What could you do today that would really make the Lord pleased as pickles? What could you do that would bless God’s socks right off? (I mean, if God even wears socks. I never thought about that before.) How could little ol’ you do anything that would impress big ol’ Him? I’ve always imagined living a day of life in such a way that made God say, “gosh, I’m glad I gave that girl another day!”

How can we live that way today?

Proverbs 21:3 “The LORD is more pleased when we do what is right and just than when we offer him sacrifices.”

God isn’t looking for some religious ceremony from you, he’s just hoping you will live your life right today. This is what pleases him most. More than anything you could give, more than any offering or sacrifice, God is so pleased when we take the day he has created for us and we live it right.

So, here you are waking up to find that God once again faithfully made the sun to rise for you. Go ahead and check to see – yip, the world is still spinning, your heart is still beating, you’re miraculously still alive. You have the gift of a new day of life. And what would please God the absolute most is for you to live it right.

But, exactly how do we know how to live today right? How do we know for sure we’re doing the right thing in the right way? The answer is as simple as pausing to ask a single question of ourselves. Because remember this, your mind answers every question it is asked. If you ask “why do bad things always happen to me”, you will provide yourself with ridiculous answers. Why? Because it was a ridiculous question. Ask better questions and you will get better answers.

If you sit down with a menu and ask yourself what would be the most ooey, gooey, delicious, sinful thing I could possibly put in my mouth, you’re going to get the answer. But that answer may not serve you well.

If you ask yourself who is the most hateful, ridiculous person in your office, you’ll get your answer. Then don’t be surprised if you somehow end up in a small space with that person after asking.

If you ask yourself how is it possible that your kids can undue all your hard work in a matter of 5 minutes, boom, 5 minutes will pass and you’ll see for yourself they are master messers and you will be left with nothing but an answer to your ridiculous question and frustration.

So, here’s the better question to ask of yourself today: “How would the best version of myself handle this?”

With every interaction, every decision, every conflict, and every opportunity, how would the best version of you handle this?

This best version of you is the authentic you created by God. The one who according to 2 Timothy 1:7, is not fearful, but has a spirit of power, a spirit of love, and a spirit of self-control. How does that girl handle this today?

By asking this question, you simplified the complicated issue of how do you please God by doing what is right and just. Wow … so clear, so simple, and so powerful. Right?

How WOULD the best version of you handle this?

Great questions get great answers.

God has perfectly equipped you with everything you need to live today well. You are lacking nothing. He has empowered you to show up as the best version of who he created you to be and do what is right. Now, will you? Will your life get the best of you today, or will you show up with some lesser-than, watered down, cheap imitation version of the powerhouse you really are?

I recently had a conversation with a woman who has so much to offer this world, but she spends a whole lot of time sitting in the back so no one sees her. Digging a bit deeper, I discovered she’s carrying around hurt caused by careless words thrown at her 40 years ago by a father who didn’t know how to love. Oh the damage we humans can create when we ourselves are hurting. Hurt people hurt people. She was still hurting as a result of her father’s hurt. And while she wasn’t unleashing that hurt onto others, she was targeting her own life. She was hurting, so she hurt herself.

She placed herself in the back, when she so longed to be in the crowd having fun. She assumed she wouldn’t fit in when actually she fit in so perfectly. And she would potentially once again walk away from a divine encounter aligned by God to prove her value and worth, and miss all she had to offer. But, she didn’t walk away. She instead stood there and had a tough conversation with me and laid that 40 year old hurt on the table. I believe something began changing within her there that day. She began to see how we were cheated because we didn’t get to see who she really is. She began seeing what the best version of her might really look like, and that girl didn’t belong in the back.

A few weeks later she sent me a photo from the top of Diamond Head on the island of Waikiki. Proving she was capable of hard things and worthy of beautiful moments, she climbed that trail and took her place on the top. I believe that day she did exactly what the best version of her would do. Not the lesser-than, watered down, imitation version … THE REAL GIRL GOD CREATED HER TO BE … she has started showing up.

Oh honey, what your life needs is the best version of you to start showing up. Let me tell you, that girl carries herself differently. She eats different. She talks different. She works different. She loves different. She is intentional. She is fully present. She is all-in. She is available. Oh let me just go ahead and give you a list. She is:

You are all of these things in Christ Jesus. Colossians 2:10 says you have been made complete in Jesus. Complete, meaning lacking nothing. Girl, do you have any idea of the power you carry around inside of you? The same power that made the sun to rise today now lives inside of you. And that power says it’s time for you to rise too. It’s time for you to show up as the best version of yourself and do what is right.

Make the right choices. Turn the right way. Do the right thing with the right attitude. And when you stumble, which we all do, come right back with that same simple and powerful question, “How would the best version of myself handle this?” Your answer is your next choice and your next step.

And remember, while you are doing the right thing, you are sooooo pleasing God. This is the way you please God the most today. Show up as the girl he created you to be, and nothing less.

How would the best version of you handle this?

She might zip her lip.
She might love anyway.
She might put down her phone and be fully present.
She might give her all even though no one will notice.
She might get up and do what she can where she is with what she has.
She might apologize.
She might just drop it.
She might walk away.
She might choose a salad.
She might take the stairs.
She might offer help.
She might say yes.
She might go first.
She might just love.

Ask yourself that powerful question today, receive your powerful answer, then make the powerful choice to be THAT girl today! God will be pleased.

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