Do you know exactly what happens to you after your final breath here?
Do you float?
Do you fly?
Are you transformed?
Are you teleported?

How do you get from here to Heaven? How exactly do we step into eternity? How do we receive our new body, our new name, and our new home?

Honestly, I have no idea. I don’t know where Heaven is. I don’t know how exactly I’m going to get there. But dang it, I know I’m going! Right?

I had the honor of spending the final days and hours of life with my Daddy. I can’t explain what he was seeing and experiencing, but it was real. With his eyes closed, he would have moments of hysterical, deep belly laughs and then he would say “Jesus is so funny!” Daddy would smile, his body would relax and he would say “it’s so beautiful, everyone is so happy here.”

What was he seeing? How was he seeing it?

His final words were a short series of statements. He said “Set the table. We’ve earned this. Run to the light.” And with that, he took his final breath and I assume Daddy ran to the light.

Is that light God?
Is it the doorway to heaven?
Do angels come and carry you?
Do you take off in flight yourself and soar?

The best book I’ve read on the topic of Heaven is the story of a little boy who died, spent time with Jesus in Heaven, then came back to life and told details a little boy couldn’t have possibly known. The book is “Heaven Is For Real”. And for all my fellow pet lovers out there, just know he talks about the animals in heaven too!

Wait, do our dogs see the light? Do they fly? Oh how I hope they do!

Well, this is what I’ve figured out … my understanding of it all is not required for it to happen.

There is a gap between here and heaven. A distance which I cannot measure and a journey I do not yet know about. A gap that separates this fallen world and the perfection of paradise. But, that gap is perfectly filled by Jesus. Yes, Jesus stands in the gap.

Jesus is who he says he is in John 14:6 ““I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”

And understand this, just as Jesus will guide you in the gap between Earth and Heaven, he will guide you in the gap between where you are now and where he is leading you next.

God has good plans for your life, yes, this life you’re living here in this lifetime. But how will you know those good plans when they come along? How will you ever overcome your struggles and get good enough to step fully into the better life available to you? How do you live this life of purpose when the truth is you’re struggling to just pour the dang cereal in the bowl some mornings?

Answer: You trust Jesus to fill this gap too.

If you can trust Jesus to somehow get you from Earth to Heaven on an unknown flight to an unknown destination somewhere potentially in another universe, then Sis, don’t you think you can trust that same Jesus to help you get from this step to your next step?
Don’t you think you can count on him to guide you in the right direction?
Don’t you think you can know with certainty the strength will be there to do what you need to do when you need to do it?
Don’t you think the way will be made for you to live in the reality of God’s good plans for you that he established long ago?

YES! Jesus is the answer for your gap.

The distance between where you are and where you know you could be. The distance between how you’re currently living and how the desires of your heart tell you you could be living. The gap between knowing better and doing better.

Jesus, you are the way. You are the truth. You are the life. No one comes to God except through you, and now we’re understanding no one gets to live in the full potential and power within them except through you.

I’m not sure of the 10 year plan here, but I trust Jesus to fill that gap just like I trust him to guide me to Heaven when it’s my turn. If he can be trusted to take you into eternity, don’t you think he can be trusted to take you into tomorrow? Jesus didn’t just come to save you from the destination of hell, he came to save you from creating your own little hell here.

Have you created your own little hell? Got in a little rut that turned into a little hole, and that hole just kept getting deeper. And darker. And more desperate. And now you’re stuck in that hole, hiding under a rock because you’re ashamed of how far you’ve fallen. Oh girl, isn’t that your own little hell? Isn’t that your hell knowing you’re not living up to your potential? Knowing you’re created for more and capable of more, but you’re not actually going for more. I’m talking about the little hell of saying you’re going to do something, but then never giving yourself the gift of doing it. So you stay stuck and you sink further.

Yeah, well Jesus came to save you from that! He came to fill that gap and guide you to a life far greater than you could imagine. He came to fill you with a purpose worth getting up for. He came to make something beautiful of those ashes. He came to fill you, equip you, empower you, then set you on a mission to get out of your own little hell and help others get out of theirs too!

No, you may not understand exactly how that’s going to happen. You may not have a clear vision of what that life could look like for you. But you don’t understand how you’re going to get to heaven either, now do you? You don’t really know for sure what heaven is going to look like. You don’t know that address. Is there a light? Do you beam up? Do you fly? Do you float? Are you here one second and just there the next?

All we know is Jesus fills that gap. Jesus gets us there. He is the way, the truth, and the life.

And in the same way, he gets us from where we are right now, to the good plans God has for us next.

Does he do that through aligning the perfect opportunities?
Does he open doors that have never been opened before?
Does he prompt you to make a phone call?
Does he give you the right words at the right time?
Does he stir up something within you that empowers you to do things you have never been able to do?
Does he bring a friend, a mentor, a guide to show you the way?
Does he speak to you in a dream?

Hey, all we know is Jesus fills that gap too. He is the way, the truth, and the life.

If you have trusted him to somehow get you to Heaven, won’t you trust him to get you through this and on to the next step on your journey?

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