The enemy has counted you out. He’s sure you’re giving up this time. You won’t get up again. You won’t push through. The darkness will close in.

But girl, get yourself on up today and disappoint the devil! Oh he had crappy plans for this day, but you’re not buying them. He had intended harm coming your way, but you’ve gone and called on the power of God that takes all that harm and uses it for good.

BaBam! That’s what you just did!

Your feet hit the floor and you’re responding to God’s call instead of the devil’s attack. Today, GOD IS CALLING YOU TO BE GREATER. To be greater than the things happening to you. To be greater than your circumstances. To be a greater vessel for his power, and to be a greater disappointment to the enemy. God has been preparing you for a bigger purpose and next level of living, and my sister it’s time to step into it. You can’t stay where you are when God has called you to be greater.

What will you need to be greater? Everything you already have.
What will you need to do to be greater? Everything you can do.

How many times do we miss the answer to our prayers because the answers seem too ordinary? We’re looking for the magical and mysterious answer when God is saying, “here’s 5 rocks … throw them!”

What if it’s really that simple? Seriously, what if you don’t need to buy a single thing off the Amazon to make this work, it’s a matter of throwing the rocks you have. Using what’s here. Doing what you can do. Seeing the power in what God has already provided.

Time and time again, we already have what we need to break through whatever is holding us back, but we miss it because we believe big problems require big solutions. Understand this, big problems require a big God. And look what you already have!

“Hey Johnny, tell her what’s behind that curtain.”

“Well Bob, there’s one great, big, all knowing, all powerful God here for her! But wait, there’s more. This great big powerful God is also on her side! He is for her, not against her! All she has to do is show up!”

JACKPOT BABY!!!!! You just received the answer to your problems.

Deuteronomy 20:4 says “For the LORD your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory.”

Let me tell you, if you didn’t wake up this morning preparing for battle, you darn well should have.

You are in a war. Every day of your life there’s a battle over your potential and your purpose. Every day obstacles are put in your way to detour you from the plan for your life. 1 Peter 5:8 “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

Yes, he’s looking for a life to ruin, a purpose to crush, a heart to trouble, a mind to worry, a dream to spoil, a home to wreck, a family to destroy. He’s looking for a fight to pick, confidence to poke at, doubt to raise, and fear to stir. That is how the enemy attacks. This is how he stops you in your tracks. This is how he steals your God-given potential and causes you to settle for less than you were created for.

Look around, Sis. The roaring lion has been stalking you. He is on the prowl. He is your enemy. Your potential to rise above your problems and become a light bearer of hope and promise is his target. The last thing the devil wants is for you to get through this and come out stronger!

Go ahead and disappoint the devil today! Crush his hopes that you’re giving up here. Shock the crap out of him with your resolve to show up even when you don’t feel like it and start throwing some darn stones!

Yes, right where you’ve been told you’re not good enough … right where you know you are the total underdog and severely outmatched … right where all odds are stacked against you and no one would think it’s possible … Just like little shepherd boy David with his 5 stones, you step on up to the challenge and know God can do miraculous things through you when you refuse to back down!

The devil is totally counting on you to give up now. He’s for sure thinking you’re tapping out over this setback. Yeah, you know that setback you’re dealing with right now… The one that really rocked your world this week… The one that kept you up last night … The one that made you cry yesterday … The devil thought that would sideline you in defeat. He thought for sure this would overwhelm you and discourage you. He thought you wouldn’t even get up again today. Ohhhhh girl, you are about to disappoint him!

Today God is calling you to be greater and that means you can’t stay where you are and keep doing what you’ve been doing. You have to step up. You have to drop the excuses and show up today. God wants to give you victory, but the victory will always be out of reach when you aren’t even reaching for it!

Oh if you could only see what God has available for you if you’ll fight for it. If you could only believe today that God has equipped you with every single thing needed to have your breakthrough and stand in victory.

God is with you today and he is offering you victory. Victory over all that has been holding you back. Victory over those negative thoughts. Victory over those bad habits. Victory over every threat to your future. Won’t you show up for the fight? Won’t you step up and declare to your almighty God that you want it?

Today you become greater! A greater reflection of God’s grace. A greater witness of God’s good plans. A greater vessel for God’s power. And a greater disappointment to the devil, because that girl just won’t give up!

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