Standing where you are, you cannot see what God can see. You see right now, God sees forever. You see right here, God sees where you haven’t been yet.

Maybe you’re freaking out about what you see. You didn’t ask for this, you didn’t want it, and you can’t control it. You can’t see beyond this. This problem. This issue. This threat. This hardship. It’s literally all you can see. All you can think about. But can you trust God has already prepared a path beyond this? Can you trust that God’s plan exceeds today’s problem? Can you trust his promise is still preparing you for your purpose?

Even when you don’t see it.
Even when you can’t feel it.
Even when right now is so overwhelmingly disappointing.
Even when everything within you wants to freak out.

God is in this story.

Do you know the song? It’s practically playing every 5 songs on K-Love right now. “God Is In This Story” by Big Daddy Weave and Katy Nicole. It says:

God is in this story
God is in the details
Even in the broken parts
He holds my heart, He never fails
When I’m at my weakest
I will trust in Jesus
Always in the highs and lows
The One who goes before me
God is in this story

I may not know your story, but I know this much … God is in it. He’s in every detail. He’s in every broken part, every high and low, he’s right there with you, guiding you to the rest of the story. The next chapter.

Understand, my sister, this isn’t all there is. This may be all you can see, but this isn’t all God has written for you. There’s a high after this low. There’s healing after this disease. There’s joy after this heartache. There’s restoration after this breaking. God sees it, and he’s leading you to it.

When all you see is a cross, God sees the empty tomb. He already sees how this suffering is for eternal impact. He already sees how what seems so unbearably bad today becomes something unspeakably good later. But honey, we didn’t get that empty tomb with a risen savior, without first going to the cross. And my guess is, we don’t get our beauty without first holding some ashes. We don’t get our victory without first facing the battle. We don’t overcome without first being overwhelmed. The breakthrough comes after the break down.

All you see is that cross.

When you’re in Matthew 27, all you know is:

Verse 35 “They nailed him to the cross.”

Verse 46 “Jesus called out with a loud voice, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

Verse 50 “And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up his spirit.”

And now Jesus is dead. Hanging on a cross, dead.

Defeat. Hopelessness. Silence.

But, you haven’t seen the next chapter. All you see is the cross. You see the suffering. You see what is wrong. You see what is hurting you. You see what you want to change, but seem powerless to change. But honey, God is in this story! And when God is in the story, it isn’t over.

Can I just assure you, your story isn’t over. You may be staring down a cross, but there’s so much more beyond this. There’s a victory after this battle. There’s beauty after these ashes. There’s wholeness after this brokenness. There’s eternal after this temporary. There’s a Chapter 28.

You can’t stop at the cross. You can’t stop at the nails. It doesn’t end there. Just as your story won’t end here.

Chapter 28, verses 5 & 6, An angel says to the women who have come to the tomb, “I know you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen. Come, see where his body was lying.”

When God is in your story, you can know for sure the day will come when you won’t be found sitting where you were once stuck. You won’t be found dwelling in what has happened. You won’t be found buried under all the problems. You will be so darn high above all that! You just haven’t gotten to that chapter yet, honey.

But you will.

The story didn’t end with the cross. There was an empty tomb in the works. Your story will not end with this defeat. There is a victory already planned.

Is God in your story? Then trust him with the story, and don’t give up on this chapter. He has so much more written for you.

Your next chapter is coming. God’s promises will be fulfilled. His good plans will unfold for you. Just don’t stop here.

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