What if you already have what you’ve been searching for? What if you literally woke up with the very thing you’ve been seeking, but you just don’t realize it? What if your life is already overflowing with purpose and you never have to go out and hunt for it or dig for it again?

It is, Sis. You are living in your purpose today. But here’s the problem … you’ve become so “next” focused, that you miss the land of purpose you dwell in right here, right now.

I’m naturally a hype girl. I will pep you up for the rally. I will boost your confidence, introduce you to your potential, and push your little hiney out on the field to taste what you’re really capable of in your life. Several years ago I began praying a prayer that radically changed the way I see people. I began asking God to help me see others with through his eyes. And God started showing me potential. Unmet potential, untapped potential, unbelieved in potential. Everywhere, potential.

I could meet you and see the result of all your excuses and delays; I could view your current reality with my own eyes, and above it all, I would see your potential. I would see the power that resides within you to change. I would sense the ability you don’t even realize you have. I would envision your life free of the chains that have held you back. And I would absolutely ache for you to step into the freedom Christ came to give you.

So, I just call out that potential. I lovingly gift swift kicks squarely in the arse that say “girl, you’re better than the choices you’ve been making, reclaim your power now.”

This morning, I knew I was supposed to come here to this audience of global women with over-flowing, God-given potential, and talk to them about the purpose they seek. Yes, your purpose. This is what God has asked me to address this morning. You’ve been asking God about it, haven’t you? You’ve been seeking the purpose of your life, wondering what rock it is hiding under and how you’re ever going to uncover it.

Well, here it is … this is your answer. You should take notes, because this is about to get personal.

God has already given it to you. Yes, you. You already have your purpose. The potential to walk fully in that purpose is already within you. You simply don’t see what you already have, and where that would lead you. So, let me help.

Purpose comes in the form of seeds. Seeds planted within you by your Creator. Seeds that take root and begin to grow bigger and produce fruits. You already have the seeds, now you simply need to become aware of what you already have and partner with God in the process of growing them.

Psalm 37:4 “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

This scripture is two-fold, and both parts of it are intertwined and dependent upon one another. The first part is the way we often read it, God will give you the desires of your heart. He will gift you with what your heart wants when you find your fulfillment and joy in him. Is that true? Absolutely. Does it mean he will magically give you the winning lottery numbers when your heart most wants to hit that jackpot? Nahhhhhh girl, because jackpots aren’t your focus when you’re finding your fulfillment and joy in God. Get your priorities right with your source, and yes, the desires of your heart will be given to you.

But, here’s the twist on this scripture that was a total ah-ha moment for me. God will give you the desires of your heart, meaning the desires deep within you are placed there by God himself! He is the author of your dreams. You didn’t make these desires up on your own … those are seeds planted within you by your Creator to grow the purpose of your lifetime!

Now, I’ve taught this dual perspective on this scripture countless times. In fact, I taught it last night in a mentoring session about moving forward into your future. Take the desires of your heart seriously, they are seeds of purpose. Partner with God in the good plans he has for your life, be faithful with the opportunities of today, trust the process of the growth of your purpose, and stop giving up on yourself.

Yesssssss, that’s some good stuff right there!

But then this morning, while gluing on fake eyelashes after 4 hours of sleep, God dropped another truth bomb on me. And like a good Sister in Christ, I’m passing the bomb along to you girl. I’m going to blow your excuses right out of the water. Your fussy, complicated, over-thinking is going to be blown up right here and leave you with the most simplified, clear vision of what your purpose is. Are you ready … I mean really ready?

What past desires of your heart are your reality today? These are still your purpose!

Have you abandoned those plants? Yes, those were seeds of purpose. Those seeds grew into a reality in your life. But you’ve moved on to the next thing, forgetting you’re already walking in purpose, Sis!

Remember when the desire of your heart was to find that man and fall in love? Remember when you just wanted to gloriously wake up next to him every morning for the rest of your life? Uhmmmmm … did you wake up next to him this morning? Here you are living your dream, but when the dream becomes a reality, it feels a little less dreamy and a lot more dismal. Daunting … Dreadful … Depressing … Oh dang girl, look what your desire has become.

Remember when the deepest desire of your heart was to have children? Some of you have those children right now. They are absolute miracles! But they feel less like a miracle and more like a mess. Those messy toddlers turn into manic, mouthy teenagers that call you Mother.

Hey girl, don’t abandon those seeds! Your purpose is growing here!

We’re so quick to get what we want, dwell in the reality of our dreams, and decide it’s more like a nightmare and check out. In this checked out, unfulfilled state, we cry out, “Lord, what is my purpose. Why am I here?” We beg for the next revelation of purpose, when we woke up this morning with dozens of purpose plants in bloom in our house, but we no longer want to care for them! We want what is next.

The desire of my heart was to marry that cute little city boy that moved to my little country town my Freshman year. That desire was a seed of purpose planted within me. Today, over 30 years later, I still get to care for that seed and remember that just because I got it doesn’t mean it’s no longer of tremendous purpose in my life. My purpose is still to be the wife God created me to be for this man he has given me to love.

I desired to have a baby, then adopt 2 more. Just because those babies are grown, doesn’t mean the purpose is over.

I literally woke up to more seeds of purpose than I know what to do with. Seeds that have taken root and grown, but now they’re so familiar I miss their value. Have your seeds of purpose become so familiar, you too are missing their value?

It would be so easy to neglect that seed and move on to what is next. Heck we have such flashy seeds now. Seeds covered in glitter and rhinestones that pull our focus into directions that take us away from the harvest of our fields we could be living in.

Someone needs to hear this, maybe it’s you: HARVEST THIS!

You’ve been neglecting the seed of purpose God has already given you. You’re so busy looking for the next purpose, the next mission, and the next exciting opportunity, that you’re missing the harvest your fields are ready to produce. Let’s just be faithful with the desires of our heart we’ve already been given!!! We really don’t have to go out chasing after newer, flashier, bigger desires. Most of us are waking up today with an abundance of what we already wanted, but have so quickly moved on from.

My mentor started by having me read old books and listen to audio recordings of lessons that had impacted his own life. Now, my mentor is nearly 50 years older than me, so he had me digging into some pretty ancient writings. Things on records and paperback books no longer in print. Things maybe you haven’t heard of today.

One of those lessons is the true story of a farmer in Africa named Ali, called Acres of Diamonds. Ali had heard stories of fortune by other farmers. Farmers who had discovered diamonds on their land and became rich beyond their wildest imagination. Ali became discontent with his own life and desperately desired the fortune of finding diamonds too. So, he sold his farm and left his family, to begin a quest for land that would lead him to riches. He searched and searched, without ever finding. Eventually as an old man, he became depressed and threw himself into a tidal wave to his death.

Now, his original plot of land had been bought by another farmer. This farmer was strolling along the creek that ran through the property and noticed a blue flash in the creek bed. He knelt down and sifted through the water and pulled a crystal object from the mud.And what do you think it was? Yip, you’re right! This crystal object was a diamond in the rough. Diamonds don’t look like diamonds in their original state. Soon he discovered this farm was loaded with diamonds.

That farm became one of the largest diamond mines in the world. Literally, acres of diamonds. Ali had been sitting on the very thing he was searching for. He already had it, he just didn’t recognize it. He sold his acres of diamonds in the unsuccessful search for diamonds elsewhere.

Oh hot dang, are we doing the same? We’re searching for purpose, while abandoning the fields of purpose we already have. The desires of our heart have been given to us by the Almighty, but in their raw state they don’t look like purpose; they look pointless, they look powerless, they look like a problem, like a pest, like a punishment. But they just require polishing. They require our partnership with God to fulfill the good plans he has for our life. They require our faithfulness with the opportunities of today. They require our commitment to not give up again, not check out again, not overlook it again. To stay put, to put in the work, and to be continually grounded in gratitude for what we have already been given. Desires of our heart that were seeds of purpose. Seeds that will grow to be become something so much greater, but continual work is required.

Let our prayer be, Lord, open my eyes to the desires of my heart you’ve already given me. Help me to see what I already have and what I’m destined to grow. I want to be faithful with all the seeds of purpose you have planted within me. I will not walk away from this harvest!

Purpose comes in seeds. Seeds of desire. Sis, look around … you woke up today with more seeds than you know what to do with! Be faithful in the process and you will reap your harvest of tremendous purpose!

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