This week, I’ve gone to two funerals. I’ve witnessed the grief of two families. And I’ve heard of the impact of two lives, seemingly cut short. These are the gut check moments that silence the noise, cancel the nonsense, and bring you back to what’s truly most important.

At sweet little Joy’s funeral, the pastor said, “Joy’s life was seemingly cut short, but it was not incomplete.” Those words have resonated with me. Not incomplete. It was complete. She lived well. She did everything her creator designed for her to do. While, to us, 12 years is entirely too short, it was complete. There was nothing left undone. Nothing left unsaid. Afterall, she had lived so intentionally that every item on her bucketlist had been checked.

Yesterday, we stood beside one of our dearest friends and member of our leadership team, as she buried her 38 year old husband. His life also seemed to have been cut short with a work accident. Scott woke up on Friday morning, he kissed her good bye on his way out the door, and he just never came back. Too short. But complete. There was nothing left unsaid. There was nothing left undone. There were no regrets.

Sis, are we living our lives like we have forever? Are we waking up and going through the motions as if we’re guaranteed another shot at this whole thing? That simply isn’t promised. Ever. Length of time here on Earth isn’t certain, but our mission is. What is our mission? Our mission is to be the salt and light. Salt makes things better and light drowns out the darkness.

Jesus said in Matthew 5, verses 13 & 14, “You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world.” In verse 16, Jesus said we should live our lives in a way that others see our good deeds and glorify our Father in heaven.

This is a complete life. A life that makes things better for others and drowns out darkness. A life that glorifies God.

Yesterday, at the funeral of my dear friend’s husband, I spoke to their nephew. He said, “Pamela, this is Dad #2 I’ve lost.” My heart sank for this young man. As a boy, his father had died. Then his aunt and uncle took him in and called him their own. He said, “everyone else wrote me off as lost, but Dad (his uncle, the one we were there to bury) gave me the best gift. He gave me a family, and it saved me.”


Yes, a short life, but a complete life. A wife who can say there are no regrets. Children who can say he saved them. An entire community who can say he was always there. He was salt and he was light.

And that leaves us who woke up to another new day of life to consider, are we living a complete life? Are we living in the wholeness of the life we were created for? Or are we just going through the motions? Are we making excuses for why we can’t be there, why we can’t do that, why we aren’t able. Are we squandering away our precious days, foolishly assuming we will always have what we have right now?


You won’t always have this.

James 4:14, “How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog – it’s here a little while, then it’s gone.”

This week has been a powerful and personal reminder that we only have a little while, then all of this will indeed be gone. We never know what tomorrow will be, so we are charged with living today.

Psalm 90:12 “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

Numbering our days means not counting on what we don’t have yet, and using what we do have. Living one day at a time and making each day count gains us a heart of wisdom. A heart that is grounded in what is truly important instead of overwhelmed with all that isn’t. Gosh, isn’t that what we all need?

So, here’s the question … if tomorrow didn’t come for you, is there anything you would regret? How about if today were the last day with him or her, would it be incomplete?

Is there anything you’ve left unsaid? Anything you know is still undone? Anything you know would be incomplete if tomorrow didn’t come? GET IT COMPLETE TODAY!

Would you be willing to ask God to guide you in living complete? Ask him how you are to be the salt and light that glorifies him. If a 12 year old little girl who lived in tremendous pain every day of her life can live a complete life, don’t you think you can too? If a country boy hauling logs can live a complete life in his 38 years, what’s your excuse?

Life may be short, or life may be long. In the grand scheme of things, both seem like nothing more than the morning fog that is here, then it is gone. No matter how many days, God is offering you a complete life. A life that glorifies him in the way you live your ordinary days. A life that loves so big, it changes the trajectory of the lives around you. That’s what Joy did. That’s what Scott did. And that’s what you and I are here to do.


What is incomplete in your life? What has been left unsaid? What has been left undone? Is God prompting you now with a reminder of someone specific? Have you been a real jackwagon and now it’s up to you to unhitch the dang wagon and drop it? Yes, just drop it when you have every right to continue to carry it. Drop it because carrying it only holds you back. Drop it, because if tomorrow didn’t come, you would really regret still standing here with it.

God gives us opportunities and reminders to come back to living on purpose. He created you for a complete life, not determined by the number of years, but determined by what you do with them.

May you live a little more today.
May you be the salt that makes things better today.
May you be the light that shines in the darkness today.
May you glorify God in all you do today.
And when this day comes to a close, may you be able to say, it was complete.

Complete days build complete lives. Today, live it complete.

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