What has God shown you before that you need to cling to today? How has he worked in your life in the past? How has he provided? How has he worked things together for good before just for you? What little thing has he done to keep you coming back for that big thing now?

Remember that today as you face your current situation. He has shown you his power and his faithfulness once, now you know it’s possible for this too.

Mark Batterson is one of my favorite authors. Nearly every page of new book, “Win the Day”, has been marked with my highlighter. Mark tells a story of suffering from asthma since he was 5, spending months in the hospital. As a teenager, a doctor came to his home and prayed over him for healing. The next morning he woke up to still have asthma, but all the warts on his feet were miraculously gone.

Hmmmm … what does that prove. Well, it’s up to us to see this in faith. For Mark, the fact that his warts were gone showed him God is capable of doing miraculous, unspeakable, incomprehensible things. He just kept coming back for more.

Life continued with asthma, but his warts did not return. This kept him coming back to God, knowing his power was real.

You may not have gotten exactly what you have prayed for yet, but hasn’t God done something in your life already? Hasn’t he shown his power? Hasn’t he moved in your life before?

Why do we dismiss that? We’re searching for one thing, and God has done something else … don’t miss it. What if you started viewing what God has already done in your life as a promise for the continued things he will do? What if you traded your disappointment over the things that are still unresolved, for sheer awe over the way other things have come together, and allow that awe to carry you into a reality where God is still working today. Because he is … he is working!

Deuteronomy 29:29 “The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law.”

Where has God’s power already been revealed in your life? What so called “warts” have you been healed of?

These truths, these miracles, these unexplainable phenomenons are the things that belong to you and future generations as proof of God’s power at work. And this power is over all the secret things too. Those secret things that confuse and frustrate us. Those secret things that we try to figure out and plan for. Nope, those things belong to the Lord. We don’t understand them yet. We don’t know their purpose yet. But that’s not to say we won’t.

The when, the how, the why … those are sometimes secret. What God wants revealed to us has been and will continue to be revealed so that we can trust God’s good plans over our lives. So that we can see how he works in the details. So that we become aware of his extra in our ordinary that makes this extraordinary.

For Mark, being healed of his warts as a teenager after the pastor had prayed for healing of his asthma, became a firm foundation for his faith. This was the portion revealed to him, and he let the secret things stay securely in the hands of the Lord. The secret things like God, if you can heal these warts on my feet, why can’t you heal my lungs of this asthma? If your power reigns over one problem, why can’t it reign over all my problems? If you are willing to show up and do one thing, when are you going to show up and do the next thing?

Secret things.

Those are what you call secret things, and those secret things have not been given to us yet. What we have been given is what we’ve already seen of God’s hand. Where we’ve already seen God’s power at work in our lives … that’s what has been revealed. That belongs to us as proof. Girl, don’t be dropping that just because of the next burden you’re trying to carry.

You hold on to what God has already done. That is for you and your children. Keep talking about how he provided for you before, even in the midst of struggling now. Keep focusing on what he made work once, as you deal with all that isn’t working now. Keep remembering healed warts as you struggle with continued asthma. These are the things for you to KNOW and carry with you.

What if what God did for you once was proof of what he’s going to do in your future? Romans 1:20 says because we have seen his eternal power and his divine nature, we have no excuse for not knowing God. God has worked in your life before. You know he has. Looking back you see how only an eternal power and a divine nature could have made those things happen for you. So you know. Now remember that. Cling to that. That is what has been revealed to you.

And understand this, there is so much more that is still secret. God’s power at work in places you have yet to see. God’s good plans aligning in ways you haven’t even imagined yet. And when you’re ready, God will reveal more to you.

Mark, our friend who knew the healing power of God because it had been revealed to him as a teenager through the instant removal of the warts on his feet, had something miraculous happen many years later. After suffering from asthma for 40 years, he once again approached the throne, knowing God’s power, knowing he COULD, but honoring what God had chosen to keep a secret, and he asked again for the healing of his asthma.

How many times had he asked before? Dozens. Maybe even hundreds. But he asked again, because the healing power of God had been revealed to him once, he knew it could happen again. And that day, it happened. Healing. He hasn’t suffered from asthma since.

My friend, what if God has shown you his power before, so you continue to seek him today? What if he has kept the how, when and why secret, but what he has revealed to you is enough for you to know to keep coming back to him?

Hey God, it’s me again … I still remember what you’ve done for me before, and I’m back for more!

What do you need to ask for again? What do you need to believe his absolute, undeniable power over, and once again fully lay it before the Lord? If he’s done it once, he can do it again.

If he healed warts 20 years ago, he can heal asthma today. If he provided a free Chic-fil-A sandwich when you couldn’t afford to buy lunch 15 years ago, he can open the right doors for your next career move today. If he restored one child, he can restore another child. If he helped get you out of one mess, he can help you navigate through this mess. If he used past harm for good, he can use this harm for good.

Did he do it? Yes he did, so yes he can!!!!

You’ve seen his eternal power and divine nature before, and you can never forget it. There’s no denying what God can do. Keep coming back to him, trusting all of these things that he still holds as secret, and know more will be revealed to you when the time is right.

You’ve seen enough to know he can. Ask him again if he will. Come on back for more!

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