Those images you see that make you wish your life were more like theirs … oh honey, their grass isn’t greener, they’re using a filter. The girl from high school that’s reverse aging, maybe she was just born with it … maybe it’s a filter.

We’re looking through filters and seeing things in distorted ways. And I’m not just talking about Instagram. I’m talking about YOU. Your view of who you are in this world has been distorted by a filter. A filter the enemy has put on you that makes you believe you are something different than who God created you to be. A filter that makes you see yourself as one thing, while God says you are another.

Remember my friend Tasha I told you about on Monday? The mugshots of a woman whose life had been wrecked with addiction, finding herself in 3 jails in 3 weeks, a mental hospital, and losing custody of her children. Then, she had an encounter with God in that jail cell. An encounter that would cause her to call out to the Lord for help, and she unknowingly activated pure power in the spirit realm. Her whole world has radically changed. She has been set free from addiction, she has regained her freedom and her children, and now walks in her purpose of helping lead others out of addiction.

Don’t you know this is God’s plan for every one of his children caught in the snares of the enemy? Don’t you know his intent is to turn the tables and use every attack on one as a means to set thousands free? Can you believe that is his plan in motion for you and your loved ones who have been attacked? Can you believe his direct intent is a relentless pursuit that brings eternal freedom?

Here’s where God worked change in Tasha’s heart and mind … he changed her filter. He changed how she saw herself. For 20 years, all she had known was running, hiding, using, blaming, and total dysfunction. She was not dysfunctional. There was no flaw in her creation, the flaw was in the way she saw herself.

Then God changed all of that. He healed her. He restored her. He set her on a path of passion and purpose. In her written testimony she says, “I no longer identify with being a drug addict, inmate or unfit mother.” GOD CHANGED HOW SHE SAW HERSELF. Her complete identity had been wrapped up in her addiction, her failures, and her struggles. But I assure you of this, God never saw her as anything other than his precious and prized masterpiece whom he created for his purposes.

And sweet sister, wherever you are, whatever you’ve been through, whatever you may be facing at this very moment, God sees nothing other than exactly who he created you to be. Now he wants to change your identity and lift the filter the enemy has placed on you.

The enemy says you are what you have done. God says you are what Christ has done. You are not condemned, you are forgiven. You are not too far gone, you are fully saved. The moment you receive God’s filter and see yourself for who he says you are, you will no longer identify with all the enemy has tried to lay on you.

When God’s Spirit dwells within you, you’re no longer just a girl who struggles to stay on the right path. You’re supernaturally guided. You’re overflowing from within of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. This is what his Spirit develops in you, now start seeing yourself as that girl. That girl who no longer identifies with who you used to be, but who has been made new through the power of God.

The enemy’s filter portrays you to be a woman who is powerless to bad habits, a woman who is stuck in old patterns and hopeless to ever change. The enemy’s filter makes you a victim. But remember what Romans 8:37 says about you. It says you are “more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus.” God’s filter says you have tapped into unlimited power that can change everything. God’s filter says you have been deemed as worthy of the blood of Jesus and the new life he is offering. God’s filter says through it all you have always been totally and completely, fully LOVED.

Jesus says in Matthew 6:22 ““Your eyes are windows into your body. If you open your eyes wide in wonder and belief, your body fills up with light.”

Now Jesus wants to open our eyes wide to the wonder and belief of exactly who the Father created us to be, and when we do, our whole body is filled up with life. The filters of the enemy are stripped away and the darkness is lifted. We are then empowered to walk in the ways of the Lord. We are strengthened to show up and live as who we were designed to be, not who the enemy has tried to convince us we have become.

In 2015, I created a series for the women I mentor called “I Am …” It was designed to be a 28 day journey to discovering your true identity. Over 7 years later, I will tell you, I’m still on that journey. It’s all still unfolding. It’s really the journey of a lifetime. Here’s the biggest things God has revealed to me along the way. My identity had gotten wrapped up in what I could do, what I had to offer, and how complete strangers valued me. The first strong dose of hate mail absolutely crushed me. I mean it rocked my whole world and made me give up on the call God had on my life. What you don’t know today is just how many times I’ve quit. How many times I’ve declared “I just can’t do this any more.” How many times it was my last devotional … my last retreat … my last speech. Done. Just done. Defeated.

My identity became “I am a failure.” “I am a fraud.” “I am not good enough.” Through this filter, I dismissed myself from opportunities to step into the life God had made available to me because I was not qualified. But let me tell you, one encounter with an unshakable truth from the Lord changed my trajectory and set my feet back on the path of becoming exactly who he created me to be.

That truth was revealed to me in a song by Chris Tomlin called “Good, Good Father.” The words reminded me of who God is, “You’re a good, good father, that’s who you are.” Then it told me exactly WHO I am. “And I’m loved by you, that’s who I am.”

I was seeking my “I am …”. I had tried on the filters of I am a failure. I am a fraud. I am not good enough. Those distortions were offered by my enemy. He was sure I would claim them as my own and allow it to become my identity. But when I was reminded of WHO GOD IS, THEN I REALIZED WHO I AM. He’s a good, good father, and I’m loved by him.

From that day forward, I’ve known I’m just a girl loved by God. I am LOVED. And from that identity flows every single thing I will ever be or ever do.

Tasha no longer identifies as a drug addict, an inmate, or an unfit mother. And because she no longer sees herself through that filter offered by the enemy, she no longer lives that life. God has changed the way she sees herself so she can show up in this world as exactly who he created her to be.

Honey, this is the journey you’re on as well. God is changing the way you see yourself so you can show up in this world as exactly who he created you to be.

May the Lord Almighty strip away any false filters the enemy has tried to put on you.
May you no longer be fooled by who Satan has tried to twist you to be.
May you fully receive the truth of who you are and accept it as your identity.

Tasha, the woman with mugshots and drug deals in her past, now says “I am called.”
Pamela, this woman who speaks to you today, who has flaws, failures, fears, and voices that tell her she’s not good enough, now says “I am loved.”

What does the Spirit of God say to you? Who are you? Receive the filter of His identity and watch your whole world change.

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