There’s one way to go through what you’re going through, and not completely stress yourself out. There’s one way to walk this uncertain path before you, and not make yourself sick with worry. One way. Only one.

Is this timely for you? Do you find yourself in the middle of such uncertainty that you’re struggling to sleep, struggling to focus, struggling to find any bit of joy in this journey? Perfect. You’re meant to be listening today! There are many ways to go through this, but only one that will bring you peace and joy.

Jesus is teaching in Matthew 6, and he talks to us about the things of life we worry about. All the uncertainty, all that is still unknown, and all that is out of our control. And he says in verse 33: “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

You’re likely meeting me here today with problems you don’t have answers for, and needing directions to an unknown destination because you’re really lost right now.
How do you get there?
How will it all work out?
What are you supposed to do about this now?
What is the next right step?

What we need to know is Jesus’ words then are still true today, and they are specifically for your situation. Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

This is how you go through what you’re going through without all the stress. This is how you walk this uncertain path and not worry over your next step. This is how you show up today and do what you gotta do. Seek first his kingdom and righteousness.

Let’s break that down into an action plan for today.

Seek. How do you seek? Well you actively look.

When my 3 kids were small, they went through a stage of wanting to play hide-and-seek nearly every night. Their favorite was when Daddy hid. They would run through the house, squealing and giggling, searching everywhere for their Daddy. Never once did they stop in the middle of their hunt to have a snack. Never once did they get distracted and forget who they were looking for. No, they looked until they found him. Expectantly.

Jesus tells us to SEEK first his KINGDOM and RIGHTEOUSNESS when we’re going through times of uncertainty and hardship. LOOK for it. And don’t you quit until you find it. Don’t get distracted. Don’t get discouraged. What you’re looking for is near and it is to be found.

What exactly are you looking for? His kingdom and righteousness. Oh, well what exactly does that look like? Don’t just skim by that because it sounds good. No, Sis, dig into it. What does his kingdom and righteousness mean?

A kingdom is a territory ruled by a king. God’s kingdom is the spiritual realm around us where God reigns. It is where he is working. Where he is moving. Where his power is being unleashed. His righteousness is all the wrong that God is making right. It is the bad he is working together to be used for good. It is his good plans for your life that are still in effect, even through all of this. It is all that is for a greater purpose than you can imagine, intended for an eternal impact.

This is what you’re looking for. Yes, here in this mess you only want to go away, you’re supposed to be looking for where God is working. You’re supposed to be looking for greater purpose. You’re supposed to be looking for God’s power over the very things you just want to dismiss.

Where do you find this? Well, where did you find it last time? Seriously, think back to how God has worked in your life before. Think back to how he made a way through impossible circumstances in the past. Where was he then? You should look for him there again!

In our family games of hide-and-seek, Daddy had an epic hiding place he would use over and over again. He would hide in the jacuzzi tub. The kids avoided the bathroom because it was dark, but it made for the perfect hiding place. Anytime Daddy couldn’t be found, they knew, he must be hiding in the bathroom again. Why? Because that’s where they found him in the past.

Go back to where you found God before. Remember how he worked in that closed door for you? He kept you out because he was protecting you. Remember how frustrating and confusing it was then, but now you see it was for a greater purpose. Okay, now use that today. You’re standing here beating on a closed door once again, feeling defeated and hopeless, but isn’t this where God’s power was hidden before? SEEK HIM HERE. He can be found here, ruling over the heavenly realms you cannot see, doing things you cannot understand, for a purpose greater than you currently know.

Do not get distracted. Keep looking for him. He’s here. He’s making things right. He’s making a path for you. He’s aligning his good plans specifically for you. SEEK HIM. Look in every corner. Look under every obstacle. Look in those dark places you were too scared to go in before. You look for where God is hidden in the details of this mess, and you look EXPECTANTLY.

Jesus said in Matthew 7:7 “Seek and ye shall find.” Okay God, we are seeking YOU. We are seeking your power over this problem. We are seeking your divinity over these details. We are seeking your righteousness in this ridiculous wreck. And I won’t quit until I find you!

Going through what you’re going through and seeking God in it, will make all the difference in how you feel today, how you move forward now, and of course what you find here. And Jesus promises when we decide to seek God’s kingdom and righteousness first, then all these other things will be taken care of.

This will work out. I don’t know how, and I don’t know when. But I know it will because I’m finding proof of God’s power at work here.

This will somehow be used for good. I’m not sure why the bad was first necessary, but I’ve found God in the hardest of things before bringing some of my greatest blessings, so I’m trusting I will find him here again.

To put it simply, God’s kingdom is where his power reigns and where he does his work. God’s righteousness is all he is making right for purposes above my understanding. THIS IS WHAT WE ARE SEEKING TODAY. Yes, right here in the middle of this mess. In all that is confusing and chaotic. For all that is ridiculously hard and unfairly wrong, I’m seeking God. I’m looking for his power at work. I’m focused on signs of his presence.

I’m absolutely certain he is here, and I will find him! And while I seek him, he is taking care of all the rest on my behalf.

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