When you love and trust God, a holy exchange is made. An exchange of your love for his rescue. An exchange of your trust for his protection. Your perfection is not required here. Your performance is not necessary. God knows the real you because he made you, and he declared you are enough just as you are. All he requests of you is your love and trust.

Psalm 91: 14 “The LORD says, “I will rescue those who love me. I will protect those who trust in my name.”

Is that you? Do you love God? Do you trust him? I’m not saying understand him. You are not going to understand the Almighty. I’m not even saying to be in agreement with everything that is happening. Because we don’t understand his higher ways, we don’t see how all these seemingly bad things are working together for good. We’re not called to see. We’re not tasked to understand. We’re simply asked to love and trust God.

In exchange, God rescues and protects us.

Girl, what has God rescued you from? Have you ever stopped and really thought about all God saved you from in the past? You were there, surrounded by danger, the threats were real, and God rescued you.

In 1st grade I was hit in the head by a hammer. The claws went through my flesh and to my skull and doctors said it was within a hair of killing me. Rescued! In 6th grade I had a creeper uncle who always asked me for back rubs, and because I didn’t want to upset my aunt, I would do it. Rescued! In 7th grade I had a bad-boy boyfriend with bad intentions. Rescued! At 19 I had a blood clot lodged in my brain stem for 8 hours causing a massive stroke. At 36 I had a stalker who broke in to my home and stole all my photo albums. Rescued!

All these things that could have caused such harm, yet I was rescued time and time again. I didn’t see it at the time, I only questioned why these bad things would happen to me in the first place. But now, looking back, I see, I’m walking around with proof of God’s rescuing power in my life.

All because I love him. That’s it. All he asks of me is my love in exchange for his rescue. And all he asks of you is your love in exchange for your rescue. This isn’t an exchange of love for love. God loved you before you ever took your first breath. He made you because he decided in advance he loved you so much he didn’t want this world without you in it. There’s nothing you could ever do that would make him stop loving you. His love is never ending and unconditional. If you will love him back, he gets to rescue you! Save you from what could have been. Take you out of what was and bring you into what can now be.

YOU ARE RESCUED. Rescued in more ways than you know. Rescued from things you never even saw the threat in, but God did a mighty work to bring you through.

And you are protected because you trust Him. Trust. By definition trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability and strength of someone or something.

Do you believe God is reliable? Can you count on him to show up for you? Do you believe he’s showing up even when you don’t see evidence of it? That’s trust.

Do you believe what God says is truth? Do you take him at his word and accept his promises as your own to cling to? Do you still believe his words are true even when the stories in your head tell you something else? That’s trust.

Do you believe God really has the ability to do the impossible? Do you believe he is strong enough to move your mountains, break your chains, overcome your obstacles, and radically change every area of your life? That’s trust.

No matter what reality may look like, no matter what you feel, no matter what others say, you know God is reliable, you know his word is truth, and he has the undeniable ability and strength to work miracles in your life … Sister, that is trust. And God says when you trust him, he will protect you.

You are covered. The holy exchange has been made on your behalf. You love and trust, he swoops in and rescues and protects. You have nothing to fear here Sister.

Now, we’re going to take the next 2 verses in Psalm 91 very personally. Since we know our love and trust in God qualifies us for his rescue and protection in verse 14, we’re putting our own name into verse 15 and 16.

“When __(your name)__ calls on me, I will answer; I will be with her in trouble. I will rescue and honor her. I will reward her with a long life and give her my salvation.”

And that, is a promise! You can put your name on it and know it is a done deal. Because you love and trust God, you can call on him and he will answer you. He is with you right in the middle of your personal trouble. He is rescuing and honoring you.

Wait … what does that mean? He will rescue and honor you? Honor? The Message Translation puts it this way “I will rescue you, then throw you a party.” Oh girl, once he brings you out of this, he will give you reason to celebrate! Your joy will return. Did you know that? Yes, Sis, your joy will return. God will rescue you, bring you through this then throw you a party where you dance and sing again. It’s coming. Your party is coming!

And he will reward you with a long life and give you his salvation. Does this mean you are guaranteed to live to 99? Nope. Tomorrow is not promised and we know that. But eternity is! Your love and trust in God gives you that holy exchange and you get eternity in Paradise!

But what about here and now? Well there will be trouble. You are guaranteed of that. But God will be with you in your trouble. You won’t walk through this alone. The Voice Translation says it like this “I will reward her (that’s you) with many good years on this earth and let her witness My salvation.”

Good years are here for you! This is your reward now. Eternity is your reward later.

I have to wonder if you’re not in the middle of ridiculously good years right now, but you don’t even realize it. You’re spending these good years frustrated with kid’s sassy mouths, perpetual piles of dirty dishes and laundry, and days without enough hours in them to get it all done. You’re waiting for future years without all these things, and girl you will get to future years and realize, these were the good ol’ days right here and you would give anything to just go back.

Good years on this earth … not perfect years because it’s earth not Heaven, but good years. Aren’t you in good years? If you are, dang it woman wake up and live these years! God paid a high price to give you this! It wasn’t free and it wasn’t easy, but God says it was worth it for you.

So, let’s put it all together today.

“The LORD says, “I will rescue those who love me. I will protect those who trust in my name.” Yeah, that’s you with your love and trust in the Almighty, right? Awesome, then that’s God with his rescue and protection for you in exchange. Now it’s personal. Put your name in it. “When __(your name)__ calls on me, I will answer; I will be with her in trouble. I will rescue her then throw her a party. I will reward her with many good years on earth and let her witness my salvation.”

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