Life is habitually unexpected. If you’re trying to avoid the interruption of the unexpected, you’re letting a whole lot of living pass you by. Opportunities are flying right by you because you’re not sure. You think once you’re sure, you will dive in, but you won’t, because, Sis, you will never be sure. There is nothing so uncertain as a sure thing. Yeah, think about that for a second.

What have you been waiting on before you move forward? What flashing sign of confirmation have you set as a requirement before your commitment? How long have you been standing here on the shore, thinking about setting sail, but girl, your feet aren’t even wet. You bought the workout clothes, but your butt ain’t working out. You signed up for the class, but you aren’t so sure you’re going. You made that connection, but now you’re not connecting. You had the inspiration, but you’re not taking action. You bought the book, but you’re not reading. You said you would, but you’re still waiting.

Girl, what are you waiting for? Ahhhhh, let me guess. You’re waiting for better timing. You’re waiting for things to calm down. You’re waiting for the next thing to come and pass. Here’s the problem, you set those goals in a good mood, but then you’re waiting for that good mood to return before you follow through! You don’t have to be in a good mood to do good today! You say, “ahhhhh, not today, I’m not feeling it.” Oh crap, where’s that going to lead?

Ecclesiastes 11:4 “Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant. If they watch every cloud, they never harvest.”

Most of us aren’t real life farmers, but we’re standing here with seeds in our hands. Seeds of potential. Seeds that must be planted in order to become what they could be in our lives. But we’re waiting. Waiting for what? Perfect weather. We’re like the farmer watching the weather channel, consumed by what could be coming their way, while their fields go absolutely untouched. That farmer has no right to ask why nothing is growing in their fields … they were worrying about the weather instead of planting their seeds.

You’ve been trying to prepare yourself for the unexpected. You’ve been analyzing the details, stacking the odds against yourself, counting your hardships before you even do anything hard.

I mean really, how do you know you can’t do it? How do you know you would fail? How do you know it would be too hard for you? How do you know you wouldn’t be good enough? HAVE YOU FREAKING TRIED? Have you tried again since the last time?

You’re so desperately trying to avoid an encounter with the unexpected, that you only expect bad things. You expect the worst weather possible, so you don’t head to your fields. You expect failure, so you don’t give yourself a fair shot. You expect disappointment, so you no longer get your hopes up. You expect to be too tired, too stressed, too overwhelmed, too busy … so guess what … YOU ARE!

And let me tell you what your loving Creator who sits in Heaven thinks about all of this … He thinks, wow that was unexpected.
I thought I promised her I would always be with her. Why does she question if I’m with her now?
I thought I assured her I was holding the whole world in my capable hands. Why is she trying to carry it on her own?
I thought I already proved her value when I gave my Son for her. Dang, why is she hellbent on believing she’s not good enough?
I thought she heard me when I said I am working all of this together for something good. Why is she still refusing to let me have it so I can use it?

When God miraculously causes the sun to rise on a new day of life, he kind-of expects us to be amazed by it. When God orchestrates mind-blowing details in the way only he can, he kind-of expects us to trust it. When God says we’re loved beyond measure and nothing will ever separate us from the power of his love, he kind-of expects us to believe it.

Is that crazy?
Is it crazy that we’re expected to believe God is really for us, not against us?
Is it crazy that we’re expected to believe God is causing all things to work together for good?
Is it crazy that we’re expected to believe God is empowering us to do things we never even knew we could do?

Well isn’t it crazy to not believe, when we have proof of the sun rising today and there’s absolutely no other power that could cause that to happen other than God? Wouldn’t it be crazy to not believe when we have survived things we weren’t expected to survive, and here we are today with hearts still beating and lungs still breathing? It’s honestly crazier to not believe. It’s crazier to look at all of this and believe that it’s all just a big accident, than to believe God is providentially reigning.

So, what’s next on this journey?

What are you supposed to do with it? GO FOR IT!
God expects you to believe what he says about you is true. He expects you to bank on this power you can’t understand, and live in such a way that his power is absolutely required! He expects you to stop worrying about what is coming next, and do what you can do now, trusting him to do what you cannot.

What’s coming next is unexpected. It’s unpredictable. It’s 100% uncertain. And it can either sideline you and keep you from showing up, or it can be received as an invitation to tap into the unknown that’s deep inside of you.

When unexpected circumstances meet the unknown depths of power inside of you, then we have the potential for something! And that something is bigger than we could ever possibly imagine. That something is greater than you would have ever considered yourself worthy of being part of. But God has declared his power shall be within you, and that power is best released in the unexpected!

A new month of life has been given to you, my Sister. May 2022 has never, ever been lived before. You’ve never seen these days. You’ve never gone this far in your life. This is uncharted territory, and the unexpected is ahead. Get your butt in the middle of the unexpected and trust God will equip you as you go!

Don’t sit here with seeds in your hand, staring at the forecast. Again, Ecclesiastes 11:4 “Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant. If they watch every cloud, they never harvest.” God has life for you to live and you don’t get to live it avoiding the unexpected. You will never be fully prepared for this, preparation happens on the journey. You learn as you go, so if you don’t go you’ll simply never know what you were capable of.

The timing is never going to be perfect. The details are never going to be certain. The ducks are never going to stay in a row.

You know what this month is … May. You may, or you may not. You MAY sit there thinking of all the reasons why you’re not good enough and it could never work for you. You MAY fear weather that’s never even really going to come your way. You MAY wait the entire month for perfect alignment that never happens, and end a little worse than you began. You MAY waste opportunities because they didn’t appear perfect, and then look back and realize those opportunities were divinely designed for you.

OR … you MAY decide now is your time to dig deep and discover what God has put in side of you. You MAY decide staying the same is more painful than changing, so you start changing, today. You MAY decide God’s promises are precisely for you, and you’re going to show up like you’re chosen, like you’re covered, and like you’re in covenant with the Almighty, so you have nothing to fear.

You MAY!

What can you expect this month? Oh well circumstances are unexpected. However a girl like you, with a God like Him, well, you can expect to overcome the unexpected and do some amazing stuff together!

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