What if the big things you desire start with the little things you can do today? What if at this very moment you’re holding the seeds to the harvest you dream of, and what you do with those seeds determines your ability to ever walk in growth and abundance?

Sis, listen up, here’s your word for today … YOU ALREADY HAVE IT.

We can get so caught up in looking at what everyone else has, wishing our lives looked more like there’s, that we miss we have the beginnings of greatness already in our hands. Have you been missing what you already have because you’re focusing on all it hasn’t become yet?

It’s easy to imagine what we would do with an abundance of free time if we had it. Oh that house would be so clean. We would work out all the time. The grocery shopping would be done. Our Bible would be so highlighted and worn. We would be available. If we only had MORE, then we would do so much. But you can’t fool God with that. God sees exactly what you do with the little you already have, and girl if you’re not being faithful with little, he knows you wouldn’t do any better with more.

In Luke 16:10, Jesus said “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.”

See, not fooled.

If you will waste 5 minutes, you would waste 5 hours. If you would waste 5 hours, you wouldn’t use 5 days. It’s so easy to play little mind games with ourselves believing we would do so much better if we had more of this or more of that, but we can look at what we’re doing with what we already have and see exactly what we would do with more.

So, before God gives you more from his overflowing abundance, he wants to know if you will be faithful. Will you be faithful with more time? Will you be faithful with more money? Will you be faithful with more children? Will you be faithful with more influence? Will you be faithful with advancement? Will you be faithful with more opportunities?

Your answer is not given in words. Your answer is in what you’re doing now with what you already have.

You may not have an hour a day to study your bible and be in prayer. The good news is, I’ve never read where that was a requirement by God anyway. However, Philippians 4:6 gives us our guidelines, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.”

Have you thanked him for what he’s already done? Seriously, did you thank him for the ability to get up out of bed this morning? Did you thank him for the roof over your head and the provisions of today? Did you whisper a prayer of gratitude for all that is good and right, right now? Did you pray about the things that worry you? Did you lay it before him and surrender it fully?

Honey, I know this seems so small. I know sometimes you pray, then you open your eyes to a whole lot more of the same ol’ dang thing that seems nothing but wrong. But this small thing is the beginning of huge things in your walk with God. The more you practice not worrying about these little things, the more you will naturally trust God with the big things. The more you see his fingerprints on every little thing around you and thank him for it, the more he will bless you with big things just to see your overwhelming gratitude in response.

I’ve learned a few things about people over the years. I’ve learned givers give. You can’t outgive a giver. If you give to a giver, they just give bigger in response. I have a few friends that are givers. Lonnie and I secretly tease, “watch this, I’m going to do something good for this giver and they will respond with something even better.” The opposite is also true of a taker. Takers take. The more you give a taker, the more they suck. A taker will suck the life right out of you, then expect more.

Our God is a giver. All generosity, all blessings, all goodness originates and flows from him. You can’t outgive God. Try it and you will see. Give him 5 minutes of your day, and he will give you back more minutes of major progress in return. Give him a percentage of your income, and he will multiply your income in greater ways. Give him praise, and he will respond with even more things worthy of your praise. Give him your attention, and he will attend to you.

And Satan, that sneaky, slimy snake, he is the ultimate taker. He will take and take and come back to take more from you. He dwells in your negativity, so when you complain, he only shows you more to complain about. When you worry, he only stirs up more for you to worry over. When you assume the worst, he will affirm your assumptions with proof of even worse. And what do takers do, they suck. He sucks the joy, the happiness, the abundance, and the potential right out of you. Stop giving to a taker!

Why should Satan get your thoughts? Why should he get your time? Every time you declare you don’t have enough, the taker comes in to take more. You realize that’s what your pity party for yourself does … it puts up balloons and streamers for the taker to come in and pity you and make you more pitiful. You play the victim and he says, “Oh okay, I like this game. If she wants to be the victim, I’ll be an even bigger villain and take more.” That’s a stupid game. Stop playing it!

But when you decide to be faithful with the little you already have, God does the multiplying. Why? Because you’re giving to a giver, and a giver can’t be out-given.

Give God 5 minutes of your time today and just see what happens. Go ahead, test him in this. Give him a portion of anything you have, and you will see more come to you in return than you ever had before.

God’s heavenly storehouses overflow with all good things. James 1:7 tells us “Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God our Father.” And Psalm 84:11 says “The LORD will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.”

So, God has all the good things, and his desire is to withhold NONE of it from you. So first, he’s tested your faithfulness with a little seed of what could be to see if you can handle more. Will you do what is right? Will you be faithful with the small beginnings of something big? And girl, if you will, then hold on to your butt because you’re not going to believe what God can do next!

Sometimes I question my value and worth in being the one who gets to speak into your life every morning. Why me? I have no special knowledge or wisdom. I’ve encountered so many women I feel are better equipped than me for this. They look better, they sound better, they know better, heck I just feel they are so much better. And if I’m not careful, that ol’ imposter syndrome will kick in and the enemy will come and dwell in my negative thoughts and start taking from me. But you know what God has told me? He’s told me I’m the one who gets to speak into your life every morning, simply because I was willing to show up.

I’ve been willing every morning for 10 years. Willing when no one listened. Willing when I really didn’t feel like it. Willing when I was certain I had absolutely nothing of value to give. But God is just looking for some girls who will be willing through it all.

Stop dismissing yourself from the call on your life. Sure there might be others you feel are more qualified than you, but God’s not interested in qualifications, he’s interested in your faithfulness with seeds. Seeds that when faithfully planted, become a harvest. A harvest greater than you could possibly imagine.

Some of us are walking around in the empty fields of our lives wondering where our harvest is. We’re looking at other’s abundance and feeling shorted. Nope Sis, you’re lacking nothing. You already have it. Now, just be faithful with it and watch what God will do in response.

God’s desire is to respond to everything you give by giving you even more. More energy. More time. More blessings. More impact. More resources. More joy. But it’s your turn. He has given you the little you already have, now you determine how much he gets to give you next.

You don’t have to do great and mighty things. You simply have to be faithful in your little things and watch God grow them. Grow them to what … oh girl, I don’t even know what could become of the little you have right now, but I know it could blow your dang mind!

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