Today is not just any old ordinary Tuesday. You woke up to a monumental, memorable, once-in-a-lifetime day. This is 2-22-22. It’s all 2’s day on a Tuesday, today! What do you do with a 2’s day like this … well, you decide you’re going to live TOday. (Get it?)

I had to wonder if perhaps God had a special scripture for us today consisting of all 2’s, and of course, God being God like he is, he does! Check this out, 2 Samuel 22:22 reading in the MSG translation “Indeed, I’ve kept alert to God’s ways; I haven’t taken God for granted.”

Oh girls, often times we fail to really live today because we take all God has given us for granted. We’re no longer alert to his ways, we’re preoccupied with endless scrolling opportunities and entertaining 20 second videos. And what are we missing as we are not alert to his ways? We are missing what God is doing all around us!

But what if today, on this all 2’s day on a Tuesday, we took this scripture as a personal and direct reminder from God to get ourselves back to a place of alertness. To wake up and look up. Yip, I’m saying today is the day to put it all down. And when you put that busyness down, you see God’s ways.

Maybe you’ve been asking God for his way. You’ve been asking him what you’re supposed to do next. And what if today is the day he is going to show you so clearly, but you have to be fully alert to see it? Just how bad do you want to see what God has for you? Bad enough to put down your phone and not pick it back up every 5 minutes?

What if God has a divine blessing aligned for you today, but in order for you to receive it, you can’t take the little blessings before it for granted. You know, those little blessings … those things that are just ordinary to you now because you’ve always had them. Yeah, be fully aware of their presence today because what follows them is something you have to be fully engaged to receive.

Our eyes tend to glaze over with the repetitiveness of our blessings. Here I am, breathing … again. Here I am with lights that come on when I flip the switch, again. Here I am with a family that wants me to feed them, again. Here I am with a car that starts, again. Here I am with a job that pays me money for showing up, again. Here I am with a lunch break, again. Oh, but what follows those ordinary blessings if you stay alert and stop taking them for granted? What could be on your drive after that car starts? LOOK FOR IT! What could be happening during your lunch break if you stayed alert to God’s ways today? Oh my gosh, it’s like a hidden treasure, but the only way you will ever find it is to not take the blessing before it for granted.

Today, I will keep alert to God’s ways. I will not take him for granted. The things that have threatened to steal my attention will be eliminated today. Put down, turned off, unplugged. Yes, on a Tuesday. But remember, this isn’t just any ordinary Tuesday, it is THE 2’s day, and we have determined we will really live TODAY. All in, all here, fully present, in each moment, alert to God’s ways, taking nothing for granted, seeking what treasure he has for us here.

Now, let’s read what comes next in scripture after we decide to be alert and grateful.

Every day I review the ways he works,
I try not to miss a trick.
I feel put back together …

Oh girl, did you hear that? What if at the end of this day, you reviewed the ways he works and you try hard not to miss a single detail he was in? Wouldn’t that be a way to end this day? That’s a great idea, but you’re likely going to forget to do it. So, here’s what you’re going to do right now. You’re going to set an alarm in your phone for about 5 minutes before your bedtime. That alarm is going to say “Review God’s Works Today”.

And this is what will happen after you live fully present, in the moment, alert to God’s ways, taking nothing for granted, and then reviewing his ways today … you will feel put back together!

Have you felt a little scattered? Oh honey, you have been. You’ve been here, but not really here. Your body has been present, but your mind is constantly somewhere else. This is why we feel scattered. This is why we feel conflicted. This is why we feel unsatisfied.

You may have been sitting in absolute beauty, but your eyes were scrolling through someone else’s beauty. Oh, I see it all the time. Yesterday I was at the pool and I looked around at the people there. We’re so blessed to be sitting in the sunshine and palm trees in 80 degree weather here, but nobody was really here. No eyes were looking up at the blue skies. Eyes were on little screens showing them images of someone else’s life, all while they were missing the sheer beauty of their own.

You say if you were in the warm sunshine, you would be fully present for it. But, would you? Or are you guilty of sitting in blessing upon blessing, but focused on something else. You may be in a winter wonderland today, surrounded by snowflakes that are miraculously designed. I was like 40 years old before I understood that snowflakes really do look like the paper cutouts we did as kids! Zoom in and you will see, that’s the miraculous beauty covered the ground. Each one so delicate, so perfect, and totally different than all the rest. Not a single snowflake is the same. God wants you to see that today.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re surrounded by today, God has something for you, but in order for you to see it, you will need to be alert. You will need to be looking. And you’ll need to be grateful for the little ordinary thing that proceeds it. And when you do, then you will see … wow, God is just showing off for you! Oh girl, he’s been wanting to show off for you for so long, it’s just you were scattered. Now, you’re being put back together!


On this Tuesday, 2-22-22, will you commit to really living today free of the distractions that have caused you to miss what God is doing all around you!

Indeed, I’ve kept alert to God’s ways;
I haven’t taken God for granted.
Every day I review the ways he works,
I try not to miss a trick.
I feel put back together…

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