Why are you holding back? Why are you assuming you aren’t good enough or could never do this? Have you forgotten the power which dwells within you? Do you not realize what is inside of you, Sister?

Paul wrote to the Corinthians and asked a question. Now this question is for you today. 2 Corinthians 13:5 “Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you?”

Seriously. Do you not realize Jesus is in YOU? Do you not realize you won’t be stepping into this alone? Do you not realize you have been equipped by the Almighty and assigned good plans before your first breath? Honey, God’s good plans for you predated your very first good deeds. You didn’t earn these good plans because you have proven yourself good enough. You were chosen as good enough first. And get this, God’s good plans for you were never, and could never be, withdrawn because of any of your less than stellar deeds. So you were stupid. Cool. Goodness still awaits you. Goodness specially designed with you in mind. Now, get yourself in the middle of it, Sis!

Christ is in YOU and he wants to do awesome things WITH you today! Your life can’t be lived in the same old way. You are different. You can’t shelf this. You can’t save it up until you have more time, more money, or more confidence. NOW. Living your life on purpose NOW is your call.

1 Thessalonians 1:8 “Your life is echoing the Master’s Word.”

The Master’s Word. We’re not just talking about memorized scriptures that you’re walking around with. We’re talking about the power that created the entire Universe. It was God’s WORD that made the heavens and the Earth. It was God’s word that created every living creature. Now, you’re echoing that power with your life!

Do you not understand the power you carry within you? Power to create. Power to move. Power to change. Power to heal. Power to restore. Power to overcome. Power to set free. Your life ECHOS the power of God. You and I are to live in such a way that causes an echo of what God can, and does, do.

God has chosen you as the vessel that will carry his Word and his Son. Knowing this, you can’t just live today in some boring, unimpressive, unremarkable, ordinary way. When you know you carry this treasured power within, you live with courage. You wake up with passion. You walk in purpose.

What will you do with your life because you know the Power of God dwells within you? What will you do with your days because you are beginning to understand who Jesus makes you?

Really, who does Jesus make you? Who are you in Christ? Are you dismissed? Are you incapable? Are you unworthy? Are you less than? Are you lacking? Are you stuck? Are you hopeless? Are you too far gone? Are you too late?

Jesus has never, for one second, been any of those things, and you better believe he will never be any of those things in you! God’s word has never been outmatched by the circumstances. He looked into the void where there was only darkness, and he said “let there be light.” And guess what, girlfriend, THERE WAS LIGHT. By what power? The power of his word. Now, that power echos in your life.

A power that says no creation is impossible. No change is too hard. No distance is too far. This is all possible with one word from God. Now you walk around with that same word echoing in your life.

Who are you to decide this can’t happen? Who are you to declare this is too late? Who are you to dismiss yourself, or anyone else, from all that is under the power of the Master’s command? Girl, get yourself in alignment with the power God has entrusted you with.

You’ve been entrusted to echo his words. His words that made something out of nothing. His words that spoke your very life into existence. Now how about you echo his words and declare YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE IT! YOU’RE GOING TO DO THIS! YOU’RE GOING TO COME OUT OF THIS BETTER. YOU’RE NOT GIVING UP THIS TIME.

You’ve been chosen as the dwelling place for Jesus Christ. You’re walking around with Jesus inside of you. I promise he doesn’t just want to sit on your couch every day. I promise he doesn’t want to settle for uninspiring days, hiding behind your insecurities, accepting a miserable existence. That’s not why Jesus dwells in you! Stop dragging him into that and let him LIVE in YOU. Let him embolden you to take the next step towards something more. Let him strengthen you to do things you never imagined you could do. Let him flow through you in words you didn’t know you could speak, prayers you didn’t know you could pray, and impact you didn’t know you could ever make.

Step on up!

Girl, do you not realize that Christ Jesus is IN YOU?!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you not realize that your life ECHOS the MASTER’S WORDS?!!!!!!!!

Well, you do now. What are you going to do with what is inside of you? Where are you and Jesus going to go today? What power will you unleash here? Where will you stop settling for less and decide to step into the MORE that you were chosen for? Where will you step up and take the power of God’s word and Jesus with you?

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