Can you trust that God is doing things on your behalf right now that you cannot see? Can you trust that your prayers have been heard and the power of God has been unleashed, but it has been unleashed behind closed doors you are not to enter yet?

What is God doing behind the closed doors in your life? What is he doing in spaces you cannot enter? How is he working in the places you cannot see? And what will you do as he does?

Our example of trusting what God is doing as you wait outside the door is found in the story of a desperate mother in 2 Kings 4. Maybe the image of a desperate mother really speaks to you, because you yourself feel quite desperate in a situation with your own child. (Me too.) Or maybe your desperation is in another relationship with someone you love, or someone you feel you’re battling. Maybe it’s not a person, but it’s a situation. This is a situation that is out of your control, but rocking your world. You don’t know how this is ever going to work out, but you desperately need it to, and you need it to start happening like yesterday.

This woman’s son has just died in her arms. I believe that’s the deepest desperation we could possibly feel. But watch closely what she does, and doesn’t do. Verse 21: “She went up and laid him on the bed … and shut the door behind him and went out.”

She laid him down and closed the door. There’s power in this my sisters, listen up. Sometimes we carry around our greatest hurt, instead of laying it down. Sometimes we invite the whole world in to see our desperation, and what we need to do is close the door and seek the one who can truly help. Lay this down. Close the door. Seek God.

Elisha, a man of God, had been staying in their home, and she knew he had to be found. She tells her husband to get the car ready for her (you know, the donkey), that she must go quickly to find Elisha. Her husband asks her if everything is okay, and notice what she says. Verse 23: “All is well.”

Sometimes talking about it more isn’t the solution. Sometimes you are faced with a situation that needs the power of God, and only the power of God, everything else is a delay and a distraction. All is well, I’m on a mission to bring God’s power to this!

Are you on a mission to bring God’s power to this? Okay sis, don’t drag it with you, lay it down, close the door, and seek God’s direct power!

So off on her donkey the woman rides to find Elisha up in the mountains, as her son lay dead on the bed behind closed doors. Now, verse 26: Elisha’s servant says to the woman, ‘Is all well with you? Is all well with your husband? Is all well with the child?’” And she answered, “All is well.”

Once again, I don’t need to broadcast this to anyone else. I don’t need you to know, I need the power of God on this! All is well. This is a picture of faith. The truth is, all was not well. It was the opposite of well. It was destitute and it was desperate. But her mission was not to gather pity, her mission was to bring God’s power to that closed door. She had seen God’s power in Elisha, so she bypasses everyone else and goes straight to him. Then, verse 27: “She came to the mountain to the man of God, and she caught hold of his feet.”

She bowed down to the power she knew. She stopped and knelt only at the feet of the one she knew could help, and she grabbed ahold of his feet so he couldn’t move on. There was no walking away from this desperate mother, she had his feet.

We don’t need Elisha. We have Jesus now! And we don’t have to hop on a donkey and ride into the mountains to find him. The gift of Jesus’ sacrifice on that cross is that now, his Spirit is within us! His power is here, right here. Girl, have you brought your problem to the feet of Jesus? Ephesians 1:22 tells us that God has placed EVERYTHING under the feet of Jesus. All power is here at his feet. So if you bring your problem to his feet, his power reigns supremely over it. Grab hold of Jesus’ feet today. He will NOT walk away from you! Power is here, settle for nothing less.

When this mother has the feet of Elisha, she tells him, and only him, that her son is dead. To everyone else she says “all is well”, but to the one she knew held the power of God, she laid her problem at his feet.

What happens next is where God has my heart today. Elisha goes to the house, enters the room where the boy is laying on the bed, and he closes the door.

Imagine this being your child. Could you stand outside the door? Could you bare not knowing what is happening in the places you cannot see? Could you trust God’s power is being unleashed WITHOUT you being there?

This is exactly what we must do sometimes. We must stand outside the door and trust if we’ve brought it to the feet of Jesus where God has placed all power, then he is doing his work without us being in the middle of it.

Today, will you trust what God is doing behind these closed doors you must stand outside of? Will you believe with all your heart, all your mind, and all your spirit that God has heard your prayers and his power is at work on your behalf, even when you don’t get invited in to see it happening?

That’s humbling. I have a specific situation I’ve been petitioning the power of God over for several years. And what he has revealed to me is he is working, and I won’t be behind the closed doors as he does. It won’t be me that saves her. It won’t be my words that change things. It will only be my prayers at the feet of Jesus, and God’s unleashed power behind doors I myself won’t break through. He will send someone else in. He will work through details I didn’t plan and ideas I didn’t think of. And I have to be okay with that.

Can you be okay with not being the one who will be used? Will you be okay being the one who’s role is to continually bring this to the feet of Jesus, and trust his power is working in places you cannot enter, in ways you cannot see?

This mother stood outside of the door, not knowing what God was doing, but knowing she had brought his power to it. The end of the story? Well, the child opened his eyes, Elisha opened the door, the mother came in and picked up her son and walked out with him!

It all happened behind closed doors. When the door was opened, the work had been done and all she had to do was pick up her son and walk out with him.

Can you believe with me over your desperate situation that God is working because you’ve asked him to, and at some point, the door will be opened and all you will have to do is walk in and pick up what you’ve been praying for?

I don’t know how, and I don’t know when, but I know God’s power can do impossible things. And I know when we lay our impossible things at the feet of Jesus, all his power is over it and it is made possible.

Make peace with not being in the middle of the breakthrough. Be okay with not knowing how it’s happening while it’s happening. Keep your faith, knowing God works behind closed doors and you don’t always have to be the one behind those doors. Be prepared when those doors do open, you’re going to walk in and pick up what you’ve been praying for!

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