I heard a question on a podcast this morning that kinda stopped me in my tracks. A question I’m not sure I’m bold enough to really ask others yet, but even just asking myself has been revealing. So I present a question to rock your whole world today.

Ask: “What’s it like to be around me?”

You see, you don’t know what it’s like to be around you. You’ve never sat in a car having to listen to you. You’ve never been on the other end of the phone with you. You’ve never been married to you. You’ve never been parented by you. You’ve never had to work with you.

So, which one are you?

Are you the one that retells the same sad stories to be pitiful?
Are you the one that excludes herself from every crowd, then wonders why she doesn’t fit in?
Are you the one that overruns every conversation and makes it all about her?
Are you the one that shrinks back, plays little, and contributes nothing?
Are you the one that continually talks bad about others to make herself look a little better?
Are you the one that has 7 different moods, and 6 of them make everyone want to hide?
Are you the one that has to control everything and always be right?
Are you the one that always overshares?

Really, what’s it like to be around you?

You don’t see you as clearly as others see you. I bet if you asked your husband, he could tell you which one you are, and you might fight about it for the rest of the day. Right now, some of you are listening to this with someone and you’re thinking “oh, I hope they realize which one they are because I don’t want to be the one to tell them!” Maybe right now you’re already considering who you could share this episode with because THEY ARE THE ONE! Oh girl, maybe you’re the one … the one who thinks everyone else needs to be fixed. You’re the one walking around with a plank in your own eye, trying to pick at someone else’s splinter.

What’s it like to be around you? Remember, this is about you in this moment, not about anyone else?

What’s it like to be around me? That question makes me cringe a little. Which one am I? Is that who I want to be? And even more importantly, is that who I was created to be?

Maybe you’re like me, and you’re currently blessed with health. There’s nothing horribly wrong. You wake up well. You have no known immediate threats to your life. But girl, what if we’re sick? What if we have an infection within that has us crippled from within, causing us to show up as a lessener-than version of who we could be? What if we have become “that girl”, and we don’t even realize it. We’re not well.

It’s time to meet your healer! Oh what, you think Jesus only came to restore sight to the blind and make the lame to walk? You think he didn’t come for bad attitudes, bad broken stories on repeat, and bad habits? You bet your butt he wants to heal you of the very things causing you to be any less of the magnificent creation you could be!

But, there’s one thing blocking you from that healing. What is it? Let’s read the familiar story of Jesus healing a paralyzed man who had been laying at a pool of water for 38 years.

John 5:6 “When Jesus saw him lying there and learned that he had been in this condition for a long time, he asked him, “Do you want to get well?”

Maybe you’ve been walking through the majority of your adult years just thinking a bad mood is your natural state. Maybe you’ve been negative for so long, you think that’s the way you’re wired, as if God just wanted you to be perpetually pissy. Maybe you’re so used to playing pitiful, you think that’s the only way you will ever get attention, or the only thing you could possibly have to talk about. Maybe you’re so in need of accolades that everything becomes a competition that you have to win.

And Jesus walks right up to you on this fine Thursday morning and says, “Girl, do you want to get well?”

You’ve been doing this for a long time. Maybe you think that’s just the way you are and the way you will always be, but the truth is, it’s a choice you’re continually making that doesn’t align with who God created you to be. Do you want to get well?

For real … do you want to do this thing differently? Do you want to no longer be the one that always does that? If you want to get well, that first means you recognize something within you is not working.

Maybe it’s your attitude that’s not working. Maybe it’s your approach. Maybe it’s your perspective. Maybe it’s just what you’ve always done, but now you see what you’ve always done isn’t really working and you would like to stop being the one that does that.

So right here, right now, we say, “Jesus, I want to get well!”

And Jesus says, “game on!”

Now, understand the process of him making you well. It will likely look like going about your day, doing what you always do, and suddenly realizing you’re doing it again. You know “it”. That thing you don’t want to do anymore. And in that moment of awareness, God will empower you to choose to change it!

You will recognize your ability to stop complaining, stop nagging, stop bragging, stop exaggerating, stop talking, stop hiding, just stop and BE MADE WELL!

Yes, this is a miraculous healing by the Holy One, and this is how it happens! God simply makes you aware of what it’s like to be around you, then he gives you the ability to make a shift and change what you’ve always done.

If you want to get well, the healing begins today. It begins with an awareness, a desire, and conscious choice to choose better and be made well.

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