Do you call it an accident, or is it a divine mystery? Did you stumble here on your own, or were your steps being direct by the Almighty all along? In life you have a choice. A choice of how you view the details of your unfolding journey. Is everything a miracle, or is nothing a miracle? It is your chosen perspective that either allows you to see the hand of God, or leaves you to only discover the random coincidences.

Set your perspective now on this day. Is this all random, or is it divine? Is everything a miracle, or is nothing a miracle? Did you stumble here solely by your own effort, or were you guided here for a purpose greater than your awareness has captured?

I choose to see everything as a miracle. Every detail of my life has the fingerprints of God on it, because it’s all passed through his hands and come into my existence. He’s working ALL things together for my good, and when God says ALL things, he literally means ALL things. Nothing is left out. Nothing is over-looked. Nothing has slipped through the cracks and made it into my day that wasn’t first permitted by my Creator.

Knowing this, I don’t want to miss a single detail. It’s all God revealing himself and his good plans throughout my ordinary day. Sweet blessings are found here. Holy direction is received here. Open doors of opportunity are found here. Next level dreams and visions are given here.

Whew girl, that’s what this day is for you too. Blessings, direction, opportunity, dreams and visions … set your perspective now to find them, see them, and receive them!

On Saturday, I received a text from a special little gal who used to be a podcast listener. I say “used to be”, not from a sense of she no longer listens, but she is now so much more. Since last December, she has come to 2 retreats with her 3rd retreat already scheduled, made life-changing connections, and asked me to be her mentor. I see this girl’s potential and I know my role in her life is to continually remind her of that potential and encourage her with the next step. She’s fresh and new in her journey of faith, so the girl is hungry. She text me on Saturday and asked me to explain a specific scripture to her.

Now, here’s the cool part … the scripture she asked me for, and the scripture I gave her, were totally different scriptures, not even in the same book of the Bible. But 3 times I looked at her text, and every time I saw Psalm 27:6. I’m reading from the MSG translation:

God holds me head and shoulders
above all who try to pull me down.
I’m headed for his place to offer anthems
that will raise the roof!
Already I’m singing God-songs;
I’m making music to God.

Ohhhhh, I thought … I would love to break this scripture down for you, Sis. So I did. But, this isn’t what she asked me for. This isn’t what she was searching for and questioning, but didn’t we just establish God is in every detail? Didn’t we just agree our stumbles are more like a clumsy response to a graceful guidance? God gets us where he wants us, even when we have to stumble our way there.

This scripture was what she needed, and she didn’t even know she needed it. But here’s where God moved my heart … the study on this scripture was for you too! Sure God will come chasing after the 1 that is lost, but he will use that 1 to impact the other 99 at the same time. So while this was meant for 1, it will impact the entire herd of sheep gathered here today to hear what our great Shepherd might be saying!

So, what does this scripture from Psalm mean? It means we can be confident regardless of circumstances. We can know with 100% certainty that God’s plans for our lives are good, ridiculously good. Even when it doesn’t look good right now, God will do what only he can do to use it for good.

We are assured that God’s intentions are to raise us up. Yes, raise us up to Heaven for an eternity, but raise us up in this lifetime too. We are raised up to live on another level. To be above the temporary hardships and struggles that try to pull us down. To be above the petty things that simply don’t matter. To have a higher perspective on life and see God’s involvement in every detail.

Sister, God is lifting you up to be above the things that have kept you down in the past. You have been raised high to live better. Yes, God has made you better. You are better than you once were. You haven’t arrived yet, but hot dang girl, you’re not where you used to be either. Thank God for that. And now that you are being made better by God, you get to live better! Christ came to give you freedom from every single thing that has served to hold you back, keep you down, and get you stuck in a lesser way of living.

You have been set free from old entrapments. Yes, old entrapments … those thoughts that once grabbed hold of your mind, those traps have been demolished. Those old habits that ruled your days, those habits have been banished back to the pits of Hell where they came from. Those old fears, those old stories, those old ways… In Christ, you have been made new, and these old things are not traveling on with you! You have been raised up to higher levels of living!

Now, what do you do as a result? Just as this scripture says, girl you raise the roof!

Oh you thought raise the roof was only used in 90’s gangsta rap … no girl, David was writing about raising the roof in Psalm way before the 90’s. He wrote, “I’m headed for his place to offer anthems that will raise the roof! Already I’m singing God-songs; I’m making music to God.”

Ohhhh, will your higher level of living, free from all those old thoughts, habits, fears, stories and ways, be like a song to God today? Will you raise the roof with your praises to the Almighty today?

Let me tell you of a little side effect of living your life in a way that sings praises to God. Music makes us move, right? We all have that one song that just gets us up out of our seat and has us dancing. Well, I assure you, when you raise the roof with your praise for what God is doing in your life, God just can’t sit still either.

And what happens when God moves? POWER! Yes, his power is released all over the place!

Psalm 16:11 “He inhabits the praises of His people.”

Remember the story of Paul and Silas in prison. (Acts 16: 25-26) When they started singing praises, the chains fell off and the prison doors were opened. Ohhhhhhhhh, girl, you see God was moved by their praise. He was dancing to their music. And when God dances, power is released!

How could you live your life in a way that is a song to God? How could you raise the roof?

Trust me, I can’t sing. Nobody wants me to sing. I tease I’m so bad, even God says, “sweet girl, that’s not a joyful noise, let’s just laugh instead.” So, I laugh. I find every dang thing to be happy about, and I just get down and wallow in it. That’s my song to God. And my song moves God. And when God moves, his power is released! I see God’s power over every detail of my life and I never want that to stop. So, I’m going to keep going moving with my praise! With my joy. With my laughter. With my wallowing in everything that is so good, and so right!

Soooooo … all of this from a scripture a gal asked me to explain on Saturday, but it was totally the wrong scripture. But, it wasn’t. It was God working in the details of my stumbling to bring about exactly what he wanted to show her … and show me … and show you.

Raise the roof today, Sis. When your living causes God to dance, unbelievable things begin to happen! Let the way you live today be like an irresistible song that you just can’t sit through!

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