Stop stressing. Stop complaining. Turn off your phone. Shut off the noise. Stop and be still.

Pause for a moment. Be here, and be here fully. God has something for you here, but girl it’s hard to chase you down to give it to you when you won’t be still long enough to receive it. How about you stop rushing into next steps that have to go back and be fixed, and be still enough to receive the right step?

Have you ever tried to pump gas in your car while still going down the road? It doesn’t work that way. You have to not only pull into the gas station, but you have to turn off the engine. You have to be still to be filled. Girlfriend, you’re running on empty and wondering why. You haven’t stopped long enough to be filled up? Be still now!

And while you are still, here’s the second part: AND KNOW.

Knowing means no more questioning. No more doubting. No more wondering. Knowing means a mind that is grounded, centered, focused and intentional. Knowing requires your faith. Faith in the face of the unknown to still know.

You don’t need a second opinion here. You don’t need to know what all the books say and what your Facebook friends would suggest. You simply need to remember the Spirit of God lives within you and He will cause you to know. When you know, you know.

You have that ability. You have the ability to be confident and steady. You have the ability to be certain and sure footed. That ability comes from the Spirit which guides you. The enemy continually tires to stir you up and cause you to question, but when you get still and know, then you have tapped into the power you already have.

Maybe you’re overthinking this. Maybe you’re obsessing about things that don’t even matter. I know this much for sure, 85% of the things you’re worrying about will never even happen. If you don’t know what will happen next, it’s because you’re not supposed to know what will happen next, not because you’re supposed to be worrying about it. Know that when you’re supposed to know, you will know. Know that when the time is right, it will happen. Know that the power of God dwells within you, and with him, nothing shall be impossible. KNOW IT.

And third: THAT I AM GOD.

When Moses got nervous about his assignment to lead his people, he asked God what he should say to them to make them believe. Exodus 3: 14 “God replied to Moses, “I am who i am. Say this to the people of Israel: I am has sent me to you.”

It’s really that simple. God is who he says he is. That’s all you need to know. When God says “Be still, and know that I AM GOD”, he’s saying know that I am over every single detail of your life. My power is unfathomable and my reach is unlimited. All you need to know is HE ALONE IS GOD, and he is for you, not against you.

God is in control of the very thing you feel so uncertain about. He hasn’t lost control here. He holds all of this in his mighty and capable hands. Your worry is not necessary.

God is here with you. He is right beside you, an ever-present help in times of trouble. Are you in trouble right now? Is the storm a coming? Is crap getting ready to hit the fan? God’s right here. He is God. He is over this. He is looking out for you. He is working in the details to turn this for your good.

God is sovereign. All things bow to his supreme rule. If something must change, God can change it. If impossible things need to happen, then impossible things shall happen. If mountains must be moved, then those mountains will be moving Sister.

And it shall be for you. Yes you. Why would God do impossible things for you? Why would he move mountains for you? Why would he use his power for you? Because he is your God, and that’s what God does for his girl!

You don’t have to understand it, you just have to be still and know it.

Be still. And know. That he is God.

Receive your guidance and direction for your next steps here in this time with the Almighty. He is moving on your behalf. He is prompting you with his spirit. Be still and know, God is being God here for you!

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