When you’re traveling, do you ever wake up confused about where you are? Nothing looks or feels familiar, and because you’re still half asleep, you’re looking around in complete confusion as to your current location. Where the heck did I just wake up?

Now, imagine my life. Over 2 years ago, hubby and I packed our suitcases and gave up everything else. We set off for unknown adventures in our car and decided we would just enjoy the journey. We’ve lived in AirBnbs across the country, and internationally, sometimes only staying for 1 night, sometimes for 1 week, and occasionally a longer stay of a few months. Waking up and knowing where we are is not a luxury we have. We’ve even teased that our minds have stopped asking “where am I” because the unknown has become our norm.

I may be in a beach house on an island, a pool cabana in the mountains, a cabin in the woods, a hotel in some strange city, or a hostel in Italy. Each morning I wake up is like a surprise. As a strong 7 on the enneagram, it’s just the way I like to live my life. I never know where I am, but I’ve stopped flipping out about that.

However, this morning was a different story. 3 different times last night and in the early hours of today, I woke up in complete confusion, questioning where I was. Nothing looked familiar. Nothing felt right. It was if aliens had come and abducted me and dropped me in this strange place and I had no recollection of how I got here.

I felt so lost. You know the saying, “not all who wander are lost.” I like that. We even have shirts that say that. It’s fitting for our lives. We wander a whole lot and it’s rare for us to even have a plan for where we will be living the next week. Total wanderers. But y’all, 3 times last night when I woke up, I was SO LOST!

Like in a confused state of panic, kind of lost. Where am I? What am I doing? What am I supposed to do next? None of this makes sense.

And of course, that got me to thinking. Dang, that’s a devotional right there!

Now maybe your lifestyle isn’t one where you continually wake up in a different bed wondering where you are, (that sounded way more risqué than I intended), but maybe you feel really lost just the same. You wake up to a new day, in the same bed, but really have no idea where you are in life, what you’re doing, or what you’re supposed to do next.

Maybe you woke up today feeling like nothing makes sense. Like you’re wandering and getting more and more lost all the time.

Have you lost your way? Have you lost your joy? Have you lost your pep? Have you lost your drive? Have you lost your purpose? Maybe you’ve even lost your desire to even find it again. Well, there’s a reason you are hearing this today!

Oh Sis, you may not know where you are, but God knows exactly where you are. His eye has never left you for even one second.

Jesus told the story of a man with 100 sheep, in Luke 15: 3-7. He said if one of the sheep had wandered away, the man would leave the ninety-nine and go rescue the one, and when he found that lost one, he would bring it back and celebrate.

Understand this, God isn’t stomping his feet frustrated that he has to come find you and once again drag you back to his good plans for you. He is willing to leave everything to rescue you. He celebrates when he brings you back!

The ninety-nine woke up knowing where they were, the one didn’t. The one is lost. The one is confused. And the one is sought after relentlessly by her master, because she matters.

That she is YOU.

Yes, you matter.

You may not know where you are, and you may not know what the heck you are supposed to be doing here, but your God is coming for you. He is drawing near to you as you call out to him, and he is guiding your every step.

Psalm 37: 23-24 “The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand.”

If you are godly, then you are directed by God. Then that leaves us to wonder, are we godly? Gosh, I don’t feel godly. I’m pretty sure I didn’t act godly yesterday. Being godly is 80% God and only 20% us. Whew, take a big deep breath!

80% of this is all about who we come from. We are godly because we are FROM GOD.
And the final 20% isn’t a result of our acts or performance, it is simply our reverent awareness of God’s sovereignty over every detail of our lives.

If we come from God and we are aware of him in our lives, then we are godly. Does that mean we can act like total jackwagons and get away with it? No, you see, by God’s great design, we naturally begin to act differently when we understand we are from him and he is divinely present in our lives. How cool is that? God designed us to naturally start acting like who we were created to be … and that is godly!

And because we are godly, the Lord directs our steps. He is delighting in every detail of our lives. Though we may stumble, he will catch us every time because he holds us by our hand.

What a visual that is. I remember when my kids were little, I would hold their hand. They would often trip and stumble, but because I held their hand tightly, they didn’t fall. With my hand holding theirs, I could steady their feet and help them continue on without disaster. My hand would guide them, protect them, and lead them forward. They might dangle a little by one arm, but their feet would eventually find their way again.

And this is what God’s hand does in our lives!

We might be dangling, but our feet are about to find their way again!

Honey, reach for his hand today!

Have you let go and tried life on your own? How’s that working for ya? Ready to come back to the Father yet? He’s right here. No matter how far you have wandered, his eye has never left you. He has left the ninety-nine to come rescue you and bring you back.

You may have woke up today not knowing where the heck you are or what you are going to do from here, but the great news is, you don’t have to. God knows where you are and he will take you by the hand and ensure you get where you need to go from here.

What if we stopped stressing about knowing exactly where we are in life and what comes next, and instead trust the One who always knows where we are and has the power and the desire to perfectly guide us into what is next?

Yeah, that’s what we will do!

We are godly, not because of anything we do, but 80% because of who we are from, and 20% because of our awareness of his presence in our lives. Just be aware today. Look for him here, and you will find him. If you’ve wandered away and find yourself deeply lost in a state of confusion and disappointment, please hear this loud and clear, GOD HAS FOUND YOU!

Right now, at this moment, he is celebrating because you are hearing this and receiving it. He rejoices as he brings you back to his good plans for your life and sets your feet on solid ground. Stop dangling, calm down, and let your feet be planted. Now, don’t let go of his hand this time.

Honey, this party is for you. There’s a full on celebration in heaven right now because the one who woke up not knowing where the heck she is in life and what in the world she is doing, has simply taken the hand of the Master and now she won’t fall.

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