What can God do with that which is too far gone? How can he show up where it seems too late and make it right on time? Really, how can he work all things together for good?

If ever my eyes have seen proof of God’s power, it was this past weekend. Everywhere around me I saw God’s miraculous redemptive work on full display, and once you see something like that, it simply changes the way you see everything.

Let me tell you, honey, it’s not too far gone.


It’s not too late, now has been declared the perfect time by the one who holds eternity.

That which has been deemed unable to save, unwanted, undesirable, unjust, unholy, undone, unclean, unworthy, ALL CHANGES with one encounter with the UNSTOPPABLE.

All of this ‘un’ in your life has been declared untrue.

God has turned the tables. He has flipped the script. He is here to take that which no one thought could ever be even tolerable, and make it desirable.

Just 4 short days ago I arrived to a massive building that had been declared unlivable. In my eyes, this building was un-saveable. I think I just made that word up, but I can’t think of a better description. Straight up un-saveable. There was no saving here. When you get to the point that trees are growing through cinderblock walls, creating complete destruction, you walk away, right? You tear that down. You declare it is an unsightly disaster and you try to make peace with the fact that it will never be what it once was.

And you’re right, THIS WILL NEVER BE WHAT IT ONCE WAS, because God has such bigger, greater plans than you ever imagined. Just as 1 Corinthians 2:9 says “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.”

Girl, you just have no idea what God can do with this mess! You’ve never seen anything like this. Your mind can’t even comprehend what God has ordained as possible. This is where unwanted and undesirable have their encounter with the UNSTOPPABLE.

This building was once a nursing home, but it had been walked away from. It had been condemned, and it became the community eyesore, smack dab in the middle of town. But God had a plan to take what was entirely too far gone, and restore it to become the most stunning pillar in the community.

One wing of this condemned building has now been radically transformed into magazine worthy rooms. I’m talking a fireplace on the wall, hanging chairs in the corner, canopy beds with sheer linens and twinkly lights, a turquoise velvet couch, and more pillows than any one bed should have. Anyone would be in awe over these rooms, but the full effect could only be known if you had seen the building before.

And honey, we’re not just talking about rooms … you know that right? We’re talking about lives. Actually, we’re talking about YOUR LIFE.

Your life can be radically transformed. Your life can be restored.

How will it happen? The same exact way this condemned building was transformed … an encounter with the Unstoppable.

My sister, God can take every area of your life you feel is unable to be saved, and he can miraculously SAVE IT.

God wants that part of you that has always felt unwanted. Afterall, this is where his power works best!

The Unstoppable One wants to swoop right into your life and take your undesirable and make it desirable. He wants to take all that has been unjust and make it just. Every unholy thing is to be made holy. All that has been undone has been declared done by the author and finisher of life. All that is unclean will be made clean. But he doesn’t stop there … he declares all who have been told they were unworthy as WORTHY!

Condemned buildings become sanctuaries. Condemned lives become missionaries. Yes, missionaries. You have permission to drop all preconceived notions of what a missionary may mean. God has simply declared a mission over your life. If you are willing to follow it, you are a missionary.

The condemned nursing home was just a few short months ago unworthy to be saved. Now, it has been more than just saved, it has been radically transformed into a sanctuary giving girls who have aged out of foster care a place to heal, grow, and flourish. And no one would have thought it could be done. Logic says this is too far gone. Rational thinking says it would be so much easier to just start new.

But things of the Spirit are not rational. This is not logical. This is supernatural. This is in the realm of the impossible being made possible, and that’s exactly what our God does!

God doesn’t want to start new, he wants to MAKE YOU NEW! He wants to work right in your mess to redeem and restore and direct the mission of your life. And won’t he do it … OH YES HE WILL!

It doesn’t have to make sense, and not a single other living soul has to believe it’s possible, but God’s redemptive power wants to get all up in your life and transform you from the inside out. You have been chosen as worthy. Your life has been declared saveable. And what God envisions as the finished product in you is unlike anything you could ever possibly imagine.

Won’t you let him come in and work? Won’t you give him these broken pieces and these used up spaces? HE IS NOT FINISHED WITH YOU! HE’S NOT WALKING AWAY!

I had the privilege of sitting with one of the beautiful young women who will call one of my favorite rooms her new home. (Yes, the one with the fireplace. The one with the swinging chair. The one with the pumpkin colored linen duvet and lush velvet pillows.) She shared her story with me. A story of not only 1 abandonment, but 3. THREE times she was given up. THREE times she was declared unsavable. THREE times and she was so broken, she became bitter. And who wouldn’t?

She said she decided if she was going to Hell, she was going to Hell big. So she went on a mission to destroy her life since it seemed so undesirable already. And where did it land her? In the perfect place God had designed all along to save her! In the place where she would come face to face with her destiny and receive a calling on her life to be used for a mission.

Shortly after seeing her new room, she wrote, “God, you’ve given a glimpse where the path may soon lead. You covered my hopes like a seed.”

She was never too far gone. She was always created for a mission. And now God is transforming every single thing condemned in her life to become exactly what he had envisioned. To be used for good. Good we could have never imagined. Good that will continued for generations upon generations. Good that will reach the ends of the earth.

This is what God does with rooms. This is what God does with lives.

This is what God plans to do with YOU, my sister!

I will never see a condemned building the same. Now, I see it’s potential. Nor will I ever see a life the same. I’ve been shown it’s potential.

Bring your unsaveable, your unwanted, your undesirable, your unjust, your unholy, your undone, your unclean, and your unworthy, to the throne of the UNSTOPPABLE. You are not condemned, you have been given a mission!

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