Can God be found in your current circumstances? Can he be found where you are and what you’re going through? Is God in this?

Sometimes I don’t really have to know how it’s all going to work out, I just need to know God’s working in it. Don’t you just feel a sense of peace when you know for sure God is in it with you and he is working through it?

But exactly how do you begin seeing God in everything? How do you live life in a way that you can be certain you’re always walking a path he has laid for you, where he has gone before you making the way, and also behind you cleaning up what you didn’t quite get right? I want to see him in everything. I want to know his fingerprints are on the details of the unfoldings of my life. How do we live that kind of life?

The great news is Jesus told us exactly how to live a life that allows you to see God in everything. He instructs us on a way of living that opens our eyes to see God’s involvement in every detail of our lives. Matthew chapters 5 through 7 is Jesus’ great Sermon on the Mount. This is where Jesus stood on a hill in Northern Israel and he taught his 12 disciples the most important things about living life. As the crowd grew, Jesus spoke loudly, knowing others were listening. Thousands gathered that day to hear what Jesus had to say. And here we are 2,000 years later still hearing these words. They are indeed words to live by.

Jesus begins with the Beatitudes. Be-Attitudes. What an interesting word. By definition it means a state of supreme bliss. Jesus is teaching us the attitudes of happiness, of contentment, of complete satisfaction in this life. And within these beatitudes during his sermon on the mount, he tells us how to live a life that allows you to see God in everything.

Matthew 5:8 “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”

My friends, not just see God at the end of this life, but see God IN THIS LIFE. Yes, in the details of this day of life. Seeing God here is a blessing of the pure in heart.

Oh dang, my heart has a really hard time staying pure, doesn’t yours? I wake up feeling distracted and chasing squirrels while I try to pray. I go through my day scattered often getting 10 bites into my meal before I think about thanking God for it. I end my day so exhausted I fall asleep in the first 5 words of my prayer. My heart struggles to be pure on most days. But Jesus said it’s the pure in heart that see God. Yes, see God right here in this life as we’re living it.

Before you dismiss yourself from the ability to see God because your heart is a little like my heart, I have hope to share with you! Yesterday morning I randomly went to Facebook and searched for any church, anywhere in the world that was broadcasting live. It was really early, so I wasn’t sure I would find anything. But my search brought me to a live broadcast with 123 other viewers of a church called Sea Coast. I’m still not sure exactly where this church is, but I worshiped with them yesterday, and I listened to every word their pastor spoke.

Y’all by the divine plan of the Almighty, guess what this pastor taught on … he taught on the “pure in heart.” Here I am wondering how I get to see God at work in the details of my life thinking maybe I’m dismissed because my heart has trouble staying pure, and I’m now listening to a teaching on having a pure heart!

Oh, hello God … I see you here!

Wait, if I’m seeing God here, could that mean maybe my heart is pure?

If you’re seeing God here in this for you right now, could it maybe be because your heart is pure too?

Here’s what I learned yesterday … a pure heart is both an inward posture and a process of being submitted to God. It’s not a supreme level of righteousness. It’s not a medal of perfection. It’s not a holy existence without blemish. It’s a life covered by Jesus, continually submitted to God and seeking to follow his plan.

Before Jesus there were sacrifices and rituals to make a heart pure again after sinning. Then Jesus came as the lamb of God and he was sacrificed to cover you forever. He is your path to a pure heart. He bought the ticket for you sister.

Now, your pure heart simply requires you to inwardly bow down to God. Know that his ways are better than your ways. Know that he has good plans for you, and you don’t have to understand those plans to trust those plans. Know that he is guiding you to a greater purpose than you can imagine right now. Assume the posture of bowing to him.

Are you bowed within?

Great, now submit to him. Be available to respond to his promptings. Be ready to go anywhere he leads you. Be here for the process of doing what God shows you to do so you can be in alignment with his good plans.

Because of your inward posture of bowing to the Almighty, and your complete submission to God, your heart is pure. Will you need to keep coming back to this? Absolutely. It’s a process. But every time you come back, your heart is made pure once again. And what happens when your heart is pure? YOU GET TO SEE GOD!

Your eyes are opened to all the ways he is right here with you. You see for yourself all the random little things that aren’t random at all, they are divine. You are aware of the miraculous unfolding all around you, with God’s fingerprints on every detail. And when you know God is in this with you, you are strengthened to keep going through the hardest times of your life.

However, when you no longer bow down with that inward posture of submission, seeking what God wants you to do, you fall out of alignment and your heart gets a little dirty dragging along the wrong paths. And when your heart lacks that purity, gathering dust and dirt on these paths you were never meant to be walking down, you stop seeing God. You stop seeing his hand at work in your life. You stop feeling his presence. You stop witnessing his timing. You stop experiencing his miracles on those ordinary days. Not because he has left you, but because only a pure heart can see him.

The hard work of your pure heart has been done by Jesus. All you have to do is step back into the process of getting yourself back in that inward posture of bowing down and submitting to God. The moment you do, your heart is pure again and you get to see God. And the first place you see him is in the way he brought you here again to find him.

Wow, isn’t he amazing?

I see God in everything. I see him in the timing of little things and the unfolding of big things I know nothing about. I see him in the beauty all around me, and I see him in the hidden beauty yet discovered. I see him in the thoughts that come to my mind, the words that flow from my lips, and the creative well I get to tap into. I see him in the peace I have in a storm, the contentment I feel in the moment, and the hope I have for the future. I see him in the strength I have to do what needs to be done, and I see him in the minutes that somehow become exactly enough for me to get it done when I am faithful.

I get to see him everywhere in every thing because my heart is pure. Not because I’m perfect, but because I’m actively engaged in the process that makes my heart pure.

And you’re here today seeking God. You’re listening because you want to live the life he created you for. You want to become who he designed you to be. You’re here with your inward posture bowing to him, and you’re submitting to his plans for you. Girl, you’re actively engaged in the process, here’s your pure heart … now look around and see God!

A pure heart is a life covered by Jesus, continually submitted to God and seeking to follow his plan. Every dang day, let that be us and as a result we get to see God working in every detail of our lives!

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