Imagine this, the same One who created the majestic mountain tops, is the same One who created the neighborhood you would live in. The One who formed the entire Universe and held it in the palm of his hand, is the one who formed your career path and where you would work. Just as God laid out the stars in the sky and the rivers on the land, he laid out the turns in your life that would bring you here today.

This is exactly what God means when he says to Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1:5 ““I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”

Jeremiah was set apart and appointed as a prophet. Now, what have you been set apart for, my sister? What have you been anointed by the Almighty to do in your lifetime? What are his plans for you? Where has he put you and what has he put in you for this lifetime?

How are you doing with all God has planned for you? What are you doing with all God has aligned for you? How is all of this “living” thing going?

Someone sent me a photo of a page in the book they were reading last month. I saved the photo, but I don’t recall who shared it with me or what the title of the book was. However, here’s what it said …

Imagine getting to heaven and God saying:

Before I laid the foundations of the earth, I thought of you and of the days you would live on earth. I planned out the people and the places I would give you. I laid out your neighbors and your workplace, the places you would attend school, and your family; I laid out enough days to do all the good works that I purposed for you, and I equipped you with all you would need to accomplish those purposes here. I filled you with my Spirit to encourage and remind you and lead you. I gave you my word so you would know me and know what to do. I gave you people to run with and people who needed me.

Now, let’s talk about how all that went.


Your day of having this chat with God is coming. In fact, today is one day closer to that meeting in Eternity. How’s all of that going so far? How are you doing with all God has purposed for you? Are you being faithful with these opportunities? Are you still counting your blessings, or have some of those blessings become burdens to you? Are you using all he has equipped you with and are you fulfilling the good works God intended you for?

Or have you dismissed yourself from goodness? Have you convinced yourself you don’t belong when this is precisely the place God placed you to be? Have you allowed yourself to become overwhelmed and confused when all this time you have the Spirit of God here to lead you? Have you taken all you GET to do and turned it into a list of chores, duties and tasks you now HAVE to do? Are you wishing for a different day and time, when this is the exact time in history that God, in all of his wisdom, precisely chose for you to be here for his purposes.

How is all of this going?

God is reminding you today in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you … plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. ”

Do you see how God is trying to prosper you and not harm you? Do you see how he has been removing things from your life for a purpose? You were getting stuck when God’s good plans for you were ahead. Honey, you were going to miss it if that wasn’t removed from your life. And God would rather have you uncomfortable now in the absence of what you were holding on to, than to have you miss the unspeakable goodness he has for your future.

Oh indeed, I speak as a girl who was once holding on to a stressful job because of the insurance and God had to cancel it all for me to get me to step into what he had for me next. I see that now. I didn’t see that then.

I once had a mortgage payment that was a stress every single month to pay. When God led me away from that house it felt painful because dang it sure was pretty, but he had unspeakable beauty beyond that to show me. It still sucked leaving at the time. It felt like failure. It felt like 10 steps back.

Although his plans were never to harm me, it felt like harm in the process. Now I see how it prospered me to bring me fully into the future God had aligned for me.

If you’re in the “feels like harm” stage, don’t give up here. God has GOOD PLANS for you. And those good plans will go through seasons of feeling harmful, but it’s all part of the process to get you to the prosperous season where you flourish! Oh, and flourish you will, sweet Sister.

That was always his intention for you. His plans for your life have always been leading to this place of abundant growth, where you thrive, where you bloom, where you flow, where you OVERflow. Yes, overflow. God wants to fill you to overflowing so that what he gives you is so abundant it flows over from you onto others.

Psalm 23:5 “My cup overflows with blessings.”

You may feel like your cup is empty right now, but it won’t be forever. Honey, maybe your cup got a little broken and the potter is repairing it for you. Go ahead and let him heal that crack, because when he does, he has goodness to pour into your life that you will not be able to contain. But if you never let him heal what is broken, you will never be able to contain what he is pouring out for you.

Lord, here’s my cup. It’s been feeling a little empty lately, I think there’s a crack in it. I got hurt. Isaiah 64:8 “We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” I need you to help me heal and be restored again so I can be a vessel for the blessings you’ve been trying to pour out for me.

And honey, when the great potter heals that crack in you, you will be able to receive all he has for you fully. Then, your cup will overflow with those blessings. Your abundance will flow onto others without you ever feeling like you’re lacking. You will be able to give and give and give, and yet your cup will still be completely full. That’s the picture of a healed life. That’s the picture of a life made complete by the potter. And this is exactly what God is offering you.

You woke up to life today, and this day is another day in your journey to eternity. Another day for your cup to be filled to overflowing once it is healed. Another day to see these coincidental connections for what they really are … they are part of the divine design of your destiny.

God doesn’t want to wait until this whole thing is over to help you see it could have been different. He doesn’t want to wait until it’s too late to change your perspective to show you it was part of a good plan. He wants you to see it now. He wants you to embrace it now. He wants you to be fully open to what he is doing today, trusting he knows exactly what he is doing.

Just as he perfectly created the majesty of those mountains, he can create the house and neighborhood for you to live in.

Just as he formed the entire Universe and held it in the palm of his hand, he can form your career path and where you will work now.

Just as God laid out the stars in the sky and the rivers on the land, he can lay out the turns in your life that will bring you to what he has for you next. And it’s overwhelmingly beautiful. If you don’t see the beauty in it yet, you will. That part is coming.

So, how is all of this going? All of these details God has aligned for your life. All of these things that seem random because God works in ways we cannot predict, therefore we classify them as random but they have been in motion since the beginning of time. In motion for you. For your life, and for the good plans God has always had for you.

God says, “My Daughter, have you missed how I’m aligning big things for you because you’re focused on the little things? Have you overlooked my sweet little blessings because you’re stressed about what you think are big things? I HAVE ALL OF THIS. It’s all accounted for. It’s all in my hands, and it has been before the beginning of time.”

May you see that a bit clearer today. May you be in awe of his involvement in every detail of your life. May you trust where you are and where this leads you. May your cup be healed today so his blessings can fill you and overflow from you. And may you be able to answer God and say “Actually, I think I finally see what you’re doing, and it’s going really well!”

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