Today, we woke up to not just a new day of life, but a new month of life. And last night while you slept, something really remarkable happened whether you knew it or not … the second half of this year began. First half, done. Over, Gone. The second half of 2022 begins now. We step onto this field of life and we’re invited to play our hearts out.

Will you play? I mean, will you live? Will you show up and do all the things you can do while your time is still on the clock?

Honey, understand this, you’re not here to win the game. Odds are, you’re not walking out of this thing alive. All of our clocks are counting down to the end of our allotted times, and then our game will be over. Our time here will be done. Winning isn’t the point. Playing it is.

And while you’re playing this game of your life out, something happens. In fact, that something has been happening already. While you’ve been waking up to new days and trying to get better at how you do this thing, you’ve been BECOMING. Oh yes you have, Sis. Little by little, one step at a time, you’ve been becoming.

Becoming more and more like who God envisioned you could be. Becoming more like who you were created to be. Becoming more like the design God had in mind when he set your whole life into motion. And Honey, you may have complicated it along the way, you may have added layers of expectations and idealizations of perfection, but this process of becoming is what it’s always been about.

Check this out, Job 37: 5-6 “God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding. He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth,’ and to the rain shower, ‘Be a mighty downpour.’”

So simple. Snow, you do your job and fall on the earth. Rain, I want you to be a mighty downpour. And now to you, his most remarkable creation, his divine masterpiece, he says, “Live. Live the life I have given you to live. Show up where I have put you. Do what I’ve enabled you to do. You, my girl, you are to take your time and place in this great big world, and live BIG!” Remember Jesus said in John 10:10, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” Your job is to take the abundance Jesus has offered you, and live!

Did you spend the first half of this year showing up as who God created you to be? Are you becoming more and more like the authentic, real creation he designed? Or are you still watering that down? Are you still playing little? Are you still sitting it out? Are you still believing the lies of the enemy that tell you something about you will never be good enough?

Are you being sidelined by a defeated foe who yells from the stands?

For real, the devil has been defeated by Jesus. His game has been shot down. His power has been halted under the reign of Jesus. He’s the loser of all losers sitting in the stands trying to influence your game with his insults and attacks.

Why are you letting him get in your head? Why do his lies have a comfortable place to land in your life where you entertain them with sweet tea? It’s ludacrious! We hear the lies of the devil from the stands. So what do we do? We stop playing the game we are here to play, and we allow his lies to become our thoughts. Then we invite those thoughts to come stay a while. “Here negative little thoughts from the pits of hell, have a cup of tea while I ponder how jacked up I am and how I will never be anything but unworthy, incapable, and broken. Oh mercy, my life is so bad and it will surely never get better.”

Now you’re having tea with thoughts from the devil and guess what’s no longer happening … you’re no longer on your field playing your game. What’s your game? LIVING YOUR LIFE!!!!!

OH HAIL TO THE NO!!!!!!!!!! Uuuhhh-uhhh. That’s about enough of that nonsense. Somebody needs to get fired up and throw some flags!

Second half of 2022 is here. You’re still alive, that means you’ve got life to live on this field. The enemy will still be sitting in the stands with trash flowing from his mouth because honey, that’s what he is … he’s a trash talker. But you gotta listen to a different voice. The voice of the wave walker is calling you on the field.

Yeah, that’s right, the enemy is a trash talker from the stands, but Jesus is a wave walker waiting on the field of your life to walk you through your next steps. Turn your attention to him.

Jesus, I’m focusing on you! What do you have for me here? How can I show up better? I’m all in for who you have me becoming. You tell me to live, okay, I’m ready to get back to living!

I will not be distracted by the noises. I will not be sidelined by the fears. I will not be overcome by the threats. HAIL TO THE NO. Nope, the enemy doesn’t get to be part of my game. He doesn’t get to dictate how I show up for the 2nd half of this year.

I’m here, created by the Almighty, designed to live this one life as only I can live it, and darn it, I’m showing up to live it! Because God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways, and when it does, the snow and the rain do exactly what he tells them to do, I too will respond to his voice and become everything he created me to be!

Won’t you?

Won’t you step out on this field of your life for the second half of this year, focused on the wave walker instead of the trash talker? Won’t you remember the one who walks on the waves is empowering you to walk through everything life has thrown at you? No, you don’t stop here. No, this isn’t where you give up just because of what you’re going through. No, you don’t sit it out in overwhelm and defeat. You can’t … not when the wave walker is calling you on.

Don’t you know the one who walks on those waves also commands those waves to hush and be still, and they do in an instant?

You know what this means? This means if God needs things to calm down in your life for you to move forward, then he will calm them down. Otherwise, if he allows it to continue it’s because he is empowering you to walk on it. GIRL, WALK ON IT TODAY. (Like Sir-Mix-a-Lot’s 1996 song “Jump On It'”, but not.” Walk on it, walk on it, walk on it, walk on it.

(Can I sing a Sir-Mix-a-Lot song in a devotional … yeah, I think we can.)

Walk on it girl. Walk on those things trying to hold you back. Walk on those doubts and fears. Walk on all the reasons this is too hard and you’re not good enough. Walk on it because the water walker himself is calling you on! If it needs to calm down for you to walk on, then he will calm it down. If he doesn’t calm it down, then it’s for you to walk on!

Walk on it! And as you do, you are becoming more and more like all God envisioned you to be. His good plans are being unveiled in YOU! He is doing a mighty work in YOU. And it’s happening right here on the field of your life for everyone to see!

Oh, let it be know what God is doing in you. Let it be known you are not who you used to be. Let it be known you’ve said hail to the no to the trash talker in the stands, and you’re stepping on up with the wave walker. You’re walking on it, not waiting on it to go away. You’re taking your field, playing your game, living your life, because honey NOW IS THE TIME and THIS IS THE FIELD where YOU ARE BECOMING EXACTLY WHO GOD CREATED YOU TO BE.

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