What is alive within you, but it has never gotten to live anywhere outside of you?

God has given you something. He’s given you a dream. He’s given you a vision. A passion. A gift. And it’s been secretly tucked away inside of you. You think you’ve been saving it. You’re protecting it. But do not be fooled sister. If you’re not doing anything with it, this thing God has given you is sitting within you, rotting.

You’re not keeping it safe by keeping it all inside. In your head are where dreams go to die. It’s where they get overwhelmed. It’s where they get talked down and wiped out. In here is where you dismiss yourself, where you play little, and you assume you could never be good enough to do anything about what might be inside of you.

Girl, what is dying inside of you?

The tragedy is not that one day you will die. The real tragedy is what is dying within you while you are alive.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”

In your heart has been set eternity. God put eternal things within you. You don’t understand where it began and you can’t comprehend how it will never end, but you come from the eternal to complete your Earth journey at precisely this time and place in history. You’re here to represent the eternal with what you have inside of you.

But if what you have inside of you is dying, then you’re missing the point.

Here’s proof you God has set eternity in your heart … you know there’s got to be more. You can’t explain it, you’ve never seen it, but you know there’s more to life than is here now. You feel the call and pull toward more. You have felt that stirring of your spirit that connects with something greater than you. You have a longing and a hope for more.

Sis, that’s the eternity that God himself set in your heart.

He has trusted you with something special in your lifetime. Something of immeasurable value and worth. Something divine. And if you’ve allowed your doubts, fears, uncertainties and insecurities to push it down and hold it back, then you’re not fulfilling your time and place in history.

We’re all dying. But some of us are dying with that special thing still unlived inside of us. That piece of eternity that our world desperately needs and only you can offer … is it rotting inside of you?

Several years ago I shared a TEDTalk stage with a brilliant man who delivered a talk called “Live Full, Die Empty.” He shared the most expensive place on earth is not a palace. It is not a grand building at all. It is a cemetery. This place where we are buried, and if we die with what God has given us still unlived, then it becomes the most expensive place we will ever know.

You have something within you. God has set eternity in your heart. This is why you feel an undienable pull toward more. It’s why you can’t get away from it. It was put deep within your heart by your creator so you would never forget where you come from, what you’re made of, what you’re capable of, and what you’re here to do.

You’re here to live. Live full. Live completely. And let none of what God has put within you be buried with you.

Pour it out sis. Live out loud. Hold nothing back.

Is there more to all of this? No doubt! Now it’s up to you to live it and die empty. Let nothing go unsaid. Let no love be withheld. Let no experience be missed. Let no opportunity be dismissed. Let no dream diminish.

If it’s alive in you, don’t keep it in you.

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