I have a confession … I am an heiress. I’m not sure that I’ve ever really shared that publicly before, but I owe you the truth. The truth is, I stand to inherit a ridiculous amount one day. I mean like a life changing amount. It’s coming to me.

Now please don’t treat me differently. I’m still jut a regular person. It’s still me. My current address hasn’t changed yet, but my future has changed. I’m not gonna let it go to my head or anything, but the truth is, I’m crazy rich … or at least I will be when I get my inheritance.

Let me tell you how this all came about. As my parents grew older, I told them to enjoy all they had worked hard for. Use it all, have fun, and leave me nothing.

Well … they took me very seriously. Before Dad died, if they wanted a boat, they bought a boat. If they wanted a motorcycle, a motorcycle would be in their garage by the end of the day. They were never rich, they were just hard working people that were smart with their money. What will I inherit from them? Joy. Memories. Fun. They left me nothing else because they did as I asked them to, they spent it all.

And still, I have an inheritance coming to me that changes everything. My name is written as the heir to more than I can even wrap my mind around. Because I know what’s coming, I can stress a little less about what’s happening now. Because I know for certain what will be mine one day, I can loosen my grip on what I do and don’t have today.

I know you’re wondering how. Did Dad buy a lottery ticket with his last dollar? Did I discover a forgotten family stock of Amazon? Well … something like that.

Imagine knowing that you too have a ridiculously big inheritance coming. Wouldn’t that change things?

Well … you do! You’re not only a real life freaking princess as a daughter of the King, but Sis, you and I are also real life, legit heiress(es). Is that a word? We have more coming to us than we can possibly imagine. We are in line to receive a life-changing inheritance, and that should change how we live today.

James 2:5 MSG “He chose the world’s down-and-out as the kingdom’s first citizens, with full rights and privileges. This kingdom is promised to anyone who loves God.”

The entire kingdom of God is ours. We inherit paradise. Yes, paradise, where the streets are made of pure gold and the gates are made of pearl. Where perfection resides and nothing but bliss awaits forever and ever. THIS IS WHAT IS PROMISED TO US. And if the streets and gates are so special, imagine the houses. Girl, just imagine the house you have waiting as part of your inheritance! And it’s promised to be a self-cleaning house too. For real, Revelation 21:4 says there will be no sorrow, crying or pain in Heaven, so you know that mansion gonna be cleaning itself up in there!

My family didn’t leave me a winning lottery ticket or stock in Amazon … they just took me to Church where as a teen I decided to love Jesus. I didn’t realize the inheritance I had signed up for!

Real life, legit heiress. You and me! A massive inheritance is coming our way!

So, can’t you put up with a little less than perfection for the short time you’re here, knowing all of this is waiting for you? Can’t you hold on to your joy through these times, knowing a never ending perpetual celebration is on it’s way?

When you’re an heiress like me, your world doesn’t get rocked by these hard knocks, because dang, you know your inheritance is coming! Daddy’s gonna take care of all this, he put my name on the papers!

Have you ever received one of those emails informing you that the long lost relative in some foreign country you didn’t even know has has left you millions of dollars? I mean you know it’s not real, but for just a moment you’re wishing it could be true. Ahhhh, even if you didn’t have it all today, it would ease your burdens just knowing it’s on it’s way.

Sis, it is on it’s way! The kingdom of Heaven is real, it is waiting for you, and it is your inheritance! It’s already taken care of all because you love God. Go back to our scripture today, “This kingdom is promised to anyone who loves God.”

Do you love God? You’re in honey! There are no qualifications of you having to get this living thing right at least 73% of the time. There is no step by step, check all the boxes, sign every line, fine print dis-qualifiers here. We’re the ones who have added fine print. God made it really simple, LOVE ME and I will show you love like you’ve never known, FOREVER!

Psalm 16:5 “The LORD is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot.”

Let me put this into words we can understand. I choose God. I choose his will over my own. I want his good plans and his ways. His kingdom is my inheritance. I know unimaginably good things are coming. And this is my choice today.

God is my CHOSEN portion. Portion here means inheritance, blessing, and happiness. And it’s a continual choice to choose what God is doing over what you had plans for.

God is taking you on a journey where you are beginning to understand his ways are higher than your ways. His plans are better than your plans. His will for your life is far bigger than you could have imagined. And on this journey, through the ups and downs, through the failures and disappointments, you’re continually met with God’s redeeming faithfulness and his divine way of using it all for good, and now you’re understanding why choosing HIS portion is always better than choosing your own.

This journey is leading you to a place where you no longer get disappointed over your plans not working because you know God’s plans are always in motion and they’re greater anyway. So, this didn’t work out for you … well, I wonder what’s coming next that will work out just right?!!!!

That’s a choice. A chosen blessing. Chosen happiness. Chosen inheritance.

Girl, straighten your crown. You may be going through it right now, but God has a plan, and his plan takes you on a journey that leads straight to your inheritance!

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