You may think you’re alone in this, but you’re not. You may think the odds are stacked against you, but the truth is, that which is for you is so much greater than that which is against you. You may feel like you will never win this battle, but winning has always been your destiny. You say you’re overwhelmed, but it’s time you stop saying that.

You don’t see all there is to your life. You are unaware of what is really happening all around you. You have no idea the forces of heaven surrounding you at this moment.

But what if you could see? What if you could understand the forces really at play here and know this is FOR you, not against you? Wouldn’t that change the way you wake up for this day of life? Wouldn’t that change how you show up, if you knew winning is your destiny and their are forces surrounding you ensuring that’s exactly what happens?

The fear that has held you back would be gone. The doubts that poke at you would be hushed. You would be empowered to show up and live your life with confidence, and never waste another moment with questions of ‘what-if’, and ‘why me’, and ‘but when’.

Sister, it’s time for you to finally see what is all around you! It’s time for you to know you do not fight alone.

There’s a story in the Old Testament that I had never studied before. A story maybe you’ve either never heard, or never thought it applied to your life. Today, we’re diving in.

2 Kings 6: Elisha is a prophet of God and he is leading the King of Israel during attacks from another King. Elisha would receive guidance from God on where to go and what to do, then Elisha would instruct the King of Israel, thus always keeping him safe and ahead of his enemy.

One morning, Elisha’s servant woke up and saw the enemy had circled them with horses and chariots while they slept. Imagine his overwhelm. Surrounded. Outnumbered. Surely defeated. In his fear, the servant said to Elisha, “what are we going to do?” Then Elisha said in verse 16 ” “Don’t be afraid. Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”

But you see, it didn’t look like they would win this battle. It looked like they were surrounded by their enemy, caught off guard, and surely defeated. No doubt, overwhelmed. However, the servant could not see what Elisha could see. Elisha could see the truth of the battle, therefore he wasn’t afraid.

Oh my sister, whatever you’re afraid of, whatever you’re overwhelmed by, know that there is so much more you can’t see. If you could see what is all around you in the unseen, you would move forward with confidence. But just like the servant, you do not see that those who are with you are more than those who are with them. You don’t see the one who is for you is greater than the one who is against you.

So, Elisha prayed. Verse 17 ““Open his eyes, Lord, so that he may see.” Then the Lord opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.”

Now that’s what I’m talking about! God is fighting those battles, even when we can’t see it! He has surrounded us, and his forces outnumber the forces of our enemy. You only see the enemy. You see what is against you. You see the obstacles in the way. You see all that could go wrong. But what about what could go right? What about all that is FOR you? What about the way maker working on your behalf? What if you could see that!

What would you do different if you knew the enemy couldn’t defeat you? What would you start doing if you knew no matter what, the way will be made? How would you live THIS DAY if you knew your very DNA is designed to be led by the Almighty, and where he is leading is to Victory!

Oh girl, what if you started living like that?!!!!!! What if you could see what is really all around you, and those who are with you are more than those who are with them, meaning you won’t lose here! What if you could see for real that 1 John 4:4 ” the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world” isn’t just some sweet saying, but it’s absolute truth!

Dang, if we only knew the true power of God’s spirit within us … If we only knew the forces of the angels surrounding us … if we only knew the sovereignty of God’s good plans for our lives, no matter the battle … if we only knew how much greater God is making us than any attack of the enemy that could rise up against us, we wouldn’t hold back. We wouldn’t back down. We wouldn’t sit and wonder. You know what we would be … we would be CALM.

Yes, calm. There wouldn’t be an an ounce of ‘freak out’ in us. Anxiety would be annihilated. Depression would be defeated. Overwhelm would be omitted. Exodus 14:14 “The LORD himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.”

You don’t see the forces of God’s army fighting for you, but they’re all around you. You can just stay calm here. You can know the greater one is FOR you, and he will not be defeated, therefore you will not be defeated because he is IN you.

Deuteronomy 28:7 ““The LORD will conquer your enemies when they attack you. They will attack you from one direction, but they will scatter from you in seven!”

There’s no need for your anxiety here. There’s no need for your overwhelm. God has not brought you here to be defeated. He is not surprised by this attack, by this setback, or by this difficulty. He has surrounded you with his forces which you cannot see. You’re not alone, you’re not outnumbered, you’re not overwhelmed … stop saying you are! You’re standing in victory!

Stay calm and know there’s so much more than you can see! There is so much more here FOR you than against you. Ask God to open your eyes to what you need to see, and ask him to give you faith for what you cannot.

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